Ick Glokmah in Drake and Josh

Ick Glokmah is the movie that Carly and Kyle watched on their date at the cinema in iQ. It is a Udonian movie with English subtitles.

The movie is in total 4 hours long, but after the first two hours, it has an intermission.

Ick Glokmah was also mentioned in one of Dan Schneider's other Nickelodeon TV shows, Drake and Josh, in which Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer Shay, worked at the Premiere Theater and went by the name "Crazy Steve". The movie cover was also seen.

The movie said to be Russian, but in the Drake & Josh episode, "We're Married", it is said to be a Udonian film.

It possibly appeared in iGet Pranky, when Spencer was watching a movie with his new girlfriend.

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