&nbsp Jerranda is the friendship between Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor. Miranda describes Jerry as like her real life brother. This page is strictly for friendship!


Jerranda Moments!

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    Miranda has stated in several interviews that Jerry gave her driving lessons when she got a new car.
  • Miranda and Jerry have known each other for a while when they were on Drake & Josh, as Megan and Crazy Steve.
  • In the video "Which Cast Member
    Miranda Cosgrove Jerry Trainor Nickelodeon kaf420dxEkLl
    Would You Eat," Jerry said: "Miranda should go first 'cause she's the weakest, and the quickest, and we can over-power her."
  • In the same video, Miranda said: "Jerry, 'cause he's a slow runner, and he's dumb." This shows that they are so close, they make fun of each other playfully.
  • Miranda mentions Jerry in interviews, and says that he is really funny on set, always trying to make them break out of character and laugh.
  • In Danwarp videos Miranda and Jerry are always hanging out Together and laughing and Laghing Together.
  • In a run-through video, Jerry wrestled Miranda to the ground.
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