There are many websites mentioned on iCarly (but not all of them link to ), but the following are a collection of some of the well and lesser known redirects.

Viewers in Canada cannot access — instead they are redirected automatically to

Redirect Mentioned In iNevel, iRue the Day, iGive Away a Car, iWant my Website Back iWill Date Freddie (not to be confused with, which is a real website) iHatch Chicks iHatch Chicks

iWin a Date iGo to Japan iWant My Website Back iDate A Bad Boy iSaved Your Life iSam's Mom, iParty with Victorious iMight Switch Schools (Was not an actual website, just seen in a dream) iSpace Out

iThink They Kissed

iPilot, every episode on the links at the top of the opening credits, iParty with Victorious iLook Alike iMeet Fred (From Drake and Josh) (From Drake and Josh) (From Drake and Josh)

(From Drake and Josh) (From Drake and Josh) (From Drake and Josh) iQuit iCarly iWas A Pageant Girl iHeart Art (Carly says "", Sam says "Not .net", Carly says ".net is for losers") iFence

(From Zoey 101)

(From Zoey 101)

iHire An Idiot (From Zoey 101) (From Zoey 101) (From Zoey 101) iStart a Fanwar

(From Victorious)

iBelieve in Bigfoot iGet Banned

Girly Cow is mentioned in many episodes, but isn't mentioned in any. "Girly Cow" can be seen as one of the links at the top of the opening credits. iQ iPilot iPilot

iHatch Chicks, iPilot, iBelieve in Bigfoot and More iGet Banned

iBust a Thief


ICarlyBloopers - The Sack

ICarlyBloopers - The Sack

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