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Nathan visiting the set of Sam & Cat June 5th, 2013

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iGoodbye with Noah

Jathan is the friendship of Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress (J/ennette and N/athan). It is also very rarely called Nennette, Jennath, or Jennathan. They are considered to be best friends, but recently, they have referred to each other only as "friends", which might have been because they are tired of people spreading rumors about them or urging them to date.

Both Jennette and Nathan have denied any romantic connection between each other and have stated they see each other like friends or even siblings.

Jathan has nothing to do with Seddie. Seddie refers to the pairing of Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, the characters that they portray.

Remember, this page is for friendship only.


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Jathan Moments

  • A behind-the-scenes clip of Nathan, Jennette, and Ariana voicing characters for Snowflake:The White Gorilla
  • Jennette posted on her Instagram Look who popped by the set of Sam & Cat - Nathan Kress! Kressington :D
  • Nathan visited the set of Sam & Cat
  • Nathan and Jennette watched iGoodbye with Dan, Noah, and Miranda at Nathan's house on its premiere night
  • Jennette and Nathan play "Call It Out" with Miranda and Noah during a Hollywire interview.[1]
  • Nathan interrupts Jennette's favorite "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" promo.[2]
  • Dan posted a video of when Nathan, Jennette, and Miranda worked together for the first time in their auditions [3]
  • Nathan and Jennette started tweeting lines from their Fast Food Freestyle rap [4]
  • Nathan and Jennette do this interview with Noah and Miranda with CelebSecrets4U for the iBattle Chip episode [5]
  • Jennette and Nathan are seen doing a little dance with Matt Bennett and Ashley Argota on the Figure It Out studio lot [6]
  • Dan posted Pic! iCarly's @NathanKress and @JennetteMcCurdy
  • Nathan and Jennette both shot an episode of the re-vamped 90's Nickelodeon TV Show "Figure It Out" [7][8]
  • Nathan & Jennette did this interview with Bop & Tigerbeat for the St. Jude's Math-athon in May 2012 [9]
  • Nathan and Jennette talk a fan "@DanniWarp" on-set during a run-through of IHalfoween [10]
  • Miranda tweeted Watched Weird Science and You've Got Mail with @jennettemccurdy and @nathankress today at work during breaks. Best day ever
  • Nathan and Jennette did an interview with Yahoo about dishing on the future and being a role mode [11]
  • Jennette posted this photo of Jennette and Nathan on-set and called them "Studmuffins.".
  • Boog!e tweeted Kwik change @NathanKress @jennettemccurdy http://mypict.me/mzUsi

Tumblr lxnbquxnv31qesmejo1 500.png

  • Jennette tweeted Pic! Me and @NathanKress before all of us @icarly 's went on Rosie!

Tumblr lxm7slsX8n1qesmejo1 500.png

  • Jennette tweeted Pic! In the toys r us in Times Square with sir @NathanKress and sir @NoahMunck

Freddie got bored.jpg

Tumblr lwxwmqb63k1qesmejo1 500.gif

  • In one IStill Psycho blooper, Jennette smacks Nathan a little too hard. He says "Ow!" He, Jennette, and the rest of the cast burst out laughing.
  • During a blooper in IStill Psycho The cast runs and hides, scared at the sound of a balloon popping. Jennette hides behind a mannequin and accidentally knocks it's head off. Nathan responds to Jennette jokingly, "You killed a mannequin! Why?!"
  • As seen in IBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo when Jennette had to kiss Nathan on the cheek in ILove You, they both broke out laughing.



  • In IBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo during ILost My Mind Jennette accidentally drops the quesadillas and Nathan just stands there holding the door open for her.
  • Jennette attempted to call Nathan again during her Stuck In My House U-Stream broadcast.
  • Jennette created Australia KCAs - October 2011 photo album featuring pictures of herself and her and Nathan together and she described it as, "I had the pleasure of hosting the Australian Kids Choice Awards with my castmate Nathan Kress. We had a blast, it was a hoot, and here are some photos that hopefully evidence that."
  • In Part 2 of Jennette's 2nd U-Stream, she called Nathan. He picked up and Jennette let fans listen to him order from Chipotle. She also invited him to do her next U-Stream with her.
  • They did the NICK Rocks Your School event with Big Time Rush October 16, 2011

Nathan listed on Jennette's phone as "Kressington"

