A list of ships similar to "Seddie" is a compilation of ships that draw comparisons to the relationship between Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, better known as Seddie (S/am and Fr/eddie).

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Characteristics that make ships similar to Seddie

  • They each pretend to "hate" the other.
  • Both call each other nicknames.
  • They shared a kiss (or first kiss).
  • One of them always gets into trouble and the other one is nerdy.
  • It is an "opposites attract" ship.
  • They both pretend to fight and insult each other, but fight playfully and don't make overly hurtful remarks.
  • They both help each other in times of need.
  • They have the same best friend.

Ships that are similar to Seddie

Anderson and Sherlock (BBC Sherlock)

  • They both "hated" each other.
  • Sherlock is constantly insulting Anderson.
  • The fandom is basically in a constant shipping war.

Musa and Riven (Winx Club

  • Musa is a tomboy.
  • They constantly fight.
  • It looked like that Riven had feelings for Bloom first.
  • Musa and Riven didn't start dating until Season 2 because they had trouble admitting their feelings.

Mako and Korra (The Legend of Korra)

  • Mako and Korra fight a lot, but both have admitted to being attracted to each other.
  • Korra kisses Mako in the middle of a conversation.
  • Korra has nicknames for Mako.
  • There is a love triangle as Mako had feelings for both Asami and Korra.
  • Mako told Korra he loved her and Korra said she loved Mako too

Benedick and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing)

  • Benedick and Beatrice fight constantly and throw very personal insults at one another the first time they appear together.
  • It is clear that prior to the start of the play the two have been "enemies" for a long time.
  • Over the course of the play they fall in love but need to be pushed together and prodded by other people because of their pride.
  • Beatrice has trouble believing Benedick truly loves her because of their past.

Jackie and Hyde (That 70's Show)

  • They hated each other at first, and pretty much couldn't stand each other, just like Sam and Freddie in the beginning.
  • They both helped each other out in times of need, even when they weren't together, like how Sam and Freddie help each other in their time of need.
  • Their friends, (Eric, Donna, Fez, and Kelso), couldn't believe that they found appeal in each other, similar to how Carly reacted when she heard that Sam and Freddie kissed in iThink They Kissed.
  • Hyde had never really had a real girlfriend before Jackie, like Freddie only dating Valerie and Carly.
  • They have shared tender moments together, even before they started dating, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Hyde and Jackie kissed two years before actually getting together, a similar year gap to how long Sam and Freddie kissed and got together.

Greg and Morgan (CSI:12 & 13)

  • Greg and Morgan banter with each other, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Despite their occasional banter, they care for each other.
  • People around them (Julie, Donna) assume or think they are a "cute couple", similar to how people around Sam and Freddie think they make a cute couple.
  • Greg (Sam) has nicknames for Morgan (Freddie)  have nicknames for each other. Greg calls Morgan "Hollywood" and "Beautiful Blonde", similar to how Sam has nicknames for Freddie.

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (from "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers")

  • Brandy, (Sam), is often rude, and isn't satisfied having to be paired with Mr. Whiskers, (Freddie).
  • Brandy, (Sam), and Mr. Whiskers, (Freddie), have kissed before when Mr. Whiskers, (Freddie), wanted to, but Brandy, (Sam), declined the offer at first.
  • They care about each other, despite several fighting and planned departure in their relationship, much like Sam and Freddie's relationship and friendship.

Derek and Casey (from "Life with Derek")

  • They constantly bicker and fight, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • Derek, (Sam), is very rude to Casey, (Freddie).
  • Derek is rebellious and lax-mannered and somewhat underhanded about achieving his goals, though is not entirely unkind, just like Sam.
  • Casey is idealistic and independent, as well as academically ambitious and honest, like Freddie.
  • Even if Casey, (Freddie), and Derek, (Sam), fight, they are really good friends.
  • Both of them have demonstrated to care about each other.
  • Both have been worried over the other being hurt.
  • Both like to make bets with each other and challenge one another.

Beck and Jade [Bade] (from "Victorious")

  • Jade, (Sam), is mean, and likes to tease people.
  • Beck, (Freddie), is the nice, calm, gentle one.
  • Jade is mean/pushy to Beck.
  • They are side-kicks on the show, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Beck, (Freddie), has kissed Tori, (Carly).
  • Beck, (Freddie), tolerates Jade, (Sam).
  • Beck, (Freddie), can control Jade, (Sam).
  • Bade is the most popular ship in Victorious, like Seddie.
  • They seem to hang out a lot more than the rest of the gang.
  • Bade are dating, and always have been. In "Jade Dumps Beck", we see how much Jade relies on Beck and loves him.
  • Both Sam and Jade are bossy and manipulative.
  • Both like to make videos together to put up on theSlap.com or iCarly.com.
  • Both tend to laugh together and find the same things funny.
  • Beck, (Freddie), is usually not afraid to call out Jade, (Sam), when she finds something hurtful, mean, or funny.
  • They are the kind of opposites that attract.
  • Both have shared long kisses with each other.
  • Both have dated and broke up but most likely to get back together according to Dan Schneider.

Jade and Tori [Jori] (from "Victorious")

  • Jade, (Sam), is shown to dislike Tori, (Freddie), at the beginning of the show.
  • Jade has done many mean things to Tori, like Sam has done to Freddie.
  • Jade has been developing a good friendship with Tori and has been warming up to her much like how Sam and Freddie have.
  • Tori, (Freddie), is known to be nice and friendly while Jade, (Sam), is mean and rebellious.
  • Tori, (Freddie), and Jade, (Sam), have hugged before in the first season.

Logan and Quinn [Quogan] (from "Zoey 101")

  • Quinn and Logan hated and constantly made fun of each other at first.
  • Quinn, (Freddie), is very smart and good at computers.
  • Logan (Sam) acts cool.
  • Logan, (Sam), likes to tease Quinn, (Freddie).
  • They act like they hate each other to hide their true feelings in front of others.
  • Zoey 101 was created by Dan Schneider, the same creator of iCarly, who made a love/hate relationship like with Sam and Freddie.
  • Their relationship changed significantly in the fourth season.
  • Logan, (Sam), apologized to Quinn, (Freddie), for being a jerk to her, and calling her a "dorkon."
  • Logan was encouraging Quinn to be herself before they kissed, similar to how Freddie was giving Sam words of encouragement before she kissed him in iOMG.
  • They couldn't stand each other when they were younger, but grew into a friendship and eventually a relationship.
  • Quinn was fixated, (and dated), on Mark for years, like Freddie was with Carly, until she and Logan kissed, and got together.

Ron and Hermione [Romione] (from "Harry Potter" series)

  • Ron and Hermione couldn't stand each other at the beginning of the series, a similar situation of how Sam and Freddie felt about each other in the earlier seasons of iCarly.
  • Ron, (Sam), is lazy and doesn't like school.

    Love/Hate Relationships..

  • Hermione, (Freddie), is really smart and likes school.
  • Ron always gets into trouble while Hermione is a good student and sometimes even kind of nerdy when it comes to her big knowledge.
  • They bicker a lot, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They fight a lot, but care about each other.
  • They fight over silly things and most of the time Harry, (Carly), has to meddle.
  • They are both best friends with Harry, (Carly).
  • Ron loves to eat as much as Sam.
  • Ron shows a lot of jealousy when Hermione has a love interest.
  • Ron/Hermione and Sam/Freddie are always flirting, in other words, bickering.
  • Both Sam/Hermione, (the girls), fall for the boys, (Freddie/Ron), first, and for a while, neither of them have a clue what is going on.
  • Like Sam with Freddie, it took Hermione years to finally admit her feelings for Ron.
  • Both girls, (Sam/Hermione), made the first move by kissing the boys, (Freddie/Ron).
  • Like with Seddie and Creddie, there were big arguments between the Romione, (Ron/Hermione), and the Dramione (Draco/Hermione) fans.
  • Ron and Hermione ended up together, and in the future, were married. This might happen with Seddie.

Percabeth aawww.jpg

Percy and Annabeth [Percabeth] (from "Percy Jackson and the Olympians")

  • Percy and Annabeth have a love/hate relationship, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Annabeth, (Sam), is blonde, while Percy, (Freddie), has brown hair.
  • Annabeth, (Sam), is, in a way, more physically inclined of the two.
  • Annabeth and Percy fight a lot, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • Annabeth (Sam) was the one who made the first move and kissed Percy (Freddie).
  • Percy, (Freddie), was really shocked and speechless after Annabeth, (Sam), kissed him.
  • Percy and Annabeth, like Freddie and Sam, both have nicknames for each other, (Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl).
  • They both start out as rivals, but gradually become closer throughout the series, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Annabeth is constantly insulting Percy, like how Sam is with Freddie.
  • There was a Ship War between Percy and Annabeth (Freddie and Sam), and Percy and Rachel (Freddie and Carly).
  • They fight for each other and would sacrifice for each other, like Freddie giving up the cruise to get rid of Missy in iReunite With Missy
  • Their friendship grew significantly over the course of the books, much like how Sam and Freddie's friendship has. 

