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Mr. Stern is a history teacher at Ridgeway High School. He is portrayed by Joseph Buttler.[1]


In iLike Jake, Mr. Stern appeared in a cameo while walking past Carly and Sam.

In iSpy a Mean Teacher, he was seen in a picture only.

In iDon't Want to Fight, Mr. Stern got Freddie in trouble when he accused Freddie of slamming lockers, when it was actually Carly and Sam.

He thanked Carly for setting off the fire alarm when the microwave in the Teacher's Lounge burst into flames in iGot Detention.

In iMake Sam Girlier, he forced Jocelyn to set down the boy she was attacking.

In iSaved Your Life, Mr. Stern gave Sam triple detention when she accidentally shot a real Rabbi with a paintball gun, when she thought that was Spencer, as Gibby told her.

In the extended version of iSaved Your Life, he told the students to get to class and "walk as they talk," and did the same thing to Sam that he did in the un-extended version of this episode.


Not much is known about him, but it was revealed by Tareen in iSpy a Mean Teacher that he went crowd surfing at a Cuddlefish concert and wore shorts, which according to Carly and Sam, teachers would not do. He's shown to be a fair teacher such as breaking up a fight in the hall or giving Sam detention for shooting a rabbi with a paintball.


  • Mr. Stern is a stern teacher and his name may be a play on his personality in the same way that members of Socko's Family have names that are a play on their behavior/occupations.