"I know all about Colon P."
— Mr. Howard in iParty With Victorious

Marty Howard is a teacher at Ridgeway High School. He is seen to be a grouchy old man that appears to hate children.

He made his first appearance in the episode iGot Detention as the detention room monitor. According to Sam, who is sent to detention frequently, he likes to watch the Geometry Channel in the teachers' lounge. He despises Principal Franklin, and called him "weak" and "spineless" behind his back in the same episode. Though married, he seems to be having an affair with Ms. Briggs; Sam has mentioned that Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs have made out in the teachers' lounge.

In iHave My Principals, Mr. Howard and Ms. Briggs became co-principals after Principal Franklin was fired. It was stated in this episode that Mr. Howard's wife thinks he is a loser.

Mr. Howard seems to hate the iCarly trio, especially Freddie. He constantly taunts Freddie in iHave My Principals and even says that nobody cares what he thinks in iTwins.

He appears in iMust Have Locker 239, where at the end of the episode, he believes Freddie destroyed locker 239, when it was actually Sam's mother who destroyed the locker, crashing through the wall.

He appeared again in the TV special iParty with Victorious. In this episode, he wore glasses and looked a bit older. He also seems to have changed his ways of being nasty and is now presumably a responsible teacher, such as asking Carly and Sam to read their text messages out as punishment.

His last appearance was in iOpen a Restaurant where Billy Boots told him about Gibby's secret restaurant in the school's basement and he demanded that it be shut down.


Mr.Howard yelling into a megaphone about a 6-month cruise


Mrs. Howard

In two episodes where he plays a big role, his wife is mentioned. It's revealed that he has a bad marriage since he and his wife hate each other.

In iGot Detention, Mr. Howard said that he hates laughter. Sam replied, "I thought you hated your wife!". Mr. Howard answered, "Her too!"

In iHave My Principals, when Mr. Howard was just about to get demoted as co-principal of Ridgeway High School, he pleaded to Superintendent Gorman, "Please! My wife finally thinks I'm not a loser!", to which Gorman clarifies, "Well, you are!"


  • No laughing! I hate children!
  • Now, you are all here because you are the worst this school has to offer.
  • I am here because I believe in punishment and discipline, and I hate you all.
  • You're all really in trouble now! I am talking suspension! I am talking expulsion! Deportation!
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