Morgan Brenner
is the young daughter of Brad Brenner, the television producer who tried to make iCarly into a T.V. show in iCarly Saves TV.

Brenner had created a new T.V. show that he had hoped would appeal to children. Much to his dismay, however, Morgan preferred to watch iCarly.

Morgan reluctantly agreed to watch her father's new show after he told her, "If Daddy doesn't come up with some T.V. shows people your age like, Daddy's going to get fired, and have no more money, and then you'll starve."

However, she still found it lame and had gone back to watching iCarly by the time her father had returned, with his boss. When Brenner asked Morgan why she wasn't watching his new show, Morgan replied, "It's lame, Daddy."

Brenner's boss sarcastically repeated, "It's lame, Daddy," and then she coldly suggested that he try creating a T.V. show like the webcast that was making his daughter laugh. It was then that Brenner came up with the idea of turning iCarly into a T.V. show.

Brenner came up with the idea on putting in Zeebo into the original idea he had before. It can be spectulated that Brenner got fired and he doesn't have any money to support Morgan. This could indicate that Morgan and Brad have gone homeless and are out on the streets. 

Morgan was played by Sammi Hanratty, who had previously appeared on another Dan Schneider sitcom, Drake & Josh.

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