• "Vanilla Me Bad" - iDate a Bad Boy
  • "DanWarp Tweets" - iThink They Kissed
  • "Butter Me Queasy" -iGo Nuclear
  • "Cookie Mischief" - iKiss
  • "Cookie Mischief" - iKiss
  • "Fries Matter" - iSaw Him First & iTwins
  • "Maybe Gravy" - iMust Have Locker 239
  • "Batter Splatter" - iCarly Awards
  • "Parole Baby" - iHave a Lovesick Teacher
  • "Special Ham" -iSpeed Date
  • "Follow DanWarp" - iWas a Pageant Girl
  • "Ointment 500" - iStakeout
  • "Noodle Booty" - iPsycho
  • "Bacon Farm" - iSam's Mom
  • "Fudge Control" - iDo
  • "Church Pants"- iHave My Principals
  • Examples of Penny-Tees
  • Gibby wearing "Mustash Sally" Penny-Tee
  • Background at the mall where Freddie is.

Penny-Tee's is a shirt company run by Socko's sister Penny. She started the company on July 3, 2002. The shirts are different from the average ringer tee because of the penny on one sleeve and the fact that the hem of the sleeve holding the penny is colored differently than the other hems. They are occasionally seen on the iCarly with strange quotes on them, some are even quotes previously stated on the show. Penny-Tees are shirts for all ages.

In iSell Penny-Tees, a group of naughty 4th-graders, who used to work for the iCarly Penny-Tee making business, steal the Penny-Tee idea, earning money from it, and claiming that they can't be sued since they're only 10. In spite of their age, it's very likely that their Penny-Tee business was shut down by lawyers from Penny's company.

Dan Schneider stated in one of his iCarly Fun Facts, that Penny-Tees may eventually be able to be purchased in real life. For example, Penny-Tees were for the Sears Juniors Department.

Penny-Tee Quotes


  • "Cookie Mischief" - iKiss



  • "Pudding Patrol" - iPie
  • "Fudge Control" - iDo
  • "Purple Jerk" - iOMG


  • "Granny Smack" - iQ


Other Penny-Tees

  • "Groovy Smoothie"
  • "Cheescake Griddle"
  • "Chiz Whiz"
  • "Slow Motion Explosion"
  • "Rampoo"
  • "Lemon Tube"
  • "Spontaneous Vegetables"
  • "North Catnap"
  • "Strawberry Lumps"
  • "Bubble Worship"
  • "Lava Happens"
  • "Did you know hobos can't

afford cable?"



  • " Hotdogs on Friday"
  • "BACON and


"Blue Legume"

  • "Simple Dimples"
  • "I Want Sushi"
  • "Random Dancing"
  • "Spaghetti Tacos"
  • "Captain Sausage"
  • "Elbow Rage"
  • "Tuna Socks"
  • "Tasty Clown"
  • "Cheese Bubbles"
  • "Obese Hamster"
  • "Butter Toes"
  • "Nurse Pepper"
  • "Jungle Butt"
  • "Smack Pants"
  • "Finger Face"
  • "Thunder Munch"
  • "Fried Cousins"
  • "Swollen Hats"
  • "Flab Attack"
  • "Zesty Roger"
  • "Baggles, the trash bag of yogurt with a face on it"
  • "Gone Sequitur"
  • "Apocalypse Cow"
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