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LeAnn Carter.

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LeAnn is on the right, and she is soon to reunite with Sam!

LeAnn Carter is an old rival, and enemy of Sam Puckett who appears in iWas A Pageant Girl. LeAnn had won 99 beauty pageants in a row and was going for her hundredth, but was beaten by Sam. It is unknown if she continued competing for pageants.

LeAnn is shown to be a kind person, even to Sam, who has always been rude to her for exactly the same reason. She acts like she and Sam are best friends and thinks that Sam just jokes around and is funny even when Sam is being mean to her. She is not a villain, although Sam dislikes her and considers LeAnn her enemy because she is so nice and too much of a Mary Sue. Carly disagrees with Sam and thinks LeAnn is a nice person. Whenever the name LeAnn Carter is mentioned around Sam, she goes crazy. Proof of that is during the iCarly's live webshow she screamed, "You gotta try!", and ran out of the iCarly studio.


  • She is shown to be a very good saxophone player as she plays it during the Talent Competition in the pageant. She is also a guitarist in a heavy metal band.
  • LeAnn is a vegan.
  • Sam was accused of pushing LeAnn down a staircase, (about 7 1/2 years prior to this episode). LeAnn says "I know, I'm so clumsy," proving that Sam didn't push her (unless she didn't want to get Sam in trouble by admitting it). Dan Schneider originally made it so that Sam admits to pushing her down the staircase, but edited it out because he "felt it was slightly too violent to say that Sam had actually done that".[1]


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