Jimmy and Cindy [Jindy] (from "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius")

  • At the beginning of the show, Jimmy and Cindy truly disliked each other.
  • They always get into arguments, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Cindy, (Sam), is constantly attacking Jimmy, (Freddie), but secretly likes him.
  • ZJC.png
    Cindy, (Sam), gives Jimmy, (Freddie), a lot of nicknames and also calls him by his last name, "Neutron".
  • At first Jimmy, (Freddie), liked Betty, (Carly), but later fell in love with Cindy, (Sam).
  • Cindy (Sam) was always jealous on Jimmy's (Freddie's) crush with Betty (Carly).
  • When being alone, both Jimmy and Cindy hang out with each other having normal and nice conversations and actually admitting their friendship, like Sam and Freddie did in iKiss, and, (implied), off-screen in Season 4.
  • Jimmy is techy, like Freddie, and Cindy is tough, like Sam.
  • Cindy is capable of causing physical pain to Jimmy like Sam is to Freddie.
  • Cindy, (Sam), loves to make fun of Jimmy, (Freddie), because he's super smart and tech-savy, while she's actually pretty smart herself.
  • In a couple of The Fairly Odd Parents!/Jimmy Neutron episodes, Timmy Turner sees Cindy a lot and eventually, she developed a crush on him, much to Jimmy's annoyance, just like Freddie developed a short lived crush on Tori in iParty With Victorious.
  • Timmy and Jimmy fought over Cindy in the crossover episodes, but eventually it all worked out, thanks to the work of Jimmy's inventions, and Timmy's magic, by using half dimension so at a dance, Cindy was able to dance with both of the guys.
  • Cindy is blonde, like Sam, while Jimmy is a brunette, like Freddie.

Moze and Ned (from "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide")

  • Moze, (Sam), is a tough girl, while Ned, (Freddie), is a weak nerd-like boy.
  • Ned, (Freddie), has always had a crush on Suzie, (Carly), and always thought that him and Moze, (Sam),
    will never be together.
  • Moze makes fun of Ned for liking Suzie, (Carly).
  • They have the same best friend, Cookie, like with Sam and Freddie having the same best friend.
  • Ned gradually starts falling for Moze, but can't believe it. Maybe Freddie is going through the same process with Sam.
  • Ned and Moze become a couple in the end of show. This may happen to Seddie.

TJ and Spinelli (from "Recess")

  • The two are very good friends, but they constantly make fun of each other.
  • Spinelli hates girly-girls, like Sam.
  • The two shared their first kiss together, and promised never to mention it again.
  • They have helped each other out in the past.
  • They've known each other for years.
  • Spinelli once competes in a beauty pageant in the show and says rather "blunt" things about what she likes and dislikes, but wins nonetheless, like Sam did in iWas a Pageant Girl.

Olive and Fletcher [Folive] (from "A.N.T. Farm")

  • Their color could possibly be purple as red and blue have shown up on the show. The currently most notable occurrence would be when Olive wore a red dress and used blueberry yogurt for fake boobs.
  • Fletcher, (Freddie), is a brunette and Olive, (Sam), is a blonde.
  • Freddie, like Olive is intelligent; however, while Olive remembers everything, Freddie is just a smart, tech savvy guy.
  • In the first episode, they were mistaken for a Mr./Mrs, while Sam and Freddie have played a married couple before.
  • They are both sidekicks to the main character.
  • It is mentioned that Olive can be vicious, much like Sam.
  • Fletcher is artist, (in this case, Fletcher is like Sam).
  • Fletcher insults Olive (like Sam.)
  • Chyna said that they are having an awesome teacher and Fletcher responded as "I thought our teacher was Olive." much like Sam teases Freddie.
  • Fletcher and Olive are both best friends with Chyna (Carly).
  • Fletcher has a crush on Chyna, like Freddie used to have on Carly.
  • Olive teases Fletcher (like Sam.)
  • It's a love-hate relationship, like Seddie.
  • They became a couple in Season 3 and broke up in the series finale.

Lilly and Oliver [Loliver] (from "Hannah Montana")

  • Lilly sometimes makes fun of Oliver and calls him names, like Sam does.
  • Both Lilly and Oliver are best friends with Miley, (Carly).
  • At first, Oliver was in love with Hannah Montana, until he found out she was Miley, like Freddie with Carly.
  • Lilly and Oliver are also good friends with Miley's, (Carly's), brother Jackson, (Spencer).
  • Lilly is blonde and Oliver is brunette, like how Sam and Freddie are.
  • Lilly is a tomboy, like Sam.
  • Oliver is geeky and dorky, like Freddie.
  • They've known each other since they were young.
  • Both showed signs of disgust towards being a couple earlier on but later became a couple. (Sam and Freddie may possibly be a couple during the Seddie-arc.)

Danny and Sam (from "Danny Phantom")

  • Danny and Sam always say the same thing at the same time, like Sam and Freddie.
  • They were each other's first kiss.
  • They called the kiss a "Fake out Make out" and acted like nothing happened, similar to Sam and Freddie's first kiss.
  • Danny, (Freddie), was always after Paulina, (Carly), even had a picture of her on his computer, like Freddie had one of Carly in his closet. However, he grew out of his crush on her.
  • Paulina, (Carly), only liked Danny when he was Danny Phantom, (like when Freddie saved Carly's life) but never really liked him for him.
  • Sam and Danny are complete opposites.
  • Sam, (Sam), always makes fun of Danny, (Freddie), for liking Paulina, (Carly).
  • Sam Manson is a strong person, like Sam Puckett.
  • They hang out alone together a lot, like how Sam and Freddie have been most of Season 4.
  • Sam (Sam) had a secret crush on Danny (Freddie).
  • They became a couple at the end of the series. It's possible that the same might happen to Seddie.

Zane and Rikki (from "H2O: Just Add Water")

  • Rikki, (Sam), is rebellious, and has something to say in any situation.
  • ZRZKiss.jpg
    Zane, (Freddie), has ambition.
  • They disliked each other at first, much like how Sam and Freddie started.
  • Rikki, (Sam), gets jealous when Zane, (Freddie), is with another girl.
  • Rikkie, (Sam), is blonde/curly haired and Zane, (Freddie), is brown-haired.

Arnold and Helga (from "Hey Arnold!")

  • Helga, (Sam), claims to hate Arnold, (Freddie), but is secretly in love with him.
  • Helga is always making fun of Arnold, just like Sam with Freddie.

    Arnold & Helga

  • Helga, (Sam), gives Arnold, (Freddie), nicknames.
  • Arnold, (Freddie), and Helga, (Sam), kissed and acted like nothing happened.
  • Arnold, like Freddie, is smart and calm.
  • Helga, like Sam, is tough with a soft side.
  • Once, Helga almost died falling through the window trying to help save their teacher and Arnold was ardent to pull her back in. This is similar to how in iQuit iCarly, Freddie pulled Sam in after she was knocked down.

Nelson and Lisa [Nisa] (from "The Simpsons")

  • Nelson is violent and rebel, like Sam.
  • Lisa is very smart, like Freddie.
  • They had their first kiss together, like what happened in iKiss with Sam and Freddie.
  • Nelson, (Sam), makes fun of Lisa, (Freddie).
  • They dated, like Sam and Freddie.

Cartman and Wendy [Candy] (from "South Park")

  • Wendy is smart, like Freddie.
  • Cartman eats a lot, has a strong personality, breaks the rules a lot and is manipulative, like Sam.
  • They have shared a kiss before, like Sam and Freddie.
  • They are almost always seen fighting, like Sam and Freddie.

Clark and Lois (from "Smallville")

  • At first Lois, (Sam), and Clark, (Freddie), did not like each other.
  • They were first reluctant friends before they generally cared for the other.
  • Lois, (Sam), calls Clark,(Freddie), names.
  • Lois hates Clark's plaid shirts but enjoys wearing them herself. Sam hates striped shirts on guys but enjoys wearing them herself. Freddie almost always wears striped shirts.
  • Clark, (Freddie), was first in love with Lana, (Carly), since the first time he saw her, and couldn't bare the sight of Lois, (Sam).

Damon and Elena (from "The Vampire Diaries")

  • They have a love/hate relationship, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Damon and Elena have kissed, twice, like Sam and Freddie in iKiss and iOMG.
  • Freddie, like Elena, fell for Stefan, (Carly), first, before meeting Damon, (Sam).
  • Both have showed/show worry for each other's well being.
  • The first time they kissed, the boy, (Damon/Freddie), initiated the kiss while the second time, (Elena/Sam), the girl did.
  • They have a good time together when they hang out without Stefan (Carly).
  • They bicker at times, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Both have hugged each other.
  • Both care about each other but won't voice it out loud.
  • Both have cliffhangers on whether anything will happen after their most recent kisses.
  • Damon, like Sam, hates how vampires are portrayed in the media and books.
  • Both have been through life threatening experiences.
  • Damon, like Sam, has physically hurt Elena, (Freddie), before.
  • Elena, Sam in this case, has slapped Freddie, Damon, before when angry at him.
  • Damon, like Sam, is prone to not care about hurting people or their feelings except for a certain few, (Carly and sometimes Freddie).
  • Damon, like Sam, has apologized to Elena, (Freddie), for mistreating her, (him).
  • There is a big ship war between Delena, (Seddie), and Stelena, (Creddie) .
  • Damon, like Sam, likes to touch Elena, (Freddie), and tease her.

Martin and Diana (from "Martin Mystery")

  • Martin is slovenly and chipper, like Sam.
  • Diana is smart, cute and very studious, like Freddie.
  • Martin and Diana always argue, but both care about each other.
  • Sometimes, Diana acts like Sam when Martin falls in love with a girl. And Martin feels jealous when Diana gets a date, always resulting in discussion.
  • Martin, (Sam), is blonde, and Diana, (Freddie), is brunette.
  • They constantly annoy each other.

