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Jaidyn Triplett is an American actress who portrays Millicent Mitchell on iCarly (2021).


Jaidyn Triplett is an American actress known for her roles in Black-ish[4] and The Affair[5]. As of her being very young, across all of her social medias combined, she has gathered over 1 million total followers overall.[citation needed]

Personal Life

Jaidyn was born in Ohio and is the daughter of Noraidy and Joshua Triplett, an actor.[6][7] She has a younger sister named Jordyn Triplett.[8]

Her family runs the YouTube channel Triplett Family Network and she has appeared in a number of their videos. The videos Jaidyn appears in are mostly family vlogs.



  • Jaidyn can dance and sing.[2]
  • Jaidyn is good at cycling and improvisation.[2]
  • In 2016, Jaidyn appeared in the Buzzfeed video "Kids Explain How Babies Are Made" with her father. She explained that babies are sold at the hospital for $10.[9]
  • Jaidyn has been in several commericals.
  • She was born 5 days after iStart a Fanwar came out.
  • She has a dog named Cinnamon and loves dolphins.[10]


See photos of Jaidyn Triplett here.

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