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Miko is a Chinese man that is friends with Carly and Sam. He was first seen during iApril Fools in the altered flashback for iHatch Chicks, where he tries to help Carly and Sam find the last chick, Poachy. However, they could not understand him because he spoke Cantonese, and his Cantonese was not clear in the episode. In fact, most of the words he said were not the correct words. In the episode, he was also seen smacking Gibby with a stop sign and brought iCarly to a commercial break, speaking Cantonese. According to, he owns hundreds of sparkly unitards. Miko made an appearance in the episode iLost My Head in Vegas. Miko was also in an iCarly segment called iBathe It. He played music with T-Bo, Spencer, and Gibby while Sam and Freddie bathed Cat from Victorious.
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