The iWeb Awards is an award show that recognizes and honors the best web shows around the world, which was featured in the iCarly feature length movie iGo to Japan.

The iWeb Awards


Award categories

  • Best Cooking Show
  • Best Comedy Show

Note: There are likely lots of award categories in the iWeb Awards but only two are mentioned.

Best Cooking Show

Hungry Girl

Best Comedy Show

Henri P'Twa (with his Poodle Puppet Oompe)
Kyoko and Yuki - (Disqualified)
iCarly - (Winner)

Note: There are six web shows competing for Best Comedy Award but only three are mentioned.


  • Good Charlotte

Note: Performers are not involved into any award categories.


  • iCarly was originally marked as a forfeit, because they didn't show up.
  • They didn't show up, because they were kidnapped by Kyoko and Yuki and left in the middle of nowhere.
  • Kyoko and Yuki were arrested for kidnapping the iCarly team.
  • The iCarly team's award is in the iCarly Studio.
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  • A portion of this award show was shown in Merry Christmas: Drake & Josh.
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