  • During Her live U-Stream it was shown that Jennette had Nathan listed on her phone as "Kressington" and attempted to call him
  • This article describes more about Jennette interviewing Nathan for Bop & TigerBeat.
  • Nathan and Jennette co-hosted the Aussie KCa's together, posed for photos, did this interview. At the AKCA's Nathan help Jennette stay balanced on her heels. Jennette comforted Nathan after he was sad after not being nominated for an award. They also did a rap together.
  • Jennette and Nathan gave an interview to Total Girl Magazine in Australia while they did the AKCA's where they answered random questions, tried Vegemite, which Nathan also recorded on their phones, and other Australian cuisine.
  • Jennette and Nathan gave a shout-out to Total Girl Magazine in Australia while they did the AKCA's
  • Jennette and Nathan co-hosted the Best Frenemies special, shown outside of the US.[12]
  • Nathan and Jennette both tweeted about working out together and being at rehearsal for the 2011 Aussie KCA's as well as listening to Cody Simpson's sound check
  • Nickelodeon Australia tweeted We're SUPER EXCITED to have @jennettemccurdy and @NathanKress in the office RIGHT NOW!! Bring on the #KCAs!! #KCA http://ow.ly/i/iuNM
  • Jennette interviewed Nathan for Bop & TigerBeat She asked to describe his best red carpet pose in 5 words. He said Jennette would describe as dweeb (5 times). She also asked him about how he got his hair to look so good on the NICK Cruise and he talked about products he uses.
  • In this promo for the 2011 Worldwide Day of Play Nathan and Jennette play basketball along with Victorious star Liz Gilles and singer, Zach Sang. Nathan called Jennette a pro at ice-skating and Jennette agrees that Nathan works out pretty hard-core.
  • Nathan and Jennette spoke about spoke about hosting the Aussie Kids' Choice Awards in this interview
  • Jennette said, “I’m super-excited to be going to Australia for the first time to co-host the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,My other cast members have experienced Australia and they say it’s amazing! I’m so excited it’s my turn and that I’m in the running to win the LOL Award! I also heard that Aussies go nuts with slime, so I hope I get to unleash some onto the kids of Australia’
  • Nathan added, Jennette and I can’t wait to get there, it’s gonna be a blast and we’re looking forward to meeting the Aussie fans on the Orange Carpet. Hopefully iCarly will win Fave TV Show too…but not sure if we stand a chance against Home and Away!”
  • Nathan and Jennette are co-hosting the Australian Kids' Choice Awards as tweeted by Nickelodeon Australia "We’re EXCITED to announce that @jennettemccurdy and @NathanKress from @iCarly will co-host this year’s Aussie Kids’ Choice Awards!!! #KCA RT"
  • In another interview during the 2011 Creative Arts Emmys they both agree doing iCarly is a blast and on-set it's like one big family, even though everyone says that.
  • Nathan and Jennette have shot several promos for the premiere of ILost My Mind, which can be seen on the Video Gallery:iLost My Mind or Video Gallery:Jathan
  • Nathan and Jennette stood along iCarly co-star Jerry Trainor during this interview with Fanlala at the 2011 Creative Arts Emmys about who owns who Jerry or Dan.
  • Nathan and Jennette attended the 2011 Creative Arts Emmys together along with the rest of the iCarly gang and Nathan's girlfriend Madisen.
  • Victorious star, Lane Napper tweeted @JennetteMccurdy @NathanKress you BOTH are a CLASS ACT! Loved spending time with you yesterday. Love ya!
  • Jennette, Nathan, and Nickelodeon co-star Ariana Grande advised fans on how to deal with parents, body image, and how to deal with your crush here in this interview.
  • Jennette gave questions to Bop and Tiger Beat for Nathan to answer
  • Dan Schneider gave praise to Jennette and Nathan for a few instances of how well they deliver their lines on separate accounts. He also gave them praise for on how they portrayed their characters Sam and Freddie well in his Fun Facts for ILost My Mind
  • Nathan and Jennette did this promo along with Taylor and Dillon advertising an episode of Bucket and Skinner and ILost My Mind
  • Nathan and Jennette did this interview on what their favorite movies are and what they think their characters Sam and Freddie would like
  • Nathan and Jennette will guest stars on NICK's "The Epic Adventures of Bucket and Skinner" and have shot promos with the cast
  • When Nathan and Jennette along with Miranda talk ILost My Mind Jennette interrupts Nathan in mid-sentence to sing about the plot line and they all laugh
  • Nathan and Jennette along with Miranda make up parts a sentence about how great Jim Parsons is as a guest star on ILost My Mind as seen here

