The Puckett House is where Sam lives with her mother, Pam. The only part of the house that appeared on iCarly was the living room where Sam loves to watch TV shows.

  • Sam's living room
  • Top-Secret Location: Sam's living Room

It appeared in iQuit iCarly (via webcam) when Carly and Sam have a misunderstanding in each other, they split (Carly is in the studio while Sam is in her house) to do the iCarly show and in iFight Shelby Marx when Sam called Carly about her fight against Shelby. This is also seen in iShock America where Sam says "Stop wearing bikinis, none of them look good!" to her mom while on the phone with Carly.

Sam also mentioned her house in iMeet Fred episode, comparing her house to Fred's Treehouse and said, "Yeah, it's nicer than where I live". It is also mentioned in iTwins where Freddie said he has been to Sam's house and has never seen a picture of her sister. Sam then explains he has, but he just didn't think he did because Sam and Melanie are twins. This confirms that the Puckett house has various pictures of Sam's sister Melanie.

The only known residents in this house are Sam, Pam, and their cat Frothy. Melanie attends a boarding school during the year, though it is unknown where she spends her summers. It can be assumed that it is not at this house, because Carly stated that she hadn't seen her since third grade.