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Millicent Mitchell is a main character on iCarly (2021) and Freddie Benson's adopted step-daughter.


Millicent is the adopted stepdaughter of Freddie Benson. After Freddie's divorces, Millicent and Freddie moved in with Freddie's mother.

Physical Appearance

Millicent has dark hair.


Millicent is snarky, ambitious, strong-willed and social media-obsessed.[6]


Freddie Benson

(Unknown-Present; Adoptive step-father)

Millicent and Freddie have a love-hate relationship, but Millicent eventually warms up to her new stepfather.[7] In iFauxpologize, Millicent finds an old tweet from Freddie 8 years earlier saying he never wanted kids. This hurts Millicent's feelings, thinking her father regrets her. Freddie tries to make it up to Millicent and that he was young when he said it. Millicent takes advantage of Freddie’s kindheartedness for gifts. In INeed Space, Freddie tries to bond with Millicent over selling cookies and she calls him dad for the first time. (See: Freddie and Millicent)

Carly Shay


Millicent feels a sense of competition between her and Carly. She sees Carly as washed up as well as competition to her small YouTube channel.[6] According to Miranda Cosgrove, Millicent secretly wants to have her own web show, wants Carly's fandom, and wants to take her down at the same time. She is sometimes sweet to Carly and manipulative at times.[7] In the first 3 episodes, it is shown that Millicent likes to make fun of Carly and tries to out-do her in the internet world. Despite her dislike of Carly, she often hangs out in her and Harper’s apartment. (See: Carly and Millicent)

Marissa Benson

(Unknown-Present; Step-grandmother)

Millicent and her adopted grandmother have bonded well and Millicent calls her Grandma B. Mrs. Benson provides bubble baths for Millicent and they both bond over Toledo House Flip. Marissa seems to really love spending time with Millicent and supports her in her activities, like when Marissa went to see Millicent's play.


(Unknown-Present, Mother)

Gwen is Millicent's mother who appears in ILove Gwen. She visits Millicent and Freddie and Millicent tries to get her parents back together. However, it doesn't work as Gwen has moved on and gotten a new boyfriend. Millicent is disappointed, but understands as she is reassured by Freddie that just because he and Gwen are not getting back together, they will always be a family.

Unnamed Father

(Unknown-Until His Death) Millicent's biological father, who was the husband to her mother, Gwen. Millicent's father is mentioned in ILove Gwen and it is revealed that he has passed away, which implies that he died a while ago, which lead to Gwen marrying Freddie until their divorce.


  • Millicent is the youngest character in the series.
  • In the first episode of the series, Carly says Millicent has 2 subscribers, with one of them being Carly herself.
  • Millicent's personality is similar to the character Megan Parker, from the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh, portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove, before she starred in the original iCarly series.
  • Despite being legally adopted by Freddie, her surname was revealed to be Mitchell in iNeed Space.
  • It is revealed in iLove Gwen that Millicent's biological father is deceased.



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