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Kyle was Carly's boyfriend in iQ. He is very intelligent, and likes smart girls. Carly tries to impress him by learning Mandarin Chinese and Russian films. She eventually puts cheat notes on her arm and under her plate. Kyle finds out and breaks up with her. Kyle knows two languages, English and Mandarin Chinese. He likes four hour foreign films with intermissions. He doesn't like dishonest girls, which is why he broke up with his last girlfriend. She didn't respect the movie Ick Glockmah. Kyle uses words throughout the episode that many viewers do not understand.


  • The words that Kyle used, in order, are:
    • "Yeah, you do teenage satire with a piquant wit?"
      • Satire - Use of humor in a work
      • Piquant - Having a strong taste for something
    • "You do have a certain je me sais quoi."
      • "Je me sais quoi" is French for "I don't know what."
    • "You do categorically."
      • Categorically - A way that is unexpectedly explicit and direct.
    • "My last girlfriend she was a bit obtuse."
      • Obtuse - Too slow to understand.
    • "Oh, you are jocular."
      • Jocular - Joking, humorous or playful.
    • "Do I detect the aroma of a melange of epicurean delights?"
      • Epicurean - Someone devoted to sensual enjoyment.
    • "Do you have a restroom where I can ablute before dinner?"
      • Ablute - To wash up.
    • "This pork chop is absolutely ambrosial."
      • Ambrosial - Something very tasty.
    • "This is our valediction."
      • Valediction - A way of saying farewell. In other words, he's saying "I'm breaking up with you."


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