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Laci Mosley is an American actress, comedian and podcaster who portrays Harper Bettencourt on iCarly (2021).


Laci Mosley attended the University of Pittsburgh from 2009 to 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Performance. From 2011-2012, she did a Trade/Apprenticeship in Mixology at Elite Bartending School.[3] She worked in the bartending and serving industry for over 6 years.

Presently, Laci Mosley performs improv and sketch comedy at UCB Los Angeles. She performs a show called #TrapProv with Priscilla Davies.[4] She is a member of UCB's emergent initiative Project Rethink, which works to address systemic racism within the organization.[5]

Mosley is also the host of a podcast named Scam Goddess, which keeps listeners up to date on fraud and the latest scams.[6] Mosley describes Scam Goddess as “true-crime adjacent, with all the fun of true crime without the murder." In her podcasts, she guides guests through hilarious, scam-related segments poking fun both at scammers and law enforcement’s failed attempts to catch them. Team Coco (Conan O' Brien's company) picked the podcast up for co-production in October of 2020.[1][7]

Mosley's first ever appearance acting role was in Florida Girls, a 2019 Pop series which lasted 10 episodes (with the 7th being the most viewed with 92,000 live viewers), and has a 85% critic score and 71% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes as of July 2021.

Mosley has appeared various TV shows such as Better Call Saul, and Insecure. As well as be a commentator for Whoopi Goldberg's crime series, The Con.[2]

Personal Life

Laci Mosley was raised in Dallas, Texas. After college, she lived in New York City for two years. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.[4]


  • The Wedding Year (2019)[8]


  • Laci is bisexual, though her character is pansexual.[9]
  • Laci Mosley appeared on the talk show Conan.[2]
  • Laci went to the same high school as her mother.[2]
  • Laci is a writer for the Instagram page @DivaRants.[10]
  • Laci sees scams, robberies and cons as forms of art. She dislikes scams that hurt individuals, but loves the ones that scam large corporations with too much power. She believes that many things, such as parking tickets, headshots, virginities, are scams.[2]


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