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"This ain't no tomato juice!"
— Lewbert

Lewbert Sline is the unpleasant doorman of Bushwell Plaza, Carly and Freddie's apartment building. He appeared several times during the original series and appears once in the revival series, in iObject, Lewbert!


Lewbert is a rude and cranky man who works as a doorman at Bushwell Plaza.

He previously worked as a model, as revealed in iFind Lewbert's Lost Love. In that time, Lewbert and Marta were dating, but after seeing her true self, Lewbert tried to break up with her, but she wouldn't let him go. In his desperation, Lewbert took her on a cruise, then jumped overboard and swam to shore. To ensure that Marta would never find him, he moved to Seattle, changed his last name, and got a job as a doorman. It is unknown if he was a kinder person before his relationship with her, as it is implied she changed him into who he is now.

In 2008, Lewbert ran for president during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.[4]

After Lewbrt left quit being a doorman at Bushwell Plaza, he put himself through law school, and now has a successful personal injury firm called "Sue With Lew."[2]

Physical Appearance

Lewbert is is a middle aged man of average height and has brown hair and eyes.

Lewbert has a huge wart on his left cheek and a big sore on his foot that according to him, never heals. Many times throughout the series, the characters, mainly the members of iCarly, comment and remark that Lewbert's wart is "gross" and "hairy". Lewbert describes his wart as a "stress wart", that was brought on by his abusive ex-girlfriend Marta Trundel, who made him miserable. However, according to a letter from his mother, Lewbert's wart began growing at the age of 12. Although he claims to abhor his wart, he is also quite attached to it. In iHurt Lewbert, when his wart got exploded, he demanded it to be reattached.

Unbeknownst to Lewbert, he has been featured in the iCarly segment Messin' with Lewbert many times.


Lewbert signed up on a dating website. Two weeks later, the website went out of business.

Lewbert is a rather unpleasant and eccentric man. He is often seen yelling at residents of Bushwell Plaza. He dislikes people coming into the building lobby and gets iritated when there are too many people, especially after he has just mopped the floor. He is also shown to dislike children, as he stole cookies from small children.

Lewbert is also a self-proclaimed jerk, frequently misinforming the residents of the complex and starting loud, obnoxious arguments. Along with his hideous wart, Lewbert has a shrill and obnoxiously whiney voice that is frequently used for complaining, screaming, and making little girls cry.

Sometimes, Lewbert harasses the iCarly gang for his own enjoyment. In iScream on Halloween, he yells "Cause I'm a jerk!" to explain why he tricked the iCarly trio into thinking apartment room 13-B is "haunted."

In the episode iApril Fools, he encourages Mr. Bushwell to proceed with kicking the Shays out of their apartment.

In iGoodbye, he sneezes in Spencer's face rendering him unable to take Carly to the Father/Daughter dance. In his last appearance, when Carly and Sam are hugging in the lift, he asks who stopped the elevator. Sam angrily yells at him to get out and her yelling scares him so much that he runs away screaming.


Marta Trundel

Lewbert's "happy" reunion with his ex-girlfriend, Marta.

(Ex-girlfriend) Marta is the abusive ex-girlfriend of Lewbert.

In the episode iFind Lewbert's Lost Love, Carly, Sam and Freddie find a Valentine's Day video of Lewbert and Marta from February 14, 1999, marking two weeks of them being together. Their relationship lasted about five weeks before Marta made Lewbert miserable, so he took her on a cruise, then purposely jumped off the ship and swam to the nearest shore. After that, he moved to Seattle, changed his last name and got his current job at Bushwell Plaza.

However, the iCarly trio are unaware of this and decided to reunite the two in the episode iFind Lewbert's Lost Love. Lewbert was mortified to see Marta and later hit a police offer so he could be put in jail and get away from Marta. He was pleased at knowing he was finally free of her.

Marissa Benson

Lewbert and Mrs. Benson

Lewbert in his body cast while bedridden.