Pacey and Joey (from "Dawson's Creek")

  • Pacey and Joey hated each other at first, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • Both Pacey and Joey were best friends with Dawson.
  • Joey was in love with Dawson for years, just like Freddie is with Carly.
  • Pacey and Joey always argued, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • Joey and Pacey ended up with each other at the end of the series, instead of Joey and Dawson, like everyone thought.

Gary and Tina (from "What I Like About You")

  • Gary and Tina hate each other at first, but ended up together.
  • They would constantly bicker and argue when alone together.
  • They only know each other because they are both best friends with Holly, just like Sam and Freddie are both best friends with Carly.
  • What I Like About You is another Dan Schneider show, and Gary/Tina is another example of how Dan loves love/hate relationships.

Basil and Sybil (from "Fawlty Towers")

  • Sybil, (Sam), abuses Basil, (Freddie), constantly, by hurting him, making fun of him, bossing him around, etc.
  • Sybill and Basil fight constantly, and call each other names.
  • Sybil is more aggressive than Basil, and Basil is constantly threatened by her, similar to how Sam is with Freddie.
  • Sybil and Basil do care about each other, however little.

Niles and C.C. (from "The Nanny")

  • They were always mocking each other, much like Sam and Freddie's relationship.
  • They hated each other but they ended up together. This may happen with Seddie.
  • Niles, (Sam), teases and pranks C.C., (Freddie), but they enjoy bickering.
  • C.C. was always after Maxwell, like Freddie was after Carly.

Kenan and Sharla (from "Kenan and Kel")

  • Sharla always insults Kenan, just like what Sam does with Freddie.
  • Both argues all the time.
  • When Kenan likes a different girl, Sharla insults him, and the girl, just like what Sam does with Freddie.
  • Kenan and Kel is another show made by Dan Schneider and shows how he likes to make love/hate relationships.

Will and Sue (from "Glee")

  • They are constantly fighting, much like Sam and Freddie.
  • Sue, (Sam), is always insulting Will's, (Freddie's), hair, intelligence, and other things.
  • It turns out that Sue, (Sam), secretly likes Will, (Freddie).
  • Sue, (Sam), is blonde, and Will, (Freddie), is brunette.
  • Sue has never been too popular with guys before, like Sam.

Note: Jane Lynch, who plays Sue, portrayed as Pam Puckett, Sam's mom, on iCarly.

Cory and Topanga (from "Boy Meets World")

  • In the first season, Cory, (Sam), always picked on Topanga, (Freddie).
  • Cory, (Sam), made fun of Topanga's, (Freddie's), name.
  • They were each other's 1st kiss.
  • Cory made fun of Topanga's parents, like Sam makes fun of Freddie's mom.
  • Cory and Topanga dated and even ended up getting married to each other. Maybe this will happen with Seddie.
  • They were blonde and brunette like Seddie. (Sam's blonde, and Freddie's brunette.)

Buffy and Spike (from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

  • At the beginning of the series, they hated each other, much like how Sam and Freddie started.
  • As the show progresses, they become reluctant allies, just like Sam and Freddie's friendship.

Hiccup and Astrid (from "How To Train Your Dragon")

  • Astrid is like Sam: blonde, strong and tough.
  • Hiccup is like Freddie: gentle, a brunette, has a good-heart, a little bit of a coward, and good with engineering.
  • Astrid is impressed when Hiccup shows that he knows how to train a dragon, like how Sam is sometimes impressed with Freddie, like in iGot Detention.
  • Even with their bullying way, Astrid shows a sweet personality when she wants to.
  • They both have a love/hate relationship.
  • Astrid showed to have quite the attraction to him, similar to how Sam has been acting, especially in iOMG.
  • Astrid, (Sam), kissed Hiccup, (Freddie), kind of to show she has romantical feelings for him, similar to what happened in iOMG.

Sonny and Chad [Channy] (from "Sonny With A Chance")

  • In the beginning, they "hated" each other, but really, it gradually grew into a huge crush on each other, similar to how Sam feels for Freddie, and how Freddie might feel the same about Sam.
  • They constantly made fun of each other, similar to how Sam and Freddie bicker.
  • Sonny would pull pranks on Chad, like what Sam does to Freddie.
  • Chad is obnoxious and blonde, (Sam).
  • Sonny, (Freddie), is sweet and knows how to handle Chad, (Sam), sometimes.
  • They end up kissing, similar to what happened with Sam and Freddie at the end of both iKiss and iOMG.
  • They (Seddie & Channy) both dated, broke up and don't get back together, even though they still love each other.

Gabe and Jo (from "Good Luck Charlie")

  • Jo, (Sam), is very aggressive.
  • Gabe has brown hair, and a softer personality, (Freddie).
  • Jo hits Gabe, (like Sam hits Freddie).
  • At first, they denied their feelings, but a few seconds later, they admitted it.
  • Teddy tells Gabe that Jo only abuses him because she's insecure and doesn't know how to show her feelings. (Like Sam does, so she just hits Freddie)
  • Later, Jo goes to Gabe's house and they hang out (like Sam and Freddie) Jo tries to be nice for a little while, but later keeps hitting Gabe.
  • Gabe, (Freddie), had a crush on Kit, (Carly).
  • Jo calls Gabe stupid, as a nickname, similar to how Sam calls Freddie things to do with him being stupid.
  • When they go to a Cotilion together, Jo throws food at Gabe's face. Much like how Sam squeezes cheese on Freddie's face and how she threw a spoonful of pudding at Freddie's eye.
  • Jo tells Gabe she liked it when they danced, much like how Sam told Freddie she loved him by kissing him, Gabe/Freddie is in shock, and kinda freaks out, but then starts to like it.

Patrick "Pat" and Katarina "Kat" (from "10 Things I Hate About You")

  • Pat and Kat have a similar relationship to Freddie and Sam's, (love-hate).
  • Pat is baggy, like Sam, and Kat hates this behavior, like Freddie.
  • Pat shows a softer side to wins Kat's heart.
  • Kat won't admit it, but slowly, she is falling in love with Pat.

Bart Simpson and Jessica Lovejoy (from "The Simpsons-Episode: Bart's Girlfriend")

  • Though this was only one episode, Jessica Lovejoy strongly resembles Sam as she is a bad, troublesome girl.


  • Throughout the episode, although starting a relationship with Bart, she often abuses him and causes him misery, (this is similar to Sam abusing Freddie and making him miserable).
  • At first, despite Jessica making Bart miserable, Bart still stays in a relationship with her. This is similar as to how Freddie stays friends with Sam although she is rude to him.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet (from "Pride and Prejudice")

  • Mr. Darcy, like Freddie, is very intelligent.
  • Elizabeth Bennet, like Sam, is part of a poor family.
  • Also, both Elizabeth and Sam have bad mothers.
  • Elizabeth, like Sam, isn't afraid to say what she's truly convinced of, no matter what other people think of it.
  • In the beginning of the book/movie, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth hated each other, and then they fell in love.
  • Mr. Darcy did a secret kindness to Elizabeth and her family by retrieving her sister from eloping; much like how Freddie gave the School-at-Sea trip to Missy in order to stop Sam from feeling miserable.
  • Mr. Darcy, (Freddie), proved that he cared for Elizabeth, (Sam), secretly.
  • Elizabeth, like Sam, didn't realize she was in love with Mr. Darcy until later in the book, and was unsure on how to act around him.

CeCe and Deuce (from "Shake It Up!")

  • CeCe often teases Deuce, and hits him.
  • They have known each other for a long time.
  • CeCe acts quite crazy sometimes.
  • CeCe isn't very smart, and often ends up in detention.
  • CeCe's mom is the only one who takes care of her; her dad isn't around.
  • Deuce and CeCe do care for one another, even if they don't show it.

Archie and Atlanta (from "Class of the Titans")

  • Atlanta, (Sam), calls Archie, (Freddie), a "dork" very often.
  • They are always bickering and making bets, being Atlanta, (Sam), the one who is always winning the arguments and bets, like how Sam won a bet with Freddie in iStakeout and iFence.
  • Atlanta is a tomboy, mirroring Sam's way of dressing.
  • At first, they didn't get along to the point where it seemed like they hated each other, but as the series continued they became friends, similar to how Sam and Freddie's friendship grew.

Gunther and Rocky (from "Shake It Up!")

  • Rocky, like Freddie, is very studious and smart
  • Gunther is blonde (Sam) and Rocky (Freddie) is a brunette
  • They both tease each other playfully, but they consider themselves frenemies, much like Sam and Freddie
  • Gunther (Sam) is very outgoing and fun, and often likes to tease Rocky (Freddie).
  • Gunther (Freddie) has a crush on CeCe (Carly) who is Rocky's (Sam's) best friend.

