Maurice in the Web Game, Nora's World.

Maurice the Chicken
is a chicken who is Nora Dershlit's pet/best friend. Really, Nora is hardly ever out of company of Maurice. He was used in the iCarly sketch The Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl who Thought the Cowboy's
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Chicken was a Sports Car. Maurice, obviously, played the role of the chicken. At the end of a couple of episodes, Maurice is shown and Sam is trying to get Carly to let her eat him (but his name isn't mentioned). He is also mentioned in iStart a Fanwar.

In iPsycho, Maurice crowed into the microphone and it made Sam angry so she said, "Thats it, Maurice! When I get out of here, it's you, me, and a bottle of barbecue sauce!"

Maurice appears again in iStill Psycho on the spin-off show Sam and Cat. His role is supposed to be parallel to Buffalo Bill's poodle from The Silence of the Lambs. 


Maurice is clearly a hen, not a rooster. All hens are female, so Maurice must be a girl, not a boy.
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