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Pak-Rat is an arcade game developed by Pixel Opus Arcade Inc. that becomes Spencer's new obsession in the episode, iStage an Intervention.

The highest score on the game had been reached by Sasha Striker, which was later topped by Spencer. It is a very addicting game since Spencer and Carly became obsessed with it.

The game can be played here on iCarly.com. It is a maze game. You control a rat to eat cheese while avoiding cats, just like controlling Pac-Man to eat dots while avoiding ghosts. Pak-Rat is a very old game, as proven by Spencer when he pulls a dead raccoon out of the machine.

Spencer playing Pak-Rat

The game's scoring system is similar to Pac-Man, with some differences: Like Pac-Man, the first cat the player attacks in the game is worth 200 points, the second cat is worth 400 points, the third cat is worth 800 points, and the fourth and final cat is worth 1600 points. The small cheese pieces are worth 10 points, and the large cheese-wheel are worth 50 points. The point values of the bonus prizes (cheesecake) are similar, but not identical to the bonus prizes in Pac-Man. In the first stage, the cheesecake bonus prizes are worth 100 points, 200 points on the second stage, 500 points on the third stage, 700 points on the fourth stage, and 1,000 points on the fifth stage. But the 1-up or extra life point value is where the similarities end, because in Pac-Man the player gets an extra life every 10,000 points, but in Pak-Rat the player gets an extra life every 100,000 points. Pak-Rat also appears to add a multiplier during upper stages, when Spencer reached level 23 on Pak-Rat the large cheese-wheels are worth 250 points. In Pak-Rat the pen where the cats rejuvenate themselves after being attacked by the player is called a litter box by the game's instructions, where the pen in Pac-Man is called the ghost pen.


  • Pak-Rat is a parody of Pac-Man.
  • A Pak-Rat machine can bee seen inside Funk E. Fester's in the episode iBust a Thief.
  • In the episode iStage An Intervention, it is shown that Pak-Rat has a 2-player competitive mode. This mode was shown to be very basic, and consist of both players playing for the highest score, and the player with the highest score was the winner.
  • The internet meme catchphrase "All your base are belong to us" is written on the bottom of the instructions in the arcade machine