Vada and Thomas (from "My Girl")

  • Vada has a strong personality, like Sam.
  • Thomas is smart and is allergic to bees, like Freddie.
  • They are the best friends, they spend time together and support each other, like Freddie and Sam.
  • Vada likes to annoy Thomas, just like Sam likes to annoy Freddie.
  • They bug each other and have a love-hate relationship.
  • Thomas´ mother is overprotective with Thomas like Freddie´s mom is with Freddie, Vada teases Thomas about this, (like Sam teases Freddie about Freddie´s mom).
  • Vada asked Thomas if he ever kissed someone, and he said no, (neither had Vada). Vada told him that "We should just do it to see what the big deal is" and they kiss, (after the kiss, they don´t know that say, similar to what happened in iKiss, after Sam and Freddie kissed), and they swore to not tell anyone about it, like Sam and Freddie.
  • They acted as if nothing happened, just like what Sam and Freddie did.

Skipper and Marlene (from "Penguins of Madagascar")

  • Marlene is smart and kind, like Freddie.
  • Skipper is rough and a little idiotic, like Sam.
  • Skipper falls for and dates a falcon named Kitka, (Carly), in the episode "The Falcon and the Snow Job", but it doesn't work out between the two in the end, and Skipper states that they should see other people, similar to what happened in iSaved Your Life.

Kuki "Numbuh 3" and Wally "Numbuh 4" (from "Codename: Kids Next Door")

  • Kuki, (Freddie), is a kind, happy and nice person.
  • Wally, (Sam), is brash, short tempered, rebellious, able to fight people, and Kuki's opposite.
  • Wally, (Sam), has blonde hair and Kuki, (Freddie), has dark hair.
  • It is the most shipped pairing in KND.
  • Wally secretly loves Kuki, and likewise the latter, similar to the feelings fans speculate exist between Seddie.
  • Wally draws pictures of Kuki a lot, and they are occasionally shown throughout the series.
  • Wally gets jealous when Kuki has a love interest.
  • Unlike Sam, Numbuh 3 is extremely kind, but can annoy Numbuh 4, (Freddie), and tease him in embarrassing moments just like Sam.
  • They kissed and never told anyone about it. (Although Numbuh 2, (Carly), eventually found out.)
  • Kuki likes to annoy Wally.

Toph and Sokka [Tokka] (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender")

  • Sokka, (Freddie), is usually collected, while Toph, (Sam), is tough.
  • Toph, (Sam), constantly teases Sokka, (Freddie).
  • Toph secretly likes Sokka, (like when she's missing him when he's gone or when she wanted to kiss him on the cheek for thanking him for saving her life), but would never admit it, similar to how Sam feels for Freddie.
  • Sokka, (Freddie), and Toph, (Sam), sometimes bicker and argue.
  • Toph, (Sam), constantly hurts others, including Sokka, (Freddie).
  • Both are close friends and have shared intimate moments together, like Sam and Freddie.

Bowser and Peach (from "Super Mario")

  • Bowser (Sam), is wild, and always harasses Peach, (Freddie).
  • Bowser is a hothead, sometimes dumb, and is not a clear thinker, like Sam.
  • Peach (Freddie), is nice and calm.

Woody and Nell (from "It's a Boy Girl Thing")

  • Nell, (Freddie), is serious, studious, and does very well in school.
  • Woody, (Sam), likes to goof off.
  • Woody, (Sam), likes to tease and make fun of Nell, (Freddie).

Noah and Allie (from "The Notebook")

  • Noah and Allie fight a lot, just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They come from different backgrounds, Allie, (Freddie), comes from an affluent family while Noah's, (Sam's), family is poor.
  • Allie, (Freddie), is well educated, while Noah, (Sam), is not.

Sheldon and Penny (from "The Big Bang Theory")

  • Sheldon (Freddie) is extremely intelligent, and Penny (Sam) tends to poke fun at him.
  • Sheldon once told a secret about Penny while under the influence of pills, like Sam did about Freddie in iThink They Kissed.
  • Sheldon loves games, like Freddie does, and Penny is a waitress, who loves food, like Sam.

Logan and Camille (from "Big Time Rush")

  • Logan is smart and nice, like Freddie.
  • Camille, (Sam), is very strong and sometimes slaps Logan, (Freddie).
  • Camille has a crush on Logan.
  • Camille surprised Logan by kissing him, leaving Logan in shock, similar to what happened in iOMG, (Sam surprised Freddie by kissing him, leaving them both in shock).
  • They fight, but still maintain a friendship.

SpongeBob and Sandy (from "SpongeBob SquarePants")

  • SpongeBob, (Freddie), is nice.
  • Sandy, (Sam), is very strong, and can fight people.
  • They both fight sometimes.
  • SpongeBob likes to impress Sandy with karate, (like Freddie trying to impress Sam by telling her that he is muscular and is good at pulling pranks, but Sam doesn't believe it, like Sandy).
  • They do karate a lot together, and they have fun, (much like Sam and Freddie in Meat Golf).
  • They're best friends, even though Sandy occasionally gets annoyed at SpongeBob.
  • They work together when they really need to, like what Sam and Freddie did in iMight Switch Schools.

Heather and Alejandro (from "Total Drama World Tour")

  • The two of them show signs of rivalry and dislike to each other.
  • They seemed to be attracted to each other, although neither of them wanted to admit it. Perhaps that's how Freddie and Sam secretly feel about each other.
  • They share a kiss at one point, like Sam and Freddie did in iKiss. Heather even pretended like it didn't mean anything.
  • Their current relationship remains unknown, whether they still love each other or not, is similar to Sam and Freddie's current relationship.

20090405205623!Courtney and Duncan.jpg

Duncan and Courtney (from the "Total Drama" series)

  • Courtney is smart, and likes things to be organized, like Freddie.
  • Duncan is a rebel, and has been to juvie several times, like Sam.
  • The two have a love/hate relationship, and both have been shown to deny any feeling for each other.

Logan and Veronica (from "Veronica Mars")

  • Logan and Veronica hate each other, but they actually have feelings for each other.
  • Logan is popular, sarcastic, and occasionally violent like Sam.
  • Veronica, like Freddie, used to be in love with Logan's best friend Duncan(Carly).
  • Even before they were friends, Logan came to Veronica for help finding his mother like Sam did with Freddie in iReunite with Missy.
  • Veronica and Logan don't really consider a relationship until Logan springs a surprise kiss on Veronica like Sam and Freddie in iOMG.

Josh and Mindy (from "Drake and Josh")

  • Josh and Mindy have a love/hate relationship.
  • ZJMkiss.png
    Josh and Mindy were once rivals and Mindy used to make fun of Josh similar to how Sam makes fun of Freddie before they got together.
  • They both "hate" each other.
  • Josh and Mindy shared a cute but awkward first kiss similar to Sam and Freddie.
  • Mindy is known to act psychotic sometimes like Sam.
  • Josh is really smart like Freddie.
  • They call each other names, much like Sam and Freddie did in Season 1.

Miley and Jake (from "Hannah Montana")

  • Miley used to hate Jake, before she realized that she liked him.
  • Miley and Jake bickered a lot in the beginning, similar to Seddie.
  • Jake can be kind of nerdy, at times, like Freddie.
  • They've kissed
  • They admitted they loved each other

Tony and Ziva (from "NCIS")

  • Tony is outgoing and a troublemaker like Sam.
  • Ziva is smart and mature like Freddie.
  • Tony and Ziva are constantly bickering and picking on each other.
  • They always claim they can't get along, but they make a great team, much like Sam and Freddie.
  • They are always there for each other and depend on one another like Sam and Freddie are.
  • Just like Seddie, Tony and Ziva's relationship has progressed a lot over the time of the show.

Jane and Kevin (from "27 Dresses")

  • Jane and Kevin constantly bicker just like Sam and Freddie.
  • Kevin is very cynical like Sam is.
  • Jane is a very kind person like Freddie is.
  • Jane, (Freddie), is in love with her boss, George, (Carly), but he does not return the same feelings.
  • Jane admits she loves Kevin for his flaws.
  • Kevin, (Sam), loves to bug Jane, (Freddie).
  • They've made out.

Arthur and Gwen (from "Merlin")

  • Arthur, (Sam), comes off as rude and arrogant, and Gwen, (Freddie) dislikes him.
  • Gwen is nice, smart, and vulnerable like Freddie.
  • Even though it seems like Gwen dislikes Arthur, she thinks he'll make a great king.
  • Later on in the series they become friends, eventually a couple, and they care a lot about each other.
  • Their relationship is "wrong", Arthur is crowned prince and Gwen is a maid, in a way Sam and Freddie's relationship is "wrong", at least to themselves.

Mara and Jerome [Jara] (from "House of Anubis")

  • Mara, like Freddie, is very smart and only had eyes for Mick, (Carly), at first.
  • Jerome, like Sam, is always making jokes and pranking people.
  • Mara, (Freddie), hates it when Jerome, (Sam), teases her.
  • Mara and Jerome end up dating in the end of Season 2

Holly and Messer (from "Life As We Know It")

  • Holly and Messer, like Sam and Freddie, are complete opposites.
  • They have hated each other from the moment they met, but were forced to bond because of their mutual friend, (Carly).
  • Holly and Messer eventually become close and fall in love.

Knuckles and Rouge (from "Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic X")

  • Knuckles is wise and gullible. (Freddie)
  • Rouge is obnoxious and a thief. (Sam)
  • Rouge (Sam) takes pleasure in beating Knuckles (Freddie) up.
  • Knuckles will help Rouge when she needs it. (iReunite with Missy)

Jen and Wes (from "Power Rangers Time Force")

  • Jen disliked Wes at first, but later started to like him.
  • Jen is smart, like Freddie.
  • Wes can sometimes be a jerk, but really is sweet.
  • Jen got jealous when Wes was with another girl.

