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Waist-hug on set of iBalls.

Jiranda is the friendship between Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove (J/ennette and M/iranda), who play Sam Puckett and Carly Shay, respectively. They also are identified by the portmanteau, McCosgrove, which is a combination of both of their last names (Mc/Curdy and Cosgrove). Although they have not been shown to be very close in past years, this current season has shown that their work relationship has improved since the St. Jude fundraiser in Memphis. Despite their hectic work schedules and fledgling careers, Jennette states that her best friend on the iCarly set is Miranda.[1] In a recent interview, Miranda has also stated two of her best friends are Jennette and Nathan.[2]

Recently in 2012, Miranda and Jennette have tweeted often about going to movies, having sleepovers, and attending events together, and are sometimes spotted in public hanging out. In an interview with M Magazine, when asked about their friendship over the past years, Jennette commented that she and Miranda were never rivals, and people usually assume that they weren't friends.

Dan Schneider said in his fun facts for iGoodbye that "Miranda and Jennette have been through a lot together during the course of iCarly, and they're very close friends."[3]

Jiranda has nothing to do with Cam, although many Cam shippers like Jiranda as well.

Remember, this page is for friendship only.

Jiranda Moments or Similarities

  • Both Miranda and Jennette actively pursue acting and singing.
  • Miranda and Jennette have hugged each other a bunch of times.
  • They both have had fun with each other.
  • There is a very good chance that they have had some conversations.
  • On the trip to Memphis, Jennette and Miranda shared a hotel room and had incessant pillow fights.
  • It looked like they hung out a lot during the Memphis trip.
  • On Friday, May 20th, 2011, Jennette, Miranda, and a few friends went out to see "Bridemaids", later tweeting about the events.
  • They both were at the Santa Monica Pier together with some other friends, and tweeted about that event. Miranda tweeted afterward, "Some people just make you feel so lucky that you know them #ilovemyfriends", probably also including Jennette.
  • They both have a huge crush on Andrew Garfield. Miranda and Jennette have both tweeted about him.
  • In a recent article by "M Magazine", the idea of Jennette and Miranda "feuding" was refuted, and the girls commented that they wanted to spend more time with each other. Also, Jennette commented that she would like to do a song with her for iCarly.
  • On July 8, 2011, Miranda received her permit, and Jennette received her driver's license.[4][5]
  • Jen seems to have playfully nicknamed Miranda "Cosmos", a play on her last name. This also could be referencing space, or the Fairly OddParents, a Nickelodeon show.
  • Miranda in turn, nicknamed Jennette "Curdles", similar to Jen's nickname.
  • In a recent UStream, Miranda Cosgrove mentioned having a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Jennette McCurdy in a later video chat confirmed a small crush on him as well.
  • In November 2012 interviews, when asked during interviews whether they prefer music or acting, Miranda (on Larry King's show) and Jennette (in a live chat, also in an online interview) both mentioned that they would rather be actresses.
  • In the iGoodbye FunFacts posted by the creator, Dan Schneider [1] remarks that during the final scenes, the actors often broke character because they were so sad that the show was ending. In regards to Miranda and Jennette in the final scenes as Carly and Sam, he commented that: "The emotion between Carly and Sam in this elevator scene is 100% real-life. Miranda and Jennette have been through a lot together during the course of iCarly, and they're very close friends. This scene was really tough for them, because they knew something wonderful and magical had reached the end."


  • TeenNick bumpers for iCarly either show Miranda, Jennette, or Miranda along with Jennette in their promos (Nathan is shown with the guys).

Bloopers involving Jiranda from iBloop

  • Miranda and Jennette can be seen practicing their own special handshake, which may or may not be related to the special handshake from iPromise Not to Tell.
  • In a blooper from iGo to Japan, Jennette seems quite shocked when she accidentally throws an apple at Miranda instead of Nathan.
  • Miranda and Jennette can be seen playing rock, paper, scissors.

