Ms. Papperman (first name unknown, portrayed by Challen Cates) is the mother of Nevel Papperman. Kind but firm, she is the only person who really has any power over her son, and though Nevel denies that he does whatever his mother tells him to, this is clearly true.

In iNevel, when the iCarly gang first got into trouble with Nevel, they told his mom on him. Nevel says, "You told my mom on me?" in a surprised tone, but then he is clearly scared when his mother punishes him.

Nevel claims in iRue the Day that Ms. Papperman had gone away for a cruise around the Arabian Peninsula for two months and left his "hopelessly confused" grandmother in charge. She seems to be completely aware of Nevel's "nerdiness," yet she is a good mother and ignores it.

She is seen in iNevel, but her voice is heard in iRue the Day and iFight Shelby Marx. She is played by Wendy Braun.

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