On-set of iLost My Mind

  • In the fourth promo for ILost My Mind NICK goes behind-the-scenes and in a scene where it appears Jennette has to kiss Nathan she looks at the camera nervously and smiles
  • Nathan and Jennette answered questions for a pre-planned event during the 2011 NICK Cruise
  • In Part 2 of the Q&A Jennette answered questions together, whispered in each other's ear at one point to keep some details of the show secret during the 2011 NICK Cruise
  • Nathan and Jennette also greeted fans together with Victorious stars Daniella, Avan, and Leon
  • Nathan and Jennette are doing an upcoming event with Big Time Rush to meet kids of the winning school
  • Nathan and Jennette did a 2011 "NICK Worldwide Day of Play" promo along with other NICK Stars. Nathan and Jennette play tennis in the promo and they say the lines "Are you guys ready" and "Live from Washington D.C." in unison along with other NICK stars
  • In this video Jennette and Nathan were seen during a run-through and filming an episode of iCarly along with Noah and Jerry, but sans Miranda, who is on tour
  • Bop & Tiger Beat Magazine tweeted "We went to a super-secret taping of a future @iCarly episode today — we laughed nonstop! @JennetteMcCurdy and @NathanKress were hilarious!"
  • In this video Nathan and Jennette are on time and sit next to each other for the table read as are Jerry, Noah and the rest of the cast except Miranda
  • In this Nathan and Jennette sing Diddy's song "I'm Coming Home" with Miranda
  • In this video of a rehearsal of the sequel to iPsycho Nathan kept looking over at Miranda and Jennette while Jennette was trying to get bits of Greek salad out of her teeth
  • According to this tweet by Miranda she had dinner with Jennette, Nathan, and Jerry at Japanese restaurant Katsuya back on June 15, 2011
  • Jennette sneaks up on Nathan during this 2011 Kid's Choice Awards Interview
  • Dan tweeted this photo of Nathan and Jennette in Memphis humorously posing with an enormous hamburger, although he wrote the names of their characters Sam and Freddie
  • Nathan and Jennette were seen together in this photo while in Memphis for the Stars 4 Kids event with co-star Jerry Trainor following closely behind

    Memphis 2011

  • Nathan and Jennette were seen off-stage celebrating co-star and pal Miranda Cosgrove's 18th birthday in Memphis
  • Nathan and Jennette posed for this photo together on-set of IParty with Victorious
  • Nathan and Jennette are nearby each other when filming IDate Sam & Freddie
  • Nathan and Jennette did this video together to promote Stars for the kids benefit
  • Nathan and Jennette were seen here posing for photos and celebrating with friend and co-star Noah Munck for his 15th birthday
  • Nathan and Jennette were both seen at work comically posing with a small black disc
  • Nathan and Jennette sat together during the IParty with Victorious table read as they do every table read seen here
  • Nathan and Jennette both retweeted this statement from Dan about meeting the iCarly/Victorious cast in person in Memphis May 14, 2011
  • Nathan and Jennette were on another 2011 episode of Brainsurge, where they clapped, high-fived, and hugged
  • Nathan and Jennette competed against for A 2011 New Celebrity Brainsurge during Webbiest Week featuring Nathan, Jennette and other NICK stars airing April 18-April 22 Everyday starting at 4PM
  • In 2011 BrainSurge episode clip Nathan and Jennette encouraged each other throughout the game and high-fived
  • Jennette sneaked up on and joined in at the end in an interview with Fanlala here
  • Nathan and Jennette introduced Train's performance at the 2011 KCA's here
  • Jennette posted this personal photo of her and Nathan via her official website with this caption Got ready for the kids choice awards 2011 at a hotel with a bunch of my nickelodeon friends, including my bud Nathan Kress
  • Nathan and Jennette were interviewed together quite often for the 2011 KCA's
  • Nathan and Jennette hugged each other and co-star Miranda Cosgrove during their 2011 KCA win
  • Nathan and Jennette sat close by each other at the KCA's 2011
  • Nathan went up and stood next to Jennette when she & they won for iCarly and Best TV Sidekick
  • Nathan congratulated Jennette and handed her NICK award blimp
  • Nathan and Jennette were seen giving each other a friendly hug off-set
  • According to fans here Nathan and Jennette have both said iTwins is their favorite episode yet. Jennette added it was because she got to play Melanie, but Jennette and Nathan did have to kiss in that episode
  • Nathan and Jennette have a secret language nobody understands, but them
  • Nathan and Jennette both pretend to get beat up by Dan Schneider and Avan Jogia. They both hang out and dance with Victorious co-star Ariana Grande in iCarly-Victorious REHEARSAL!!! video
  • Nathan did show up to the Fred movie premiere but did notpose with Jennette for photos
  • Nathan and Jennette were seen posing for photos with the Victorious cast and Jerry sans Miranda
  • Nathan and Jennette will be on the 2011 Nickelodeon Cruise together
  • Jennette was seen smiling at Nathan in this video here
  • Nathan and Jennette had an interview with FanLala (August 26, 2010)
  • Nathan and Jennette along with ICarly co-star Noah Munck met and posed for a pic with FanLala reporter Jill Wilderman
  • Nathan and Jennette both went to the 2010 Ronald McDonald Charity Carnival
  • In this SayNow phone Jennette asks Nathan to say hi to the fans at 0:42 He jokingly replied the dorkest dorkest to which Jennette jokingly said I probably shouldn't have put him on
  • Nathan and Jennette will be lending their voices along with Victoria Justice and Jerry Trainor to the animated series Penguins of Madagascar [1]
  • Jennette tweeted pics of herself, Nathan, Noah Munck, and Jerry Trainor behind the scenes iCarly sketch here In the sketch they had to very jittery and hands on with other
  • Dan posted a video tricking Nathan, Jennette and costars Jerry Trainor and Victoria Justice
  • Dan posted another video here of Nathan, Jennette, Jerry & Victoria
  • Nathan and Jennette smile at Dan

