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"What did you plan to do with all these Fat Cakes?"
— The Border Guard to Sam.

iToe Fat Cakes is the 24th episode of Season 4 of iCarly. This is the fourth season finale, and the 94th episode overall.


Because Sam didn't get in trouble for ten days, Carly, Freddie and Spencer give her a ticket for a tour of the Fat Cakes World Headquarters in Canada. Sam enjoys the trip a lot, but gets in trouble for trying to smuggle Canadian Fat Cakes, which are illegal in America, over the border. Spencer manages to get her out of it, but she can't return to the US because she doesn't have any kind of ID. Gibby gets the idea to smuggle Sam across the border in his suitcase, but the suitcases get switched with someone else and Sam ends up on a flight to Malaysia.


Carly has a date with a boy named Lance and doesn't want to go to Canada because she has already bailed on him in the past. When she takes a bath to get ready, she gets her toe stuck in the faucet after seeing a scene like this on TV and trying it herself, not thinking it is really possible. At first, she tries to call Wendy for help, but destroys her PearPhone when she drops it in the water. She then gets Mrs. Benson's attention by accident, but she isn't able to get Carly's toe unstuck, either. While Mrs. Benson tries to get Carly free, Lance comes in. In the end, Carly and Lance eat Chinese food with Carly lying in the bathtub while a man cuts off the faucet with a power saw.

Guest Stars


  • This episode, like iBalls, features little of Carly in the whole episode, letting Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby have more airtime because Miranda went on tour.

Miranda takes toe out of faucet.

  • In the sneak peek, Miranda accidentally pulls her toe out of the faucet when Lance comes in and quickly sticks it back in. It was fixed in the actual episode.

Goof corrected

  • Jennette said in a reply to a fan that she "liked the iToe Fat Cakes episode a lot. They were all really fun this season!"
  • Three bloopers shown in iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo originate from this episode.
    • One being, Jennette throwing a metal pan or plate down, where it lands on an extra's foot.
    • Second, Jennette messing up her line because Jerry made her laugh by saying "Shut her!" Jennette responds jokingly, "I hate you! I hate you, so much." She, Nathan, and Jerry all break character and laugh.
    • Third, being a bit from Nathan's yawning montage when they are supposed to film the web cast.
  • The first promo aired after the preview of the FRED: The Show.
  • The iToe part has been mistakenly known as iToes.
  • When Carly gets stuck, she says "I've got to get my PearPhone," instead of the more common "I've got to get my phone."
  • This episode aired on Jerry Trainor's 35th birthday.
  • Carly appears to cry for help in two languages: German (Helfen Mir!) and French (Assistance!); however, the correct way to cry for help in those languages are "Helfen Sie mir" (German) and Aidez-moi or Au secours! (French) respectively.
    • The closed captions spell Carly's cries for help as Helfen meer and Ossy-stonce, most likely to show how it was pronounced.
  • It is not seen how Sam comes back from Malaysia, similar to how it's unknown how Gibby got out of the chimney in iStill Psycho.
    • It's likely that when she was let out of the suitcase, she was deported back to the U.S.
  • This is the first episode where the interior of the Shay bathroom (probably Carly's bathroom on the second floor) is seen, where they have a shower, bathtub and a Yatsabishi television sitting on the edge of the bathtub.
  • Carly's bathroom is the same set as the Vega's bathroom in Victorious, as seen in Ice Cream for Ke$ha.
  • Carly was watching the Drake & Josh episode Peruvian Puff Pepper on Nickelodeon, despite Drake & Josh not airing on Nickelodeon when the episode was released.
  • This was the Season 4 finale.


  • When Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby were going to leave the Canadian border and enter Washington, a kid asked if he could get an autograph from Gibby. Freddie decided to take a picture of them instead, even though there was a big "No Photos" sign (a camera with a no sign around it) right behind them. This could just be the kid disobeying the rules, or he may have not noticed the sign. It could also just be a gag the writers threw in.