Kate Beckett and Richard Castle (from "Castle")

  • They argue a lot like Sam and Freddie, but they obviously have feelings for each other.
  • Kate (Sam) is tough and strong.
  • Castle (Freddie) is sweet, a gentleman, and intelligent.
  • Just like Sam and Freddie, Kate and Richard are as different as night and day.
  • They shared a kiss then went on to pretend it never happened.
  • Beckett (Sam) hates looking weak and often hides her true feelings to save herself from being hurt.
  • Also, Richard (Sam) can be very annoying and Beckett (Freddie) is very smart.

Amber and Alfie (from "House of Anubis")

  • They hated each other at first.
  • Alfie, (Sam), pulled jokes on Amber, (Freddie).
  • They dated and then broke up like Freddie and Sam

Andrew and Margaret (from "The Proposal")

  • In the beginning, Andrew hates Margaret.
  • Margaret, (Sam), always insults him, (Freddie).
  • Andrew is sweet and smart just like Freddie.
  • They had a kiss just "to do it", similar to what happened with Sam and Freddie on "iKiss", where they kissed just so they can "get it over with".
  • Andrew told Margaret he loved her, like Freddie did to Sam.
  • Eventually, Andrew and Margaret began dating, like Seddie.

James and Lily (from "Harry Potter")

  • Lily hated James at first.
  • They had a love/hate relationship.
  • Their relationship was initially a rocky one.
  • James (Sam) enjoyed pulling pranks on people.
  • Lily (Freddie) was really smart and serious when it comes to schoolwork.
  • Jame's behavior changed with time, and he became less aggressive to people.
  • As the years proceeded, they started to develop romantic feelings for each other.
  • Lily loathed James ever since they first met.
  • They eventually got married and had a son (Harry Potter). Maybe this will happen to Seddie.

Calvin and Susie (from "Calvin and Hobbes")

  • Calvin, (Sam), is a blonde, and Susie, (Freddie), is a brunette.
  • Calvin, (Sam), pulls pranks on Susie, (Freddie).
  • Calvin, (Sam), often gets in trouble with teachers.
  • Susie, (Freddie) is smart and responsible.
  • They argue a lot and exchange insults, though Calvin considers it flirting, saying "It's shameless, the way we flirt."
  • Calvin, (Sam), has sent Susie, (Freddie), a hate card. Calvin sent Susie a hate valentine, and Sam gave Freddie a birthday card that said I hate you.
  • Calvin, (Sam), is lazy and hates doing homework.

Jake and Hayley (from "The Troop")

  • Jake and Hayley tend to bicker a lot, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Even though they fight a lot, they care about each other, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Hayley, (Sam), is blonde, and more physically inclined than Jake, (Freddie).
  • They become jealous when one has shown interest in another person.
  • Both couples have shared a kiss.
  • Hayley, like Freddie, is studious, while Jake, like Sam, is lazy when it comes to schoolwork.

Po and Tigress (from "Kung Fu Panda" series)

  • They seem to have somewhat of an annoyance towards each other in both movies.
  • They care about each other and would fight for each other, despite their differences (Kung Fu Panda 2).
  • They don't hurt each other too much purposely, just playfully.
  • Po is sort of a wimp, (Freddie), and Tigress is aggressive, very strong, and has a dislike towards Po, (Sam).
  • They both have the same best friends, (Mantis, Crane, Monkey, Master Shifu, and Vapor).

Blu and Jewel (from "Rio")

  • At first, Jewel, (Sam), hated Blu, (Freddie).
  • Blu (Freddie) is a geek at the start of the movie and Jewel (Sam) is violent.
  • Like Po/Tigress, they both have the same best friends (Pedro, Nico, Rafael, and other birds apart from Nigel).
  • They get closer as the movie progresses.
  • Jewel silences Blu by a kiss near the end of the film, like what Sam did in iOMG.

Rupert "Giles" and Jenny (from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

  • Jenny (Freddie) takes more of an interest to computers than Giles (Sam).
  • At first, Jenny and Giles didn't get along too well.
  • Jenny and Giles fell in love after a rocky start.

Katara and Zuko [Zutara] (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender")

  • For most of the series, especially early in the final season, Katara and Zuko hated each other, very similar to how Sam and Freddie started.


  • While Zuko is hot-headed and angry, somewhat like Sam, Katara always tries to remain calm and joyful, like Freddie, making them very different.
  • Zuko and Katara are usually bickering, though usually make sure that their remarks are not too personal.
  • In the episode, "The Southern Raiders", Zuko does everything he can to help Katara. This action is returned in the finale, when Katara helps Zuko to beat Azula when Zuko is horribly injured.
  • They share most of, if not all, their friends (Aang, Sokka, Toph, Iroh, Appa, Momo, Suki, etc.).
  • There is an enormous ship war between Zutara (Zuko/Katara) and Kataang (Katara/Aang), very similar to the way there is a big ship war between Seddie and Creddie.

Summer and Seth (from "O.C. California")

  • Summer (Sam) is a really tough and confident girl while Seth (Freddie) is more of a nerd.
  • Summer always calls Seth by his last name "Cohen" as Sam does with Freddie, ("Benson").
  • Summer and Seth love to tease and mess around with each other, and they often get into pointless arguments.
  • They're an opposites attract relationship both because of their characters and their hobbies and interests.

Quinn and Puck (from "Glee")

  • Quinn, (Sam), at first doesn't like Puck, (Freddie), and constantly insults him.

    Puck and Quinn

  • Quinn, (Sam), tells Puck, (Freddie), that she was sorry for calling him a Lima Loser and that he was special and romantic. Sam tells Freddie sorry for "everything" that she had done to him in the past in iKiss.
  • Quinn, (Freddie), was at first dating Puck's, (Sam's), best friend, Finn, (Carly), and then dated Puck.
  • Puck, (Sam), is a slacker in school and a bad boy/girl with an opinion which he isn't afraid to voice out, while Quinn, (Freddie), is smart and is a good girl/boy, with a recurring mean streak in her (Freddie can be mean sometimes, too, but on rare occasion).

Miss Fielders and Spencer (from iCarly "iMust Have Locker 239")

  • Spencer (Sam) at first doesn't like Miss Fielders (Freddie) and thinks her art class is boring and too simple.
  • Spencer (Sam) was mocking Miss Fielders (Freddie) for her teaching in art. Sam constantly teases Freddie
    ZK 0001.jpg
    for his knowledge in technology.
  • Miss Fielders (Freddie) seemed annoyed when she caught Spencer (Sam) mocking her teaching, just like how Freddie would easily get very irritated when Sam insulted him in Season 1 and a little bit in Season 2.
  • Miss Fielders (Freddie) insulted Spencer (Sam) back. Freddie is also known to plot revenge at Sam for doing something devious to him (ex. Handcuffing her to Gibby).
  • Miss Fielders (Freddie) picked up blue paint, and painted Spencer's (Sam's) face. Spencer (Sam) picked up red paint and painted Miss Fielder's face. Red and blue combine to make purple, the Seddie color.
  • After Miss Fielder's (Freddie) and Spencer's (Sam) apology, the two end up kissing. This plot is similar to the iKiss kiss scene by Sam and Freddie apologizing to each other, and the two also end up kissing.

Shang and Mulan (from "Mulan")

  • Mulan (Sam) is a headstrong, outspoken tomboy, while Shang (Freddie) is a stickler for the rules.
  • Shang and Mulan get into arguments.
  • Mulan (Sam) teases Shang.
  • Mulan is also quite strong, like Sam.
  • Shang is more serious, while Mulan can be thought of a mischievous.

Tiana and Naveen (from "The Princess and the Frog")

  • Tiana and Naveen argued constantly.
  • ZPF~NT.jpg
    Tiana is intelligent, rule abiding, and hardworking, like Freddie.
  • Conversely, she is also quite physically strong, like Sam.
  • Naveen is obnoxious, snarky and lazy, like Sam.
  • Naveen teases Tiana, much like Sam teases Freddie.
  • The two kiss at the end, like Sam and Freddie in iOMG.

Jane and Gunther (from "Jane and the Dragon")

  • Both try to prove to each other that they are the best at fighting.
  • Gunther is always teasing, insulting Jane.
  • Both claim to hate each other, but help each other out in trouble.
  • They hold hands for a few seconds, or stare at each other.
  • Jane always tries to prove Gunther wrong. She also cares what she thinks and even skipped a ball because she was afraid at what Gunther would think when she wore a dress.

Juliet and Shawn (from "Psych")

  • Juliet is very tough (like Sam).
  • They tease each other a lot.

    Does this look like a certain Sam and Freddie kiss?

  • Shawn is kind of smart (like Freddie; although smarter).
  • Juliet interrupted Shawn with a kiss (like Sam in iOMG).
  • Some people don't approve of Shawn and Juliet as a couple.
  • Shawn (Sam) has come up with nicknames for Juliet (Freddie).
  • Shawn (Freddie) was in a relationship, before he got together with Juliet (Sam), like the episode iSaved Your Life.
  • Juliet (Sam) was upset when she found out that Shawn (Freddie) went on a date, similar to how Sam walked in on the Creddie dance scene.
  • Shawn is actually planning on marrying Juliet.
  • They both kept their relationship a secret, but then Lassitar found out, similar to how Seddie kept their relationship a secret from Mrs. Benson.
  • Lassiter (Carly) was visibly shocked when he saw Jules and Shawn kiss, like in the episode iOMG, when Carly saw the Seddie kiss.