    Dan posted recent videos of Nathan and Jennette joking around & laughing with Miranda and Jerry. They also sit or stand next to each other when they run lines. They also have a similar expressions on their faces
  • Dan posted a recent video here of Jennette, Nathan and Miranda goofing off, talking with guest co-star Max Ehrich. Nathan and Jennette both compare their heights to Miranda and jokingly try together to squeeze her in like a sandwich at Dan's request.
  • Dan posted a recent video of Nathan & Jennette acting as Sam & Freddie singing "California Girls" here
  • Dan posted a recent video here of an ICarly run-thru where Nathan & Jennette were talking to guest co-star Max Ehrich and each other
  • In this video here Nathan and Jennette both look at Miranda twice at different times and have similar expressions and similar smiles when they notice Dan. They also appear to be having a short conversation. Nathan and Jennette also stand next to each other
  • In this video here when Dan scares Miranda. it is unclear, but Nathan and Jennette appear to be sitting next to each other and running lines together with Miranda as they often do together
  • Nathan and Jennette both tweeted Disney Channel & Sonny With A Chance their mutual pal Doug Brouchu about video games, pics, and music here & here
  • In a tweet Miranda posted a cast photo here Nathan had his arms around both Miranda and Jennette
  • Nathan and Jennette did another rap on-set with co-star Noah Munck. Jennette stands next to Nathan and he helps her with the beat along with Noah

    Nathan and Jennette season 4 cast photo

  • In a video, co-star Miranda Cosgrove said she goes to the movies with Nathan and Jennette

    Nathan and Jennette on set as Freddie and Sam

  • Jennette and Nathan have went on the past three Nickelodeon Cruises together (2007, 2008, and 2009) They been seen chillin' on deck, golfing, rock climbing, playing basketball, lounging, getting ice cream, and taking silly pictures where he supports her legs as she hangs on a stair banister
  • Jennette and Nathan co-interviewed people at the 2009 Kids Choice Awards and helped co-star Jerry Trainor co-host the belching contest
  • Jennette and Nathan co-hosted the 2010 Dance Off at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards

    Nathan and Jennette '07 KCA's

  • Jennette interviewed Nathan at the World Premiere of 'The Project Natal Experience'.
  • Jennette and Nathan have been seen at events together for iCarly without Miranda such as The Mall of America signing on November 2, 2008, The Ronald Macdonald Charity Event, iCarly press junkets.
  • In an issue of Tiger Beat, Jennette say's the friend she goes to for Boy Advice is Nathan Kress.
  • In an issue of Tiger Beat, It stated Jennette and Nathan hang out with each other all the time.
  • In an issue of Popstar, It stated that the kiss Jennette and Nathan shared on iCarly brought them closer than ever.
  • In an issue of Bop, It stated Jennette and Nathan

    Jennette wishing Nathan a happy birthday.

