"Why doesn't Freddie say "in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"?"
Spencer to Carly.

iWon't Cancel the Show is the 16th episode of Season 3 of iCarly and the 66th episode overall.

The originally scheduled airdate of iWon't Cancel The Show was Saturday, April 24th,[1] but Nick decided to instead air a special instead, hosted by Miranda Cosgrove ("7 Secrets About Miranda Cosgrove") that evening instead. The episode aired May 1[2]. Jennette McCurdy (Sam) did not appear at all in this episode, making her the first main character ever to be absent in an episode (not counting iBloop, in which the entire cast is absent, with Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor only playing themselves). This is because Jennette was in the hospital the week the episode was filmed.


Carly's father has the chance to watch iCarly live for the first time, but Sam ends up in juvie that night (after shoving a hot chili dog down the pants of a man who turned out to be an ambassador from Mexico). Carly convinces Spencer to help her and the others with the webcast although he has a date with a sophisticated woman that night, and Spencer tries to balance his time between his date and the webshow. Although he somehow manages it at first, his date eventually comes into the studio and is freaked out by what Spencer is doing. They all however remain in character and Spencer (as Baby Spencer) accidentally spits out some creamed fish onto his date, causing her to leave. After the webshow, Spencer apologizes in case they have embarrassed their father.



  • This is the third time that it is mentioned that Freddie doesn't say the 1 when he goes "In 5, 4, 3, 2...". The first being iChristmas, then iTake on Dingo.
  • Spencer accidentally putting his phone in a stuffed chicken is a parody of Mr. Bean doing the same to a stuffed turkey with his watch in an episode of Mr. Bean and in the first live-action movie.
  • The "man purse" referred to by Carly is actually called a satchel.
  • In the sketch with Fuffley and Peeta, Fuffley doesn't appear, and no character questions about where Fuffley is. Carly's the nanny but she wasn't replacing Fuffley.
  • This is the only time the Fuffley and Peeta sketch has returned; apart from The Idiot Farm Girl sketch, no other sketches have returned, yet. This is the first time two segments, the other being "Baby Spencer," are joined together.
  • There is no singing on the music that is played during the Poppycock Dance, but the closed captions show lyrics that read "I want a girl with a mind like a diamond/I want a girl who knows what's best/I want a girl with shoes that cut/and eyes that burn/like cigarettes..." These are actually lyrics to the song "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake.
  • Spencer's ringtone is similar to Trina Vega's ringtone in the show Victorious, (which is also created by Dan Schneider).
  • In a blooper first seen in iBloop, Jerry Trainor accidentally spits out the creamed fish on Miranda Cosgrove's hand.
  • This episode marks the first time one of the main characters was not present. Sam was not present in this episode because Jennette McCurdy, the actress who portrays Sam, was in the hospital at the time the episode was filmed.
    • It was scripted for Freddie to go and visit Sam in juvie, but this scene was skipped due to Jennette McCurdy's stay in the hospital.
  • When Freddie says "In 5, 4, 3, 2..." during the opening credits, you can hear his voice is deeper.
  • What Freddie said in Spanish means "THE HOT BEANS ARE BURNING MY PANTS!!!"
  • This is the only in episode in the series without Sam in it, although she still appears in the theme song at the beginning and she appears in the end credits.
  • Until learning otherwise, Gibby apparently thought that Spencer was Carly's dad--Spencer and Carly's actual father is Colonel Steven Shay of the United States Air Force.


  • Just before Candace arrives at the Shay apartment a doorbell rings and Spencer greets her at the front door - this is one of several episodes in which a doorbell is heard to ring, but there is no bell push outside the front door.
  • Lewbert hit Freddie with his "man purse" last Thursday, yet Carly left the sour milk out in the sun for two weeks, so why was the milk left out in the sun before they obtained the man purse?
    • It was probably an accident.
  • When Spencer takes his yam purée out of the hot oven he uses a pot holder in his left hand, but then touches the dish with his bare right hand, apparently not noticing that the dish is very hot.
  • The word "torture" and it's pronunciation should not have shown up on the screen, as the word "torture" is a common word, and that it was probably not expected, as Gibby did not know Spencer would be gone for a while.
  • It is unknown how the iCarly web show cameras were able to cut back and forth from Spencer to Freddie to Carly, etc. when they were the only ones in the studio and couldn't have moved the camera themselves.


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Carly: [While on the phone] No way! How?

Spencer: How what?
Carly: Shhhhhhhh! Really? Oh my God, that's so great!
Spencer: What's great?
Carly: Shhhhhhhhhhh! So everyone? On the whole sub?
Spencer: Everyone on the whole what?
Carly: Just stuff your chicken!

Carly: So then what happened?
Carly: No! I mean with Sam!

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[After Carly explains the beginning of an iCarly webcast]
Spencer: Why doesn't Freddie say "in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"?
Carly: No one knows!
Freddie: I know!
Carly : No one cares!!!

Gibby: I thought Spencer was your dad?
Carly: GIBBY!!

[doing a Terrible Theatre segment]

Freddie: [In a British accent] Might I also have some food, father?
Gibby: [In a British accent] No! Floss my toes!
Freddie: [shrieks/sobs] Oh, Father!
Baby Spencer: Get between Daddy's toes! MYEEHEHEHEH!
Freddie: Father, please, it smells like gorgonzola!

Gibby: WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OFF, WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!
Freddie: If her head does come off, might I please eat it?

Candace: [After Spencer spits creamed fish in her face]  You're all freaks!


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