Kick and Kendall (from "Kick Buttowski")

  • Kendall (Freddie) is smart.
  • Kick (Sam) is always teasing Kendall (Freddie).
  • Kendall is blonde like Sam.
  • They share a first kiss but pretend it never happened.

Jason and Eileen (from "Foxtrot: a comic strip")

  • Jason (Sam) is blonde and Eileen (Freddie) is a brunette.
  • Jason (Sam) pokes fun at Eileen (Freddie).
  • Eileen is very smart (like Freddie).
  • Jason (Sam) admitted to liking Eileen (Freddie).
  • Jason (Sam) is also smart.

Trish & Dez (from "Austin & Ally")

  • They annoy each other.
  • Trish (Sam) is tough and often mean to Dez (Freddie).
  • Dez (Freddie) is geeky and is very polite.
  • They might have feelings for each other.
  • In Everglades & Allygators, Trish pushes Dez's head peaking out of the window for the alligator to eat, which is similar to Sam pushes Freddie's face against the glass for Nora to kiss in iPsycho.

Mufasa/Shenzi (from "The Lion King")

  • Shenzi is dimwitted like Sam, while Mufasa is smarter, like Freddie is.
  • But unlike Sam, Shenzi is a weakling, but like Sam, she always craves meat.
  • Shenzi (Sam) likes to make fun of Mufasa (Freddie).
  • Shenzi (Sam) is otherwise rude and assertive towards others.

Danny/Steve (from "Hawaii Five-O")

  • Steve went to jail in one episode like Sam who went to Juvie in one episode.
  • Steve (Sam) is rebellious and doesn't follow the rules.
  • Steve had blown up a door like Sam who ripped off the chain on the door.
  • Danny (Freddie) likes to follow the rules.
  • Steve (Sam) is rubbing off on Danny (Freddie).
  • They both fight like a married couple even people pointed it out throughout the show.
  • Even though they both fight, they're willing to help out each other like when Steve broke his arm, Danny had to call for help, and Steve had let Danny stay at his house, when Danny was searching for a new house.
  • They both are partners on the police force kind of like how Sam and Freddie are co-hosts on iCarly.
  • Steve and Danny hated each other at first in the pilot then later on they started to become friends like Sam and Freddie.
  • They both like to poke fun at each other in a teasing way, when Danny said that Steve has control issues and Steve likes to poke fun at Danny's ties.
  • Steve likes to call Danny, 'Danno' as a nickname that he got from Danny's daughter Grace.
  • Danny says, 'Over the past few years our 'marriage' has become predictable.' They aren't even married, and was referring to the times people asked if they're married.

Austin & Ally  (Auslly) (from "Austin & Ally")

  • They're the main paring on the show
  • Austin likes to be in front of crowds similar to how Sam is always in front of the cameras.
  • They both fight but seem to get along fine.
  • They're both partners in writing music together, similar to how Freddie and Sam are co-workers in their web-show.
  • Austin (Sam) has blond hair, and Ally (Freddie) has brown hair.
  • Austin and Ally are total opposites, Austin is the singer (Sam), and Ally is the songwriter with stage fright (Freddie).
  • Ally (Freddie had stage fright, but got over it and so did Freddie as he has appeared in front of the camera.
  • Auslly like each other (Seddie liked each other).
  • They've admitted their love for each other.
  • They've kissed more than once
  • Austin and Ally shared their first kiss in "Chapters & Choices", and Sam and Freddie shared their first kiss on iKiss
  • Ally (Sam) was the first to realize her feelings for Austin (Freddie)
  • It took Austin (Freddie) a little longer to realize his feelings for Ally (Sam)
  • They've had an argument, but made up. They've made up by making out
  • They've made out
  • Austin and Ally, from Season 3 including Season 4, have been together for a long while. (Sam and Freddie dated for about four episodes in Season 4.)

Centipede and Spider (from "James and the Giant Peach [Movie]")

  • Centipede (Sam) loves picking on Spider (Freddie) and calling her names.
  • Sometimes, Spider hits and makes fun of Centipede.
  • It is not proven, but it is observed that Centipede (Sam) may love Spider (Freddie).
  • Spider gives Centipede a kiss.
  • They have the same best friends.

Alvin and Brittany (from "Alvin & The Chipmunks")

  • They both argue.
  • They seem to be rivals but like each other.
  • Both are rather similar despite the fact they're suppose to be opposites.

Bones and Booth (from "Bones")

  • They always argue like Sam and Freddie.
  • Their friendship grew as series went on.
  • When the series started, they hated each other and were forced to become friends.
  • Booth (Sam) is tough and makes fun of Bones (Freddie).

Hanna and Caleb (from "Pretty Little Liars")

  • Hanna (Sam) hated Caleb (Freddie) to start with.
  • Their friendship grew over the series into something more.
  • Caleb is very techy like Freddie.
  • Hanna used to like food like Sam.
  • They didn't tell Hanna's mom about their relationship similar to how Freddie didn't tell his mom about their relationship.
  • Caleb helped Hanna with Emily's phone so she can talk to Maya, like how Freddie made a website for Sam.

Monica and Chandler (from "Friends")

  • Monica is obsessed with food like Sam.
  • Chandler is good with technology like Freddie.
  • They kept the fact that they slept together in London a secret like Sam and Freddie did with their first kiss.
  • They argued a lot in the relationship.
  • Monica (Sam) is strong and Chandler (Freddie) is awkward.
  • Both Monica and Chandler, like Sam and Freddie, have weird parents.

Lassiter & Jules (from "Psych")

  • Lassiter and Jules are partners on the police force like how Sam and Freddie are co-stars on iCarly.
  • They both fight, but they're still friends.
  • Jules and Lassiter rather have each other has partners instead of different people.
  • Lassiter threatened Shawn that if he hurts Jules he'll discharge his gun...repeatedly.
  • Lassiter and Jules has competitions like Sam and Freddie.
  • Like Freddie, Jules is smart.
  • Like Sam, Lassiter is straight to the point.
  • Lassiter saw Jules and Shawn kissing through a window, similar to how Carly saw Sam kiss Freddie through the school's window.
  • Lassiter was visibly shocked, like Carly at the kiss.
  • Lassiter was demanding answers from Shawn and Jules, even putting Jules and Shawn on a lie-detector test, showing he knows of Shawn and Jule's relationship, like Carly knows about Sam and Freddie's kiss.
  • Lassiter was upset when Jule's had a new partner after he was framed for murder.

Peddie kiss.jpg

Eddie and Patricia [Peddie] (from "House of Anubis")

  • They both "hated" each other just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They turn into "frenemies" just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They argue a lot just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They both tease each other and called each other names.
  • The only reason Patricia (Sam) insults Eddie (Freddie) because she afraid to show her true feelings.
  • Patricia and Eddie both share a smile when nobody is looking just like Sam and Feddie.
  • Patricia (Sam) kissed Eddie (Freddie) to show him her true feelings about him.
  • Eddie is obsessed with food just like Sam.

Timon/Shenzi (Timzi; from "The Lion King")

  • Timon and Shenzi hate each other.
  • Timon (Sam) is usually selfish and only cares about himself, but he's otherwise loyal to his friends (like
    Shenzi and Timon-1.png
  • Shenzi is gluttonous like Sam.
  • Some people take the proposal scene in the prequel as a sign that Timon likes Shenzi.

Cordelia and Xander (from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

  • Both hated each other to begin with
  • Cordelia (Sam) picks on Xander (Freddie)
  • Both couples had a secret kiss/kisses

Zoe and Wade ( from "Hart of Dixie")

  • Zoe (Freddie) is smart.
  • Wade (Sam) is rebellious.
  • Wade and Zoe always argue a lot just like Sam and Freddie.
  • They both help each other when their in trouble.
  • Zoe (Freddie) has a crush on George (Carly).
  • They both shared secret kisses.
  • Wade (Sam) gets jealous when a someone show interset in Zoe (Freddie).

Beast Boy and Raven (from "Teen Titans")

  • Both dislike each other in the beginning, but becomes good friends later, much like Freddie and Sam.
  • Raven is a rebel, like Sam.
  • Both later become a couple in the comics.
  • Raven (Sam) was jealous of Beast Boy (Freddie)'s girlfriend Terra (Carly) though remained friends with her.

Junie B. Jones and Jim (from "Junie B. Jones")

  • Junie B. (Sam) and Jim (Freddie) claim to hate each other.
  • Jim doesn't invite Junie to his birthday, making Junie feels left out. Similar to how Carly and Freddie danced together and Sam was hurt, maybe feeling left out.
  • Junie (Sam) calls Jim (Freddie) Meanie Jim, similar to how Sam always calls Freddie names.
  • In Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine it turned out that Jim (Freddie) gave Junie (Sam) the valentine.
  • Jim (Freddie) had secret feelings for Sam, but he picked on her so his friends doesn't tease him that he liked girls.
  • At the end, Junie (Sam) may actually have feelings for Jim (Freddie).
  • In Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl, Junie (Sam) accidentally ruins her graduation cap and gown with grape juice and Jim (Freddie) gets the rest of their class to color on their caps and gowns so Junie (Sam) doesn't feel left out.
  • Jim (Freddie) tells Junie (Sam) that she makes the class sparky.