    have great chemistry and make each other laugh.
  • Jennette and Nathan often hang out together on-set playing Rock Band and thumbwresting.
  • Jennette and Nathan sometimes travel together off-set for iCarly events they seem to enjoy each other's company.
  • Nathan has stated Jennette has an "amazing voice" when doing video with Jennette on her YouTube account and mentions again on his Myspace account.
  • According to a Nick Podcast, Jennette and Nathan have the same on-set teacher.
  • Nathan also mentions he bought Jennette's single "Homeless Heart"
  • Nathan and Jennette are often seen together in her Myspace and YouTube videos.
  • Jennette and Nathan love to rap on set together.
  • Nathan is often seen looking fondly at Jennette
  • Jennette is also seen smiling at Nathan often[13]
  • Jennette and Nathan were seen together at Keke Palmer's birthday party.
  • Jennette and Nathan have been paired together in Nickelodeon promos and iCarly promo photo shoots.
  • Nathan in the March 2009 issue of Bop, states that "There are rumors that Jennette and I are dating. We have gotten close, but we are not dating. We say were just good friends and that has helped the rumor die down."
  • Nathan retweeted a statement from Jennette that she and her friends of ICarly had fun at the launch of the Kinect gaming event where she interviewed Nathan
  • Nathan and Jennette came up with a little diddy for their Twitter fan PickledHam along with Miranda Cosgrove and Noah Munck Nathan and Jennette stand very close together
  • Dan has posted pictures and videos of them online.
  • Nathan wish Jennette a "spectacular day of birth" & says "Love u besfren" meaning love you best friend
  • Nathan & Jennette always sit next to each other during ICarly table reads
  • Nathan & Jennette seen hanging out together with co-star Jerry Trainor a lot during her 18th birthday party with the iCarly cast & crew.
  • Jennette and Nathan do some things on iCarly.com like Wake up Spencer.
  • Jennette & Nathan did this 2010 KCA interview together
  • Nathan & Jennette did a photo shoot for Pop Star Magazine together in 2009
  • Nathan & Jennette recently went out to dinner with Ashley Argota, Reed Alexander & Noah Munck as Ashley Argota tweeted here
  • Jennette and Nathan rock Penny Tees for charity according to this article
  • They did The Hollywood Hang Day 4-5 Segment in 2009
    which Jennette who knows Nathan very well said his celebrity crush is actress Keira Knightley. Jennette also snapped a photo of Nathan and PickBoy.
  • In interviews with Pop Star Magazine, Nathan and Jennette both said what a guy or girl has to do to get their attention is be themselves.
  • Dan has a video of Jennette and Nathan on his YouTube of him and Jennette behind the scenes of iCarly. It showed the upcoming episode iDo and Dan was telling them about how someone loved their kiss in iKiss. They were both very pleased at this comment.
  • Dan tweeted a photo of Jennette & Nathan here with co-stars Noah Munck and Jerry Trainor.
  • Dan posted a recent video of Nathan & Jennette as Sam & Freddie showing iCarly's Pearpad here
  • Both Nathan & Jennette attended the Scott Pilgrim premiere and tweeted about it. [1] [2]
  • There are pictures of Nathan, Jennette and iCarly co-star Noah Munck at the Scott Pilgrim Premiere here .
  • Dan posted a recent video of here Nathan, Jennette and Miranda. Nathan agrees with Jennette that people should watch iCarly and repeats a sentence of Jennette's. Jennette and Miranda also watch Nathan flex.
  • Dan posted another video of Nathan & Jennette here posing for a photo shoot and promoting IGot A Hot Room. Nathan and Jennette say simultaneously, "iGot A Hot Room!"
  • Jennette and Nathan's dressing rooms are right next to each other as seen here [3]
  • Jnseddieflex.jpg
    Co-star Miranda Cosgrove tweeted a photo here of her w/ co-stars Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, & Jennette Mccurdy. Nathan & Jennette sit next to each other.
  • Nathan and Jennette are often seen together in Dan Schneider's & Jennette's own videos on YouTube, Myspace and Facebook.
  • Jennette and Nathan did this interview together for the 2009 KCA's

