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Marty Klemish is a resident of Bushwell Plaza who appeared in iEnrage Gibby and iBeat the Heat. He lives in Apartment 7C, just one floor down from Carly and Spencer's loft.

In iEnrage Gibby, Mr. Klemish came to the Shays' apartment to offer condolences to Carly after the Seattle Tribune reported that Spencer had died. (Mr. Klemish did not know that Spencer was still alive, and the news report was an error.)

He wound up having a somewhat perplexing conversation with Carly, who thought Mr. Klemish was offering sympathy for a negative review that an art critic had given Spencer's sculptures.

Mr. Klemish also told Carly that he had wanted to purchase a pencil sculpture Spencer had made. Before Spencer's alleged death, he and Mr. Klemish had discussed a price of $500. Mr. Klemish, however, gave Carly $2,000 for it (much to her surprise) because artwork becomes more valuable after the artist is gone.

Later, after learning about this, Spencer decided to pretend that he really was dead in order to get more money for his sculptures.

(At some point between iEnrage Gibby and iBeat the Heat, Mr. Klemish must have learned the truth. When Spencer greeted him in the latter episode, Mr. Klemish simply said, "Hi, Spencer," and showed no reaction at all to seeing Spencer alive.

It is not known if Mr. Klemish ever got a "price adjustment" for the pencil sculpture after it was revealed that Spencer wasn't dead.)

In iBeat the Heat, Mr. Klemish was one of many Bushwell Plaza residents who came to the Shays' apartment (the only apartment in the building that still had a functional air conditioner after the power went out), seeking relief from the heat wave.

He claimed that he wanted to return a whisk he had borrowed from Spencer, who didn't remember Mr. Klemish ever borrowing one. It was apparently just an excuse to get inside the apartment. He, along with most of the other residents, left the apartment as soon as it was announced that the power had been restored.

Marty Klemish was portrayed by Phil Abrams, who also had a small role in iWant My Website Back.