(Ex-girlfriend) In iHurt Lewbert, Lewbert briefly dated Marissa Benson but they broke up because he acted obnoxious and didn't care when her son Freddie fell down the stairs (on purpose to get her to stop dating Lewbert).

He returns again in iBeat the Heat. He and Marissa bump into each other, with it being awkward for both of them. Later on, asks Marissa why she broke up with him, and Marrisa reminds him that he yelled at Freddie who fell down the stairs and only cared about dinner reservations. Lewbert said they could have gotten married and had a better son. Mrs. Benson gets angry and slaps his wart. It is revealed that Lewbert actually did want to marry Freddie's mom as foreshadowed in iHurt Lewbert.

The two see each other again in iObject, Lewbert! where the two end up kissing in the court room, much to horror of Freddie, implying they got back together.

Minor Relationships

Mrs. Sline
Mrs. Sline is Lewbert's mother. She doesn't seem to have a good relationship with him. In iHurt Lewbert, she is known to call him, sometimes leaving death threats.

Jerrold is Lewbert's brother. This is revealed in a video Dan posted on Facebook.


  • According to iHurt Lewbert, he has a pet lizard and he feeds him live bugs found in the corner of his apartment room.
  • Miranda Cosgrove hopes that Lewbert will return in season 2 of the revival.[5]
  • His portrayer Jeremy Rowley is married to Danielle Morrow, the actress of Nora Dershlit.[6]
  • He did not appear at all in season 4, nor was he mentioned.
  • A picture of his face is seen on Carly's murder board in the revival episode iHate Carly.
  • In the YouTube video "iCarly Behind the Scenes Extras: Meet Lewbert", Jeremy Rowley explained that he does not have any of the same characteristics that Lewbert has in real life. In the video, he states that he bathes regularly, shaves, does not have a wart coming out of his body with hair on it, and he is more polite, while Lewbert is not. He also explained that it took an hour and a half to put the wart on, describing it as an "elf nose". He said that to put the wart on, the producers bought "a mask for a Christmas elf nose that you put on with a string," and was plastic. One of them cut the tip off, glued it onto Rowley's cheek, and then put makeup and hair all over it. The video can be seen here: iCarly Behind the Scenes Extras Meet Lewbert - YouTube
  • He makes an appearance in one episode of season 2 of the revival, iObject, Lewbert!, where he appears to be a lot cleaner than his previous appearance and has also lost his wart. However, when he ran into the courthouse counter, his wart came back.

Bad Things Lewbert Has Done

Episode Season The Bad Things Lewbert Has Done
Stole a cookie and eat it
Yelled at a lady for having a dog in the lobby
Shot a little boy's balloon
Yelled at Carly and Sam for singing in the lobby and threw falafels at them
iWanna Stay With Spencer 1 Yelled at people for stepping on the floor he just mopped
iFind Lewbert's Lost Love 3 Slapped a police officer
iHurt Lewbert 2 Yelled at Freddie to not blood on the floor, which angered Freddie's mother
Yelled at Spencer for seeing his CB Radio sitting there on the desk
Yelled at Mrs. Benson when she lifted Lewbert's foot up on a pillow, but soon realizes that she was trying to help him
Yelled at Porkchop and Sledgehammer when he got back from the hospital
Ignored that Freddie was hurt and insisted that he and Marissa go out to dinner like they originally planned
Threw his man-purse at Freddie in the neck
Yells pretty much at anyone in his lobby
Threw potatoes at a little boy who stole his steak
iScream On Halloween 1 Convinced Carly, Sam, and Freddie that an apartment was haunted
Forcing Freddie to pick golf balls off the main lobby's floor
iGoodbye 5 Sneezing in Spencer's face and getting him too sick to take Carly to the Father-Daughter dance

Lewbert, with his usual facial expression, a disgusted look.


Freddie Benson: Why did Lewbert tell us that no one lived here?
Lewbert Sline: 'Cause I'm a jerk! I got you kids good! Score one for Lewbert! Happy Hanukkah! (iScream On Halloween)


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See photos of Lewbert Sline here.


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