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Marta sits on the Shay's couch while listening to Carly speak.

Marta Trundel is the psychotic ex-girlfriend of Lewbert Sline, which was the reason he broke up with her. She only appeared in iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, played by Kit Pongetti.

Though initially appearing as a sweet and kind lady, it is revealed that Marta is an oppressive and short-tempered woman who is quite obsessed with Lewbert.

Ten years before, Lewbert and Marta were dating, but after knowing her true self, Lewbert tried to break up with her, but she wouldn't let him go. In his desperation, Lewbert took her on a cruise, then jumped overboard and swam to shore. To ensure that Marta would never find him, he moved to Seattle, changed his last name, and got a job as a doorman.

After looking for her ex-boyfriend for almost ten years, the iCarly Trio track Marta down and invited her to come reunite with Lewbert, only later learning how domineering and crazy Marta is, and realizing their mistake.

Lewbert says the stress she caused him caused his wart. When Carly tries to talk Marta out of rekindling their relationship, she accuses her of seeking an affair with him, despite the vast age differences between the two of them and her revulsion towards him.

Lewbert later decides to take the blame for the stolen TV remotes to stay away from Marta. When Lewbert learns that Marta can wait 30 days, he hits a police officer, which means he can spend six months away from Marta.

Some people would think that Marta has anger issues, after trying to force a haircut on Lewbert.

According to Marta's SplashFace profile, she is 34, from Portland, Oregon, single, lonely, has 29 subscribers and has 5 videos.[1]