  • The premise of Sam winning a trip to a factory after finding a golden ticket is a similar plot to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
  • Fat Cakes are a parody of Hostess's SnoBalls.
  • Carly mentions she got the idea to stick her toe in the faucet from a person on The Dick Van Dyke Show, a sitcom that initially aired on CBS from 1961 to 1966. The episode she saw was Never Bathe on Saturday which aired March 31, 1965, which she saw on The Vintage Network.
  • The Vintage Network's logo almost looks like Nick at Nite's 1992-2002 logo.
  • While Carly is flipping through the channels, she watches a clip of the Drake & Josh episode Peruvian Puff Pepper. Miranda was a main character on Drake and Josh and the clip was of herself.
  • In this episode, Canadian Fat Cakes are said to taste better because they are made with "cane fat", unlike American Fat Cakes, which is made with "corn fat". This is a reference to soda companies, especially Coca-Cola, who, in the 1980s, switched their sweetener from cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup, which is associated with lesser quality taste, and although not proven, adverse health effects, which inadvertently created a cult following of Mexican Coke. Unlike Canadian Fat Cakes, Mexican Coke isn't illegal in the United States, nor does have to be smuggled into America, as it's often shipped to American supermarkets.
  • When Carly drops her PearPhone in the bath and it "dies" she says "There's no app for that!" which is a play on the Apple iTunes slogan, "There's an app for that!"
  • Carly and Lance make fun of Lance's eighteen year old sister who doesn't have a driver's licence; this is similar to Tori on Victorious who also doesn't have a driver's license.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby should not be allowed in a clean room like the Fat Cake production line without wearing protective clothes like the workers (although colored differently to distinguish them as visitors).
  • Carly once said in iStage An Intervention that taking a bath was gross and she prefers to shower, but she takes a bath in this episode. She might have stopped finding baths gross.
  • The first few times Carly put her toe in the faucet (before it got stuck), it can be seen that it just went behind the faucet hole.
  • The sequence showing Sam, Freddie, Gibby and Spencer "passing through security" to re-enter the United States is unrealistic. At the Blaine border crossing shown, thousands of vehicles cross the border into Blaine from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada every hour. Most of the time, drivers and passengers do not have to get out of their vehicles, but merely hand their documentation to a border guard through a window in a kiosk.
  • When Gibby's passport is checked, the computer states his name is Orenthal Gibby, even though his last name is Gibson.
  • Sam would've needed a passport to enter Canada in the first place, but as she has a criminal record, she would probably not be admitted to Canada at all without first applying for a special permit.
  • The family taking Sam to Malaysia would have to pass through airport security, and it would be impossible for them to continue because a body would be seen during the X-ray. They probably would have been jailed for this.
  • The family taking Sam to Malaysia should have known that they picked up the wrong suitcase because of the weight. In any case, they would have heard her calling out.
  • Flights from Seattle to Malaysia take anywhere from 22 to 28 hours, including stops, depending upon the airline selected and the route chosen. Much of that time, the flight would be at altitudes of 30 to 40 thousand feet, where the temperature is anywhere from 30 to 40 degrees below zero. In the unheated luggage compartment, Sam would have frozen to death.
  • Police from Canada cannot make Canadian Fat Cakes be illegal in United States. It would be up to the American government to impose such legislation. If Canadian Fat Cakes were banned from importation into the United States, this would be a violation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This would almost certainly result in Canada filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • In reality, the footage of Sam inside the plane landing in Malaysia is not actually Malaysia. It is instead footage of a Malaysian Airlines 747 landing at Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong. On top of not being in Malaysia, the airport closed in 1998, meaning Sam could not have even landed there in the time of the episode.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • The Dingo Channel is mentioned again in the episode, where Carly is seen flipping through an episode of Twinjas.
  • A reference to Sam's little crush on Spencer, first revealed in the episode iGet Pranky, was made when Spencer blurts out "I know you have a crush on me." and Sam quickly responds, "What?"
  • This is the first time that Carly still has a significant other i.e. Lance at the end of the episode.


Sam: [holding a golden ticket] No way, shut up!
Spencer: [as Mayor Mustachio] We shall not shut up!

Megan: [played by Miranda Cosgrove, on TV] You think I purposely got the Peruvian puff peppers, knowing you'd steal them ...?
Carly: Seen it.

Carly: Just gotta be calm, sooner or later someone will come in here, help me get my toe unstuck ... AND SEE ME NAKED!

Freddie: [asking Sam after he, Spencer, Gibby, and Sam walk into a Fat Cake assembly line] What do you think of that?
Sam: [crying over a Fat Cake] I think they're beautiful... Mama's home! [hugs Spencer]
Spencer: [to the tour guide] Yeah... She really likes Fat Cakes.

Fat Cake Factory Worker: Which of you Americans would like to be the first to try a Canadian Fat Cake?
Gibby: [reaching for the first Fat Cake] Hey, I wouldn't mind if ... [Sam knocks him to the floor] Aaaah!
Spencer and Freddie: [gasp and grimace, mouthing] Ooh!
Sam: [twiddling her fingers, sweetly] May I?
Freddie: [to Sam] OK, Sam, take a bite and ...
Sam: [yells] SHUT UP! [throws tray on the floor]

Sam: [staring at a Fat Cake cream piping bag, stretching out the word] What?! (Cut from the final version of the episode)

Carly: [after dropping her phone in the bathtub] Well, there's no app for that.

Spencer: I know you have a crush on me ...
Sam: What?!
Spencer: [looking away quickly, as if embarrassed] Nothing!

Gibby: So if Idaho wanted to be its own country, could it?
Freddie: I guess they could try, but it'd probably start another civil war.
Gibby: War? War is wack!
Freddie: Well said, my friend.

Border Guard: What did you plan to do with all these Fat Cakes?
Sam: Well, mustache, I was gonna put 'em in my face, chew 'em a little, send them on a trip down to my stomach, and I think we all know what would have happened to them after that.

Freddie: [to Gibby] Dogs really like you.
Gibby: Yeah, dogs and girls with low self-esteem.

Border Guard: [about Sam] And, she ... she called me a dumb wazz-bag.
Spencer: I object!
Border Guard: So did I. I don't even know what a wazz-bag is.
Freddie: Well, if you had a bag, and you know, you needed to wazz ... then, the uhh ...
Spencer: He doesn't need to know!

Border Guard: Who was the first U.S. president?
Sam: [blank stare]
Border Guard: The father of our country?
Sam: Abraham... Franklin?
[cut to Freddie, Spencer and Gibby: Freddie and Spencer hang their heads in shame; Gibby gestures "Yes!"]
Gibby: [notices Freddie and Spencer have bowed their heads] That's not it?

Carly: [stuck in the bathtub] Help! I have a cute date in less than thirty minutes!

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iTunes Rating for Children's TV

  • The episode reached a total of 4.842 million views on its premiere weekend, an increase of 62% over the same time period the year before). The half-hour episode ranks as one week’s number-one entertainment program with kid and tween demos, posting double and triple-digit gains and averaging a 7.1/2.5 million (+54%) K2-11, 9.4/2 million (+68%) K6-11, and 8.9/1.9 million (+128%) T9-14.[2] It was, at least at one time, Nickelodeon's most watched scripted telecast of 2012.
  • This episode reached #1 on iTunes Charts for Children's TV along with iMeet The First Lady at #2.[3]


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