Nickelodeon Podcasts

  • Jerry and Nathan say that Miranda and Jennette have really great chemistry together.
  • They like to do secret handshakes and snap-claps.
  • In an interview, Miranda said they are always pulling pranks together.
  • In an interview with WHATTHEBUCKSHOW, Jennette says that Miranda is up to fashion and she's always wearing something cool to work every day.
  • There are lots of videos where they wish each other happy birthday.
  • For Miranda's Sweet 16th B-day party, Jennette gave her cool pajamas, cupcakes, and an impressive card.

Behind The Scenes Videos

  • In a behind-the-scenes video of iSam's Mom, Jane Lynch discusses the great chemistry between Jennette and Miranda on set, and mentions that they make little jokes off set. (Video: 2:50-2:56)
  • When Jennette did a UStream, she prank called Miranda, and they both shared a laugh.
  • Miranda, in her UStream video, tried to call Jennette, explaining the reason for her ringtone is because Jennette is obsessed with Honey Boo Boo Child.

Danwarp Videos

  • In one video, Miranda and Jennette talk together about the huge prop in iStart a Fanwar. Watch video here
  • While filming for the episode, Miranda and Jennette are both scolded for breaking character and laughing while the director is talking. At the end of the video, Nathan, Miranda, and Jennette all scrunch up to make Miranda a "sandwich".
  • In a run-thru, Miranda and Jennette both dance and sing to "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas.
  • There was a video of Jennette and Miranda talking about iGot a Hot Room, with meat hanging by their heads.
  • Dan posted a video of Miranda and Jennette having a laughing fit about a bracelet on Jennette's foot. See here.
  • In a run-through video, Miranda and Jennette are seen joking over a piece of salad in Jennette's teeth. At the end of the video you can see Miranda says, "Don't be mean in the comments!" and gives Jennette a quick hug before Dan walks away with the camera.
  • Dan posted another video on-set laughing hysterically while behind-the-scenes of filming the IPsycho Sequel
  • Dan posted a video of the two girls just saying the word "Maybe". This is another rendition of Freddie and Carly's "Maybe" video. This may have been made during the filming of iStill Psycho.
  • In Dan's recent video, Miranda is late to work, and Jennette shouts out "Hey Cosmos!" in the beginning of the video.
  • In a Victorious run-through video, Miranda and Jennette can be seen backstage at the end.

