Jonah is a student who attends Ridgeway High School. In the episode, iHate Sam's Boyfriend, Freddie sets him up on a date with Sam. He is incredibly careless, and even unsuccessfully tried to cheat on Sam with Carly. He is also a bully (note that he said he was going to go give a nerd a wedgie).

He ruined Spencer's movie, The Alien, The Space Hamster, and the Burrito, by playing around with the clay characters, moving them out of position, and tearing off one of the character's arms. As a result, Spencer's claymation movie was reduced to 8 seconds. Then, Sam, without Carly's knowledge, tricked him into getting Wedgie Bounced. His underwear was hooked and he was up in the air for more than 2 hours. On the actual iCarly website, there was a continuation where he said, "Can I at least get a glass of water?!?" and continuously pleads and apologizes.

He makes a cameo in iGet Pranky. He can be seen sitting at a table with a blonde girl during Spencer's pranking montage in the Groovy Smoothie.

He can be spotted as a character your character can interact with in the game, ICarly 2: iJoin The Click.

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