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Messin' with Lewbert was a segment that Carly and Sam had on iCarly. In this segment, Sam and Carly pulled a series of pranks on Lewbert, the mean doorman of Bushwell Plaza. In the episode, iHurt Lewbert, they injured him while iCarly was filming. On iTake on Dingo, Dingo copied this segment and used it in their program, Totally Teri, but they changed the name to Messin' with Rupert. Many years later in iObject, Lewbert!, Lewbert sues iCarly for all the pranks they did to him. The sketch was not shown in seasons 4 and 5, likely due to the trio eventually feeling bad for previously injuring Lewbert and not wanting to repeat the injury.

The skit was almost performed in IAm Your Biggest Fan, but it was interrupted by Mandy Valdez doing her impression of a duck. The segment was also mentioned in IHate Sam's Boyfriend when Jonah refuses to have the fan bit performed and makes fun of Lewbert.

Scenes from the skit were shown in IObject, Lewbert! when Harper Bettencourt watches them.

Pranks they've pulled on Lewbert

Episode Season Pranks They've Pulled on him Notes
iWant More Viewers 1 Phoned the lobby and blew an air horn into the receiver
iWant a World Record Sam did something very similar to wake up Spencer
iHurt Lewbert 2 Rigged a muffin basket with a confetti cannon and blew him back. But the plan back-fired when Lewbert was seriously injured when the confetti cannon exploded.
iTake on Dingo Built a fake soda machine and Lewbert's jacket got ripped off by two mysterious hands that popped out out of the machine
iFind Lewbert's Lost Love 3 Told him "don't go into your office" and "don't open the cabinet over the TV" because that cabinet was filled with golf balls and he would do it if they told him not to
iWon't Cancel The Show They poured sour milk into his man purse.
73702 1637871680.jpg "Finish your rapping!"
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