Jiranda Moments on Twitter

  • @jennettemccurdy: @MirandaBuzz Thanks Miranda! See you on Monday!
  • From @MirandaBuzz to @jennettemccurdy: No one can rap like you chickety..
  • Jennette once tweeted about vanilla, and Miranda responded about the flavor chocolate.
  • Miranda tweeted about having a fun time talking with Jennette and Jerry.
  • Miranda congratulated Jennette on her "Fred" movie with Lucas Cruikshank.
  • Miranda tweeted about going to lunch with Jennette and Max Ehrich and a crazy dude at the restaurant that made their day.
  • Miranda tweeted Jennette that roller coasters are the best, and that they should visit an amusement park.
  • Jennette tweeted about being in the airport with Miranda, saying they found iCarly ink books.[6]
  • @MirandaCosgrove Had a pillow fight with Jennette, Nathan, and Noah last night. I was also serenaded @ midnight by every1 in the hallway in front of my room [7]
  • @jennettemccurdy: Happy 18th @MirandaCosgrove! I just threw confetti everywhere. We're sitting here flipping thru on-demands & having pillow fights.[8]
  • @jennettemccurdy: #youwerecooluntil you wore your Christmas flannels to Beale street. #thatsme #thanksMiranda[9]
  • @jennettemccurdy: Spent the morning fishing with @MirandaCosgrove.[10]
  • @MirandaCosgrove: Went to see Bridesmaids with @jennettemccurdy, Janine, Jessica, and my mom. Haven't laughed that hard in a while. #kristenwiig Shes my hero[11]
  • @MirandaCosgrove so funny. I want to dance with her.[12]
  • Jennette tweeted the lyrics to Miranda Cosgrove's "Dancing Crazy": "Didja hear me say that? Didja didja didja hear me say that? <smack> ;)".[13]
  • Jennette's tweet about Andrew Garfield: I'm not one to care for relationship drama, but Andrew Garfield broke up with his girlfriend. And I care. Now is my chance to sidle in.[14]
  • Miranda on Andrew Garfield: "I have a huge crush on Andrew Garfield!"
    Miranda biography - fb.png
  • @MirandaCosgrove: Had an amazing time last night with a buncha friends at the Santa Monica Pier! #summerbegins
  • @jennettemccurdy (probably not referring to Miranda, but also tweeted the same night as she tweeted about the Pier): Had a fun night at the santa monica pier. Made a friend throw up because it was a self-maneuvered ride and I made it go too fast. Success
  • @MirandaCosgrove (also referring to Jennette): "Some people just make you feel so lucky that you know them #ilovemyfriends"
  • Miranda tweeted a picture of her and Jennette at her late 18th birthday party.[15]
  • Jennette favorited one of Miranda's tweets:[16]
  • Miranda tweeted about going to singing lessons, and Jennette wished her well.[17]
  • @MirandaCosgrove: @jennettemccurdy @nathankress I’m coming home I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes :P [18]
  • Miranda tweeted about picking songs to cover for a medley, and Jennette asked her to sing the "Facts of Life" theme song.[19]
  • @MirandaCosgrove: @jennettemccurdy Only if it's a duet [20]
  • On Jennette's 19th Birthday, Miranda tweeted "@jennettemccurdy @drakebell Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people ;)". Jennette responded with "@MirandaCosgrove thanks Cosmos! You're the best :)" [21]
  • Jennette favorited Mirandas birthday tweet to her.
  • In a recent Q and A session on Twitter, on July 6, 2011, Jennette commented on Miranda [22] when asked what is her favorite thing about working with her.[23] She comments that Miranda is "sweet, fun and enjoyable", and that she is grateful that they have gotten closer over these few years.
  • Miranda tweeted "Awesome concert tonight in Chicago! Great energy from the crowd!!!";[24] Jennette asked "@MirandaCosgrove did they all dance crazy?", to which Miranda replied "@jennettemccurdy Everyone danced crazy except one dad in the 5th row. I tried my best :)" [25]
  • When Miranda broke her ankle in an accident with her tourbus, Jennette tweeted "#GetWellMiranda"
  • A fan asked Jennette in an Q&A on Twitter which cast member from the iCarly cast that she was closest to. She then replied "Comos :)" which is her nickname for Miranda.[26]
  • After Miranda posted a picture of her cast that her friends decorated, Jennette tweeted "@MirandaCosgrove My puff paint must meet your cast." [27]
  • Jennette tweeted "Seeing @MirandaCosgrove tonight! It's been over a month.. I miss her. Can't wait to be reunited, hey hey."[28]
  • Later, Miranda tweeted "Just hung out with one of the funniest people I know @jennettemccurdy! Good to see you! :) ", and Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove great seeing you Cosmos! You're the best. Sidle on in there. <odd hair caress>" [29]
  • Jennette tweeted (shortly before halloween): "Went to my first haunted hayride tonight with @MirandaCosgrove and other friends. The hay was itchy and the clowns were creepy. Excellent" [30]
  • During a twitter Q and A session, Jennette said she hangs out with Miranda the most.[31]
  • Miranda tweeted "Filmed a Christmas video this morning in a giant orange slay with @jennettemccurdy @nathankress @munckytown and @jerrytrainor! Pure madness", and Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove is it your favorite holiday?!" [32]
  • Jennette tweeted "who watched @MirandaCosgrove make spaghetti tacos on this morning's episode of @HungryGirl ? This kid, for one. twas adorable!"[33]
  • Miranda tweeted "Neutrogena Photo Shoot this morning! Happy 11-11-11!", and Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove wooo! Can't wait to see it" [34]
  • Miranda tweeted "Makin mini burgers with @AndyBarr and @RealKevinRice #fallbarbecuesrule", and Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove @andybarr @RealKevinRice YUM!" [35]
  • Miranda told Jennette "@jennettemccurdy Come back here so we can toilet paper someones house ;)" [36]
  • Jennette tweeted ""is there a cool way to dance? Like, what's a cool way to dance?" - @ MirandaCosgrove while at a concert watching people flail their limbs" [37]
  • Miranda tweeted "Going to see a great band called Dawes play with @ andybarrandy @jennettemccurdy and @RealKevinRice :)" [38]
  • Both Miranda and Jennette tweeted about hanging out with some other friends on thanksgiving;

