The Magic Meatball is a parody of the Magic 8-Ball. It is

Spencer with his magic meatball.

seen in the episode iMeet Fred, when Spencer finds it and he admits to using it everyday when he was in the seventh grade. Spencer said that someone had made tons of money by picking stocks with one of them, and therefore believes it to work all the time.

The differences between the Magic 8-Ball and Magic Meatball are that the magic meatball is brown and lumpy, while a Magic 8-Ball is black, white, and smooth. The Magic Meatball also talks in a foreign Asian man's accent, while the Magic 8-Ball displays a message instead.

The similarities are that they both give advice about "yes" or "no" questions, and they both answer after being shaken.

There is a game on the actual iCarly website that has the Magic Meatball. If you click on it, there is a response. Click here to play it. There was also a McDonald's toy based on the Magic Meatball, as part of a line of iCarly-themed toys.

The origin of the Magic Meatball came from an episode of Rocko's Modern Life.


  • "I must advise against it."
    240px-ICarly magic meatball
  • "The meatball says no."
  • "Ask again later."
  • "The answer is no."
  • "The answer is yes."
  • "Definitely not."
  • "Negative."
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