Nathan & Jennette's Similarities and Tidbits

  • Both voiced characters for a direct-to-DVD 2013 CGI animated film Snowflake:The White Gorilla[14][15]
  • Creddie makes sense to both Nathan and Jennette than Seddie, and because they see each other like friends, who dislike having to "lip-punch"
  • Jennette and Nathan both see each other as close friends and like siblings.
  • They were both born in the year 1992.
  • Jennette and Nathan both follow each other on Twitter
  • They can both play instruments
  • Nathan and Jennette frequently get paired up to promote iCarly and Nickelodeon events. Though most of the time also with Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck, Dan Schneider, and Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Jennette and Nathan were both mentioned as a clue in the quizzical game show Jeopardy!. The clue was Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress, and the answer was "What is iCarly?" [16]
  • Nathan and Jennette have both guest starred on separate episode of True Jackson VP C.S.I. and Victorious.
  • Jennette and Nathan have also been on the same episodes of Penguins of Madagascar and two episodes of BrainSurge as well as the revamped version two episodes of Figure It Out
  • Nathan and Jennette both like watching Cash Cab and Top Shot
  • Nathan and Jennette both love/own dogs like the rest of the iCarly cast and crew
  • Nathan and Jennette both worked on movies outside of iCarly based on video games.


  • Nathan and Jennette both won Bop & TigerBeat's 2011 poll for Favorite Actors in Movies and TV alongside Harry Potter's Tom Felton and Wizards of Waverly Place's Selena Gomez
  • Nathan and Jennette are both Star Wars fans.
  • Nathan and Jennette both attended and did monologues for Cartoon Network's 2012 Hall of Game Awards, though Nathan brought his girlfriend Madisen.
  • Nathan and Jennette were both nominated for Nickelodeon's "Favorite TV Sidekick" Kids' Choice Award along with Disney's Jennifer Stone and another fellow iCarly co-star Jerry Trainor.
  • They both are of some Irish descent.

Nathan comments about Jennette

Jennette comments about Nathan

Jennette McCurdy & Nathan Kress Seddie Hints

(Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress, also known as the friendship pairing Jathan, are the actors that play Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, also known as the romantic paring Seddie. Both claim to like it when the three main characters are platonic, yet have made several Seddie hints without ever giving too much away)

  • Even though they intro-ed as Sam and Freddie. It's more Nathan, Jennette, and Jerry messing up and laughing.[22]


  • Nick.com captioned a photo Main Squeeze

This two may have a "Seddie" history, but when they're hanging on set, they're perfectly happy being best buds.[23]

  • Nathan said about Freddie as a character and the Seddie appeal:

“I think Freddie has definitely grown up a lot since the first season. Not only physically but, you know, mentally and emotionally. Frankly, in the first season… He was just a spazz! He had a real hair trigger and anything that Sam said he would just… Go off on her and he’d flip out, but as the seasons kind of progressed it would just become more of an eye roll and he would just let it roll off as back, or he’d be able to come up with some kind of, you know, snide remark right back at her. Eventually, Sam and Freddie did get together, for a little arc of episodes, which was definitely an interesting experience to hear the fan reaction from that. Because there’s a lot of people… There’s always that battle between the people who want Sam and Freddie to get together and people who want Carly and Freddie to get together, and I’m pretty sure the Seddie fans…”

  • “Who usually wins? Who wins that battle?”

*As to Seddie vs. Creddie fans“Usually, it’s the Seddie fans. There’s a lot more of them… And I see where they’re coming from, because Sam is still a very rough around the edges character even when she’s in love with Freddie, you know… So… It’s still… They definitely had a rocky relationship for much of the time.” [24]


  • Nathan replied gave a shout out to Jennette telling fans he isn't dressing up like Sam.[25]


  • Nathan aka Freddie has to dress like Jennette's character Sam for the episode, where Freddie work at the Pear Store.[26]
  • What Jennette said to Glitter Magazine recently about Sam and Freddie (in Season 5).
    • GLITTER: What can fans expect in the new season of iCarly with Sam and Freddie?
    • JENNETTE: We have a lot of great stuff in store for iCarly fans but they’ll have to tune in to see what happens with Sam and Freddie!