Miranda: "Went to see My Week with Marilyn tonight with @jennettemccurdy @barbie123cat @ninathegrape and other fun people who don't have twitter :-P" [39]

Jennette: "Great hanging with @MirandaCosgrove @saltycornucopia @barbiecat123 @ ninathegrape tonight. Thanksgiving eve 2011 was quality." [40]

Jennette also retweeted Miranda's tweet.

  • When Jennette was asked to describe Miranda in two words, she answered "endearing, sweet (mellow, youthful, and fun were also options)" [41]
  • After Jennette tweeted "A few more Christmas gifts left to buy... should I just go for this and commit to the Forever Lazy for everyone?". Miranda replied "@jennettemccurdy Please get me the Forever Lazy. Im begging" [42]
  • Miranda: "@jennettemccurdy cracks me up :P"[43]
  • Miranda tweeted a picture of Jennette hugging her waist on-set of iBalls. She gave Jennette the nickname "McCurds" in the tweet. Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove aww I love this picture cosmos!" [44]
  • Jennette tweeted a pic of Miranda on the bus to Connecticut during the promo tour for iMeet The First Lady: "Aww look at @MirandaCosgrove ! The whole @icarly cast is on a bus headed to a naval base in Connecticut. " [45]
  • Jennette tweeted (apparently quoting Miranda): ""My whole philosophy on life is to stay up as late as possible and watch movies and do stuff." - @MirandaCosgrove"[46]
  • @jennettemccurdy tweeted Fun picture of @MirandaCosgrove [47]
  • Miranda gave Jennette a paper heart for Valentine's, and Jennette tweeted a pic of it with the caption "A valentine from one of my favorite people... " [48]
  • Jennette commented on the TT "#thingsghettopeopledo" with "Watching Sleepless in Seattle"; Miranda replied "watch who you call ghetto curdle I happen to be a huge fan of Sleepless in Seattle hahaa",[49] and Jennette playfully called her "ghetto cosmos" "watch who you call ghetto curdle I happen to be a huge fan of Sleepless in Seattle” ghetto cosmos πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’š" [50]
  • Miranda tweeted: "Watching Pretty Woman with @jennettemccurdy on all our breaks today! She's never seen it and it's one of my favorites :)" [51]
  • Jennette tweeted: "It's settled. @MirandaCosgrove is one of the best people out there. #mirandaisthecoolest."[52]
  • Miranda tweeted: "Had a really fun sleepover with @jennettemccurdy! She rocked Craig Ferguson last night! #goodtimes"[53]
  • Jennette tweeted: "Pretty sure @MirandaCosgrove is one of the funniest people in the world. Yeah, actually definitely sure. "[54]
  • Miranda tweeted "Went to see The Campaign tonight with @jennettemccurdy. She always makes me laugh. If I was Maya Rudolph she'd be my Kristen Wiig :)", and Jennette replied "@MirandaCosgrove awwwwwww! :D" [55]
  • Jennette tweeted, "Here's @MirandaCosgrove glamorously holding it together while I fangirl out backstage at #CirqueDuSoleil #Iris #8thtime pic.twitter.com/61l9mT3w."
  • Jennette tweeted, playfully, that in a scene she was checking out Miranda, but wasn't sure why. [1]

Photo Gallery

Click here to view the Jiranda Gallery


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