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(Editing a gallery)
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800px-Screen_shot_2011-04-03_at_8_48_05_AM.png|Screenshot iParty With Victorious.
800px-Screen_shot_2011-04-03_at_8_48_05_AM.png|Screenshot iParty With Victorious.
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===Return to [[Niranda]]===

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Niranda Gallery is a collection of photos for the Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove (N/athan and M/iranda) pairing Niranda.

  • Nathan and Miranda at the 2010 Kid's Choice Awards.
  • Nose pinching.
  • Ear pulling.
  • Nathan and Miranda at the "Despicable Me" Premiere.
  • Nathan and Miranda enjoy video gaming together.
  • Nathan and Miranda share a hug at her sixteenth birthday party
  • Nathan looks on after the hug.
  • "The earliest on-set would be Nathan."-Miranda. Both are smiling a lot.
  • Nathan and Miranda rehearsing "iFix A Popstar".
  • Miranda and Nathan, in the Bushwell Plaza lobby.
  • Nathan and Miranda along with Jerry and Jennette at an autograph signing.
  • Miranda and Nathan, tired during rehearsal of "iThink They Kissed".
  • Nathan and Miranda at a rehearsal along with Jerry and Jennette
  • Nathan and Miranda along with Jerry posing for a photo.
  • Another photo.
  • Miranda and Nathan in the Groovy Smoothie.
  • Miranda and Nathan "rehearsing" their kiss in iSpeed Date, though it was taken out.
  • Nathan and Miranda, rehearsing for "iWon't Cancel The Show."
  • Filming iChristmas.
  • Nathan and Miranda filming the kiss scene. Both are smiling. Dan implies that both enjoyed the kissing scenes very much.
  • The two rehearsing the "pin-down" part of "iThink They Kissed".
  • Miranda sticking her finger up Nathan's nose for a segment.
  • iCarly photoshoot.
  • Miranda and Nathan, with Jerry and Jeanette, rehearsing "iBelieve in Bigfoot".
  • iSaved Your Life rehearsal.
  • iCarly gang getting ready to be slimed; Miranda is holding Nathan's and Jennette's hands, but only with Nathan's hand are the fingers intertwined.
  • Miranda and Nathan wearing coordinating outfits.
  • Miranda has her arm around Nathan
  • Nathan and Miranda at Miranda's Sweet 16.
  • Bold text'Italic text creddie
  • Miranda and Nathan, along with the iCarly cast. Nathan is giving Miranda a slightly amused look, and Miranda is looking and Nathan, laughing and smiling.
  • Miranda leaning on Nathan.
  • A fanmade picture.
  • Nathan and Miranda share a glance while rapping.
  • Nathan comments Miranda on her career and hugs herGo to
  • Miranda thanks Nathan, smiles and hugs him. :)Go to
  • Does somethin' feel weird?? ;)
  • Nathan and Miranda doing a photoshoot for iCarly.
  • KCAs 2011
  • Miranda smiling at Nathan. :)
  • iOMG.
  • DanWarp iOMG Fun Facts.
  • An unknown scene from iSell Penny Tees.
  • On-set scripts.
  • Very close to each other and not scripted. ;)
  • A scene from iParty With Victorious.
  • Nickelodeon promo.
  • Nathan rubbing Miranda's shirt in iHire an Idiot.
  • Screenshot iParty With Victorious.

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