Malika, before she magically disappears and teleports Gibby in her place.

Magic Malika was Freddie Benson's date to the Girls' Choice Dance. She's obsessed with performing magic tricks, and though her skills are phenomenal to say the least, her excessive use of these tricks tends to irritate almost everybody she meets.

Malika has only appeared in the episode iSpeed Date. She was one of three girls (the other two being Ariana and Jamie) who asked Freddie to the Girls' Choice Dance, and used her magic tricks as a way of asking him. Freddie hadn't answered the other two girls because he was holding out for Carly (or Sam, as many Seddiers believe, because he had bacon for her, even though he didn't know if he'd have to use it). Malika's way of asking Freddie was to pull out a blank piece of paper out of her cape, crumble it up, toss it in the air and make it disappear in a puff of smoke. The paper reappeared in Freddie's coat pocket with the question. While he hesitated on his decision, she disappeared and a shirtless Gibby appeared in her place holding mystery banana in his hand.

In the end, Freddie is forced to take her to the dance because he took too long to respond to the other girls and they asked other boys. Malika performs magic tricks at The Groovy Smoothie such as levitating Freddie's cell phone and making his smoothie light on fire. When Freddie tells her to give him back his cell phone, she makes it drop on Freddie's groin. When she realizes it's her curfew she teleports herself home Freddie responds to by clapping, saying, "Best trick of the night."

Malika's trick of asking Freddie to the dance can actually be explained; she snuck up behind Freddie, giving her the opportunity to stick the crumpled white paper in his pocket. Some people assume she is a witch or wizard, but it is unknown how Malika preforms her magic tricks

She is portrayed by Skyler Day.

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