Tumblr lvixp24pjN1r43oryo1 500.gif

  • Jennette favorited a Seddie-related tweet on Twitter that said Please Dan Seddie movie [27]
  • Jennette said the Seddie thing makes her crack up and laugh. She said, "Nathan and I,whenever we get these scripts, where there's always some sort of melodramatic scene between Sam and Freddie and it ends with them kissing, we look at each other like Oh man dude...I'm sorry this is awkward" during her Stuck In My Head U-Stream
  • In this interview Nathan calls the Sam and Freddie bickering scripted.
  • Nathan and Jennette did this interview for FOX in Washington D.C along with Jerry and Noah. They again described Sam and Freddie's kisses in IOMG and ILost My Mind as them "lip-punching each other. They also talked about how Sam and Freddie are dating at this point in the show. Nathan and Jennette the storyline in iLove You gets even crazier because Sam and Freddie explore each others' hobbies and the plot thickens. Jennette also mentions "We find out that maybe Freddie loves to punch her lips back." Nathan answers, "He does."
  • Nathan and Jennette described the endings of IOMG and ILost My Mind as them punching each other's lips with their lips. They added the "lip-punching" continues in IDate Sam & Freddie and other episodes in this interview with ClevverTV during the 2011 Creative Arts Emmys
  • Nathan said in this interview with Bop & TigerBeat that if Freddie ends up with either girl it would change the whole dynamic of the show. He adds the audience will find out how the Sam-Freddie relationship changes and there's going to be several "very interesting episodes coming up that the Seddie people will be expected for"
  • Jennette was asked in her stardoll chat from August 24, 2011 if she was dating Nathan Kress. Jennette answered "No I don’t. Everybody asks this. No. Just because you date somebody on a television show or your characters date. She also added she and Nathan are great friends and will hopefully continue to after the show" So Jennette and Nathan may not be dating, but she did inadvertently say their characters are dating
  • Nathan tweeted "For those who haven't seen it yet, check out these details for iLost My Mind, which is coming this Saturday!!" with this article
  • Nathan and Jennette did this interview on what their favorite movies are and what they think their characters Sam and Freddie would like. The article also advertises as "Watch ILost My Mind August 13th and see Sam and Freddie finally get together"
  • When the cast talks ILost My Mind Jennette sings in a creative way of telling the plot line “There was a time when Sam hated Freddie, but now, suddenly, we’re thinking they’re maybe going steady. What? What? So here’s how it happens, from beginning to now: You’re jaw's gonna drop, and you’re gonna say, 'Wow'.”
  • In the fourth promo for ILost My Mind Jennette and Nathan answer the question "Do Sam and Freddie belong together?" along with the rest of the cast Jennette replies, "It's just so weird and I have to kiss him a lot" Nathan eludes, "I don't know, I guess you'll just have to stick around, watch, and find out"
  • This link advertises a chance to meet Nathan and Jennette at your school, and follows up with saying a chance to meet Seddie
  • Jennette said in this interview that there's some relationship drama in the first four episodes following iOMG.
  • In this interview with Popstar Magazine, Nathan talks about how there is more than one episode dedicated to what happens after IOMG - the big episode where Sam kisses Freddie - and more to the storyline of the developing relationship between the two of them.
  • In this interview (towards the end) Nathan says that there will be more than one episode dedicated to iOMG - the big Sam and Freddie shocker episode -, to the growing relationship between to characters in particular and how that all works out. He says there's a lot of character development between those two as well.

Seddie is gonna happen!

Jennette said, "I can't say wink wink" when asked the Seddie question

  • During a 2011 event for Nickelodeon, a fan asked, "Would Sam and Freddie ever date on iCarly?" Jennette replied (while starting to laugh), "Oh, that's a tough question! I can't say, I'm so sorry! I'm not allowed to." And then she added, "Wink, wink." and "I. Can't. Say." (with a wink, an arm nudge and laughter) nodding and gesturing a possible yes.
  • This post was made by a Seddie fan who met Jennette at a concert and revealed to her that she would really like iOMG, after she told her she was a Seddie fan.
  • PhantomPearl, one of the moderators at the Seddie Forum, posted this video of her encounter with Jennette. She told her that she would "really like the season finale."
  • Coketree20 met Jennette as well [4].

I Meet Jennette McCurdy (02 07 11)

PhantomPearl meets Jennette!

  • Nathan said in this interview with Fanlala that iOMG has something a lot of people will enjoy, a lot of people are Seddie fans.
  • Jennette and Nathan said in interview with SkyTV that IOMG would be epic, something shocking would happen, and that there'd be a little "spice" in the romance department.
  • It was revealed in this iCarly Clevver TV interview that this episode had a fake ending in the script, but at the table read their executive producer Dan Schneider pulled Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson) and Jennette McCurdy (Sam Puckett) aside, revealing the true ending to this episode, the Seddie kiss, and they were the only ones of the cast who knew about it until they shot the actual scene.
  • When they filmed the Seddie kiss in the episode, producers and crew that were unnecessary were requested to leave.
  • Nathan said in this interview Freddie teams up with Sam for once regarding IParty with Victorious
  • Nathan added from iCarly Clevver TV interview he thinks it's safe to say that more people want to see Sam and Freddie get together, and iOMG had that Seddie heavy moment.
  • In a recent ustream with Noah Munck, Nathan said that the events from iOMG won't be resolved in just one episode, but will be going on in an own story throughout several episodes of the second half of season 4, giving a real romantic development between Sam and Freddie a good chance. [1]