John and Claire (from "The Breakfast Club")

  • John (Sam) is a bit of a bully and is mean to Claire (Freddie)
  • Claire (Freddie) argues back.
  • John (Sam) shows his inner self when the techer threatens him, showing he's not really a big bullly.
  • After all the yelling, Claire begins to show affection for John.
  • And the movie ends with the two of them kissng.

Scar and Shenzi (from "The Lion King")

  • Scar and Shenzi hate each other
  • But they work together when required
  • Scar (Freddie) is the smarter one, while Shenzi (Sam) is the less smart, more gluttonous one.
  • Scar (Sam) abuses Shenzi (Freddie) verbally and physically.

Nova and Jamie (from "Prom" [Movie])

  • Jamie is a rebel and Nova a 'nerd'
  • They argue a lot
  • Nova (Freddie) likes another person
  • They have a love hate relationship

Eric and Victoria (from "What's Up Warthogs!")

  • Eric (Freddie) is a brunette while Victoria (Sam) is a blonde.
  • They share a love-hate relationship.
  • Victoria (Freddie) is a very well kept and organized person, while Eric (Sam) is a more laid back/joker type person.
  • They are both friends with Charlie & Laney (Carly).
  • Even though they often bicker and fight, they still genuinely care about each other.
  • They do the morning anouccemnts, much like Sam & Freddie do iCarly.
  • They often tease each other, but never cross each other's line.

Landon Carter and Jaimie Sullivan (from "A Walk to Remember")

  • Landon (Sam) is the tough 'slacker' who always manages to get into trouble and cause it while Jaimie (Freddie) is more well mannered and careful and has the "goody-two-shoes" image
  • Landon (Sam) at first is not fond of the sight of Jaimie (Freddie) and thinks of her as a goody-goody and Vice versa
  • They can be considered an "opposites attract" couple like Seddie
  • They spent a lot of time together working on stuff for the play they were in kind of like Sam and Freddie do for iCarly
  • Landon (Sam) eventually starts to fall for Jaimie (Freddie) and Jaimie (Freddie) is speechless about it at first
  • Landon (Sam) makes the first move
  • Landon's friends were shocked at the fact that he found appeal in Jaimie (Freddie) kind of like Carly was when she found out Sam and Freddie kissed
  • Jaimie's father wasn't to fond of Landon kind of like Mrs. Benson was with Sam
  • Landon had strained relationship with his father similar to Sam with her mom
  • Landon proposes to Jaimie and the two get married This might happen to Seddie

Puckerman and Lauren (from "Glee")

  • Lauren (Sam) is a tough girl while Puck (Freddie) is a nub who likes "Star Wars" (Galaxy Wars).
  • Lauren (Freddie) Likes technology and she is on the AV club.
  • Puck (Sam) is a baddass who is always in trouble.
  • They argue.
  • In the episode "Sexy" (iOMG) Lauren (Sam) first threatens Puck (Freddie)about punching his face, but then she kisses him unexcpectedly.

Kid Flash (Wally West) and Artemis (Artemis Crock) [Spitfire](from "Young Justice")

  • Wally (Freddie) has a naturally high IQ and is a science prodigy.
  • Artemis (Sam) comes from a family of assassins and villains. (Though she does choose the good side instead.)
  • Wally (Sam) is a big eater and is frequently shown eating food, or mentioning it.
  • Wally and Artemis got off on the wrong foot and frequently bickered and called each other names throughout the first season. 
  • Wally and Artemis both know French (like Freddie).
  • Artemis (Freddie) is an expert archer.
  • Artemis (Sam) is a blonde.
  • Wally and Freddie were both born in 1994.

Emma and Spinner (from "Degrassi the Next Generation")

  • On the earlier seasons, Spinner used to bully Emma.
  • Gradually, they both care for each other more and more and eventually get married (this could happen to Sam and Freddie).

Adrian and Ben (from "Secret life of the American Teenager")

  • Ben is sweet and kind-hearted and sometimes childish whereas Adrian is mean-spirited and rebellious.
  • They're complete opposite.
  • Adrian likes to tease Ben.
  • Adrian, like Sam, lives alone with her mother (at the beggining of the show).
  • They fall in love and eventually get married (this could happen to Sam and Freddie).

Maya and Farkle (from "Girl meets world")

  • They have a friend in common.
  • They're complete opposite.
  • Farkle is openly in love with Maya.
  • Maya likes to tease Farkle and sometimes insults him.

Jax and Emma (from""Every Witch Way")

  • Emma didn't really care about Jax until About a Wizard.
  • Before About a Wizard Jax and Emma played magic tricks on each other, similar to Freddie and Sam fighting.
  • Emma is like Freddie and Jax is like Sam.

Juno and Paulie (from "Juno")

  • Juno, like Sam, is a tough and outspoken girl
  • Juno likes to pick on Paulie and even insults him in one scene, hiding her real feelings for him
  • Paulie, like Freddie, seemingly lives alone with her mother (his father is never mentioned)
  • Paulie is in love with Juno but she doesn't return her feelings right away
  • Juno is jealous of Katrina, Paulie's potential girlfriend, and Paulie is jealous of Mark, the supposed-to-be foster father of Juno's baby
  • They share their first kiss and eventually date

Pat and Tiffany (from "Silver Linings Playbook")

  • They constantly fight and insult each other.
  • Tiffany, like Sam, is a tough and rebellious girl.
  • Pat's father doesn't like Tiffany, the same way Mrs. Benson dislikes Sam.
  • Tiffany is jealous when Pat talks about his ex-wife.
  • In the end, Pat realizes his feeling for Tiffany and they start dating.

Troy and Bella (from "Bella and the Bulldogs")

  • They are frenemies and frequently pick on each other
  • At first, Troy does everything he can to put Bella off the football team but he finally accepts her.
  • It might be possible that they have feelings for each other.

Jasmine and Logan (Jogan, from "I Didn't Do It")

Jogan fist kiss!!.jpg

  • They're best friends.
  • They're part of a gang
  • Jasmine (Freddie) has brown hair, Logan (Sam) has blonde hair.
  • Jasmine and Logan had one small argument, Sam and Freddie used to argue a lot.
  • Jogan is the main couple on the show, like Seddie was.
  • Jasmine and Logan have had a smoothie date when they were fake dating like how Sam and Freddie had smoothie dates.
  • They've hugged.
  • Jasmine and Logan have almost kissed three times. (Sam and Freddie have kissed many times.)
  • Jasmine and Logan really like each other, Sam and Freddie really liked each other.
  • Jasmine (Sam) was the first to realize her feelings for Logan (Freddie)
  • It took Logan (Freddie) a little while to realize his feelings for Jasmine (Sam).
  • Jasmine and Logan have both admitted their feelings for each other, Sam and Freddie admitted they loved each other
  • Jasmine and Logan share their first kiss in " The Rescuers". (Sam and Freddie shared their first kiss in iKiss.)
  • The kiss is unblocked
  • The kiss proves their love for each other
  • They've flirted with each other.
  • Jasmine and Logan date in Season 2; Sam and Freddie dated in Season 4.
  • Logan instantly fell in love with Jasmine in "Falling for... Who?, like how Sam revealed she was in love with Freddie in iLost My Mind.
  • Jasmine revealed in "Logan Finds Out!", that she had liked Logan for year, meaning she is in love with him, and Freddie revealed he loved Sam in ILost My Mind.
  • Jasmine and Logan are in love with each other, like Seddie were in love with each other.
  • Jasmine (Sam) sort of tried to convince Logan (Freddie) to break up with his now ex-girlfriend, Erin (Carly), in Logan Finds Out!, so that she could be with Logan (Freddie).
  • Jasmine (Sam) has liked Logan (Freddie) longer than he has liked her.
  • Jasmine and Logan start dating in "The Rescuers". (Sam and Freddie started dating in iLost My Mind.)
  • Logan (Freddie) tells Jasmine (Sam) he loves her in "The Rescuers" (iLove You")
  • Jasmine and Logan are dating. (Sam and Freddie dated.)
  • They admit they love each other, in "The Rescuers". (ILove You.)
  • Jasmine and Logan get married in the future. (It has been shown that Sam and Freddie could get back together in the future.)

Dipper and Pacifica (Gravity Falls)


  • They constantly argue with each other.
  • They've hugged.
  • They're both willing to protect the other, like Sam and Freddie.
  • Dipper (Freddie) is a brunette while Pacifica (Sam) is a blonde.
  • Dipper (Freddie) is a nerd.
  • Dipper (Sam) is brave and tough.

Big Boss and Revolver Ocelot [Bosselot] (Metal Gear Solid series)


  • Ocelot and Big Boss (then Naked Snake) fight throughout MGS3 but by the end of the game they develop respect for one another
  • Big Boss is tough and always gets into trouble (like Sam) and Ocelot is very smart (like Freddie)
  • Bosselot is an opposites attract ship (like Seddie) in that both have have had seemingly opposing loyalties at different points in time
  • As revealed in MGSV, Ocelot was loyal to Big Boss ever since their initial encounter in 1964 when he "fell in love with the legend"
  • Ocelot shared a kiss with Big Boss's clone, Solid Snake, in MGS4

Tracer and Widowmaker [Overwatch]

  • Tracer is a nerd.
  • They are seen as rivals throughout the lore.
  • Widowmaker has a rebellious attitude, much lik

    Tracer (left) and Widowmaker (right)

    e Sam.
  • Tracer is often associated with technology, like Freddie.
  • Like in Seddie, they have nicknames for each other (Widowmaker calls her Cherie).
  • They constantly argue.

