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Locker 239 is the biggest locker in Ridgeway High School. Freddie reveals that when they were first building the school, some worker screwed up and built a locker that's four times the size of a regular locker. It's considered to be the best locker in the entire school for a few different reasons---aside from the locker's size, it's next to a huge window ("A locker with a view") and the Ridgeway-cheerleaders walk past the window everyday on their way to outdoor practices (which appeals to guys like Freddie and Gibby).

When Richard Whites, the previous occupant of Locker 239, moved to Switzerland, the school held a contest to decide who would be the new occupant of the locker. The contest was won by Freddie and his friend, Sam Puckett, who were forced to share the locker. It was destroyed by Sam's mom, Pam Puckett, when she backed into it with her car.

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