Seddie is going to happen ( Attack no 2 )

Nathan and Jennette Talk On-Screen Kisses

Note: While Nathan and Jennette are friends and will never be anything more. They have talked about their on-screen kisses. They have both stated their on-set kisses are like kissing your sibling, but have to remain professional actors and try to get a kissing scene done in one to a few takes.

  • Nathan and Jennette have had twelve on-screen kisses thus far for iCarly. The first as Sam and Freddie in iKiss The second as Freddie and Melanie in iTwins. They've also had to kiss twice for iOMG as Sam and Freddie, where Dan revealed they shot the kiss two different ways. The one after that in ILost My Mind and twice in IDate Sam & Freddie and twice for ICan't Take It. They've also kissed three times for ILove You—not counting practice kisses or do-overs.

Tumblr lvixp24pjN1r43oryo1 500.gif

  • Jennette said the Seddie thing makes her crack up and laugh. She said, "Nathan and I,whenever we get these scripts, where there's always some sort of melodramatic scene between Sam and Freddie and it ends with them kissing, we look at each other like Oh man dude...I'm sorry this is awkward" during her Stuck In My Head U-Stream
  • Nathan and Jennette did this interview for FOX in Washington D.C along with Jerry and Noah. They again described Sam and Freddie's kisses in IOMG and ILost My Mind as them "lip-punching each other. They also talked about how Sam and Freddie are dating at this point in the show. Nathan and Jennette the storyline in iLove You gets even crazier because Sam and Freddie explore each others' hobbies and the plot thickens.Jennette also mentions "We find out that maybe Freddie loves to punch her lips back." Nathan answers, "He does." They also described the event for this year's Worldwide Day of Play.
  • Nathan and Jennette also did this interview during the 2011 Creative Arts Emmys with iCarly co-star Jerry Trainor, where the describe the episodes as "punching (his/her) lips with their lips"
  • It was revealed in this iCarly Clevver TV interview that this episode had a fake ending in the script, but at the table read their executive producer Dan Schneider pulled Nathan Kress "Freddie Benson" and Jennette McCurdy "Sam Puckett" aside revealing the true ending to this episode the Seddie kiss and they were only ones in the cast who knew until filming.
  • When they filmed the Seddie kiss in the episode producers and crew that didn't need to be there left so it was a very private moment
  • Jennette and Nathan had to do kissing scenes for iOMG, which they also shot the it in IOMG twice once with Miranda watching them and once without her there.
  • In this interview Nathan claims kissing Jennette is like kissing your sister because they are so close.
  • Jennette was asked in her stardoll chat from August 24, 2011 if she was dating Nathan Kress. Jennette answered ""No I don’t. "Everybody asks this. No. Just because you date somebody on a television show or your characters date, it definitely doesn’t mean that it translates to real life. Nathan’s a great friend of mine, He always, you know he has been the entire run of the show, and I’m sure he always will be. But No, were not dating. It would just be weird. It would literally be like dating your brother. Every time we have to do kissing scenes on set it’s so you guys…It’s so horrible. It’s just dreadful. We try to get it done in as few takes as possible…Because it is something neither of us…look forward to. Kissing your brother. Kissing your sister. Not a good time. Not a good time. Just Saying."
  • Her kiss with Nathan is the only one that Jennette considers as a true kiss.
  • Jennette and Nathan joked with each other while filming their kissing scene to lighten the mood. Jennette and Nathan were both really nervous about the kissing scene. Jennette couldn't get to sleep the night before.
  • Nathan said to Jennette "See that wasn't so bad." after filming the kissing scene IKiss
  • Nathan and Jennette said to their fans Rebecca and Nina that they're so glad they like them in IKiss in this video
  • Jennette said after the kissing scene in iKiss. She felt a little awkward and used mouth-wash after filming it. But Nathan caught her using mouth-wash and brushing her teeth, so he was a little stand-offish.
  • During iKiss Jennette rated Nathan's kissing skills a 5/10.

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