McCree and Reaper [Overwatch]

  • The two are portrayed as rivals throughout the lore.
  • The two are shown to be loyal to two different sides.
  • They start off hating each other, much like Seddie, but then they fall for each other.

Josh and Cher (Clueless)

Tumblr mbv6wtRzbg1ri4fieo1 500.gif

  • Josh and Cher tend to bicker a lot, much like Sam and Freddie.
  • When Cher gets stranded, she goes to Josh for help, like Sam does when she asks Freddie to help her with Missy.
  • They share a kiss and end up together, much like what happens to Sam and Freddie in the Seddie arc.
  • When Cher first thought Tai and Josh had feelings for each other, she felt uneasy, just like Sam does when she sees Freddie and Carly together in iSpeed Date.
  • Josh and Cher were once stepbrother and stepsister, so they "share" a father (Mel), much like Sam and Freddie share Carly as a best friend.

Han and Leia (Star Wars: Original Trilogy)

Han and Leia bickering…again.

  • The first time they are seen onscreen together, they start bickering. Sam and Freddie do the same thing in iPilot.
  • Leia is shown to be intelligent and upright, just like Freddie. Han is shown to have a tough survivor attitude, much like Sam.
  • They have called each other nicknames before: Han called Leia Your Worshipfulness while Leia called him scoundrel.
  • They have shared a kiss, like Sam and Freddie did in iOMG.
  • They have a mutual best friend: Luke Skywalker. In Sam and Freddie's case, they have Carly Shay.
  • Leia has first shown romantic interest in Luke, much like Freddie preferred Carly at first.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

  • Nick gives Judy the nickname "Carrots" along with a few other nicknames. He even called her by her last name: Hopps. Sam does the same thing with Freddie calling him things like Fredalupe, Freduchinni, and calls him by his last name Benson.
  • Nick (Sam) and Judy (Freddie) are opposites: Judy prefers to play by the rules and is also intelligent while Nick is clever in his own way and has been known to break the law at times.
  • One of the main things about Nick and Judy's relationship is that they bicker, banter, and tease.
  • Nick helps Judy all throughout the case and Judy considers him a friend the way Sam helps Freddie at times and throughout it all, Freddie considers her his friend.
  • Nick has teased Judy that she loves him, like Freddie does in iWas a Pageant Girl when he says "Oh Sam, if you're in love with me, just say so."
  • Like Sam and Freddie working together on iCarly, Judy and Nick become partners on the police force.

Chuckie and Angelica (Rugrats/All Grown Up!)

  • Angelica bullies Chuckie on almost a daily basis.
  • Angelica is blonde like Sam is.
  • Chuckie is very smart like Freddie, and is considered a "nerd."
  • Angelica occasionally helps Chuckie with any problem he has, like Sam and Freddie.
  • It's thought by many fans that Angelica harbors a secret crush on Chuckie, hence why she's so tough on him.
  • Angelica occasionally calls him by his surname "Finster", like how Sam calls Freddie "Benson", his surname, on occasions.

Sonic and Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog)

  • Sonic (Sam) is carefree and extroverted while Knuckles (Freddie) is not.
  • Sonic calls Knuckles nicknames (mostly "Knucklehead") to tease him.
  • The two have fought many times, but always help each other in the end.
  • They have a mutual friend in Tails (Carly).

Lance and Keith (Voltron; The Legendary Defender)

  • Lance (Sam) is free-spirited and Keith is smart and serious (Freddie)
  • Lance and Keith fight often, but show support for each other at the end of the day.
  • They have a mutual friend (Shiro).
  • They tease each other.
  • They're associated with red (Keith) and blue (Lance)

Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers (Marvel Comics)

  • Wade was originally sent to assassinate Nate
  • Wade is dumb and impulsive in comparison to Nate who is not
  • They are both friends with Domino
  • Tease each other in a flirty way
  • Saved each others lives a bunch

Rafael Barba and Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr. (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

  • Sonny (Sam) is a blonde, while Barba (Freddie) has darker hair.
  • They both have a mutual friend, Lieutenant Olivia Benson, who Rafael is also commonly paired with.
  • Sonny is a cop, while Sam has a criminal record
  • They're frequently shown to be bickering, with Rafael being constantly dismissive of Sonny's legal input.
  • The rest of the Special Victims Unit is often annoyed with Carisi, similar to Sam's tendency to get into trouble.
  • Barba is a by-the-book A.D.A. who went to Harvard, similar to Freddie being seen as a "nerd".
  • Carisi helps Barba out when he gets death threats, while Barba prosecutes Carisi's brother-in-law's assaulter. They are both shown to help each other in times of need.

Harry Potter and Cho Chang (Harry Potter)

  • After the events of the Order of the Phoenix where Cho assists in the betrayal of Dumbledore's Army, Harry heavily dislikes her and bickers with her. However they are mentioned to be on good terms in the epilogue, insinuating that this was not a real hatred.
  • Cho and Harry had their first kiss with each other. 
  • Harry (Sam) is always getting into trouble as the protagonist dealing with plot antics, whilst Cho (Freddie) is a Ravenclaw, known for their intellect (nerdy) and a very good girl.
  • Despite how hard Cho was crying over Cedric's death, she still did her best to comfort Harry for the traumatic experience of witnessing it in Goblet of Fire
  • Harry (Sam) is ambitious and brave and reckless, whilst Cho (Freddie) is quiet and well mannered and polite, creating an opposites attract.
  • They were both very close to Cedric (Carly), as a mutual best friend during Goblet of Fire.

Gary Smith and Jimmy Hopkins (Bully: Scholarship Edition)


  • Gary calls Jimmy many different nicknames, like Jimmy-boy, James, Jim, moron, idiot, psycho, maniac, etc.
  • They constantly argue, insult, and sometimes physically fight each other, even when they're close friends.
  • They share the same best friend (Pete Kowalski).
  • They both have difficulties making other friends, so they always end up sticking together, which is why Gary's betrayal at the end of chapter 1 is so off-putting when you think about it, because his motivation to distance himself from Jimmy was not because he hated him from the start like many believe, but because of the paranoia that Jimmy would betray him first since he was a genuine friend to Gary, something he (and also Jimmy) are not used to, or perhaps something they both have never had before. 
  • Gary tries to kiss Jimmy on multiple occasions, even in promotional art.
  • Jimmy is very aggressive, gets in trouble, and is relatively stupid, while Gary is the head boy of their school and is very smart, as well as a complete know-it-all.
  • Their feelings for each other will fluctuate from hate to love because that's just how it is.
  • Gary has brown hair like Freddie and Jimmy has light hair like Sam.
  • They fight each other to the death on top of the roof of their school.

Mark and Henry (The Good Son)

  • They are close friends, as seen by when they throw rocks at a window together.
  • Henry can be mean to Mark, like Sam is to Freddie, like when he muses about dropping Mark from a treehouse. ("If I let you go, do you think you could fly?")
  • Henry likes to murder dogs and cause highway pileups whilst Mark likes to play soccer (nerd, not trouble)
  • They both dangled from the same cliff together, sharing a moment of peril.
  • Mark wishes Henry didn't die but he did so he's sad.


Rhys and Handsome Jack (Borderlands)


  • When Jack (Sam) shows up he is introduced as Rhys' (Freddie) "New best frenemy".
  • Jack tries to kill Rhys when he first meets him but eventually grows to like him when his murder attempts don't go through.
  • Rhys hates Jack for being a psychopath yet he has posters of him in his office showing that he actually likes him.
  • Jack calls Rhys all kinds of cutesy pet names like "cupcake", "pumpkin", "kitten", "princess", "Rhysie" and "my special little boy".
  • They share a headspace by being in the same body for a while (closer than any kiss).
  • Jack is a jock who murders his way up the corporate ladder and becomes CEO to commit genocide against bandits. He gets in a lot of trouble for this by people who don't want to get killed.
  • Rhys is a total nerd who can program and hack technology and does everything he can to climb the corporate ladder the proper way. He's a middle manager who licks boots and is really smart for it.
  • Jack helps Rhys when he's in trouble by hacking the Atlas drones for him and shooting their way to safety.
  • Rhys helps Jack in return by helping him get back to Helios and reclaim his corporate throne.
  • To show how close they have gotten Jack offers Rhys the chance to be CEO of Hyperion.

Edd and Eddy (Ed, Edd, n Eddy)

  • They both get into arguments frequently, but still consider each other friends.
    Fellas is it gay.png
  • Eddy (Sam) is always getting himself into trouble, and Edd (Freddie) is extremely nerdy.
  • Eddy often calls Edd nicknames, like "Sockhead".
  • They kiss in the episode "Your Ed Here" (Although it was due to blackmail).
  • They both share a best friend, Ed (Carly).

Sid and Diego (Ice Age)

A clear demonstration of their love

  • Sid and Diego claim to hate each other.
  • They shared a kiss.
  • They share a best friend, Manny (Carly)
  • Sid is always getting into trouble, much like Sam.
  • Diego cannot swim, which shows that he is not very physically inclined, like Freddie.
  • Though they claim to hate each other, Sid helped Diego to try and swim to safety, showing that they care about each other.
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