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iThrow a Flawless Murder Mystery Party is the 10th episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 23rd episode overall. It premiered on June 3, 2022.


"Carly realizes Freddie’s new girlfriend needs help planning his perfect birthday party, but Carly’s insight into what makes Freddie happy leads to a stunning revelation about their relationship. Spencer and Harper scheme to leave the party early to meet new dates, while Millicent is distracted by her new crush."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Freddie is very excited about his upcoming birthday party and is convinced Pearl with nail it, but instead she plans on throwing him a crows party. On the day of the party, Pearl comes dressed up as Richard Nixon, who Freddie is terrorfied about so she changes into Carly's Cher outfit.

Over the course of the evenning, Carly tries to make Freddie happy by saying Pearl thought of the party and all the activities including a card game which causes tension between Carly, Freddie and Pearl when Carly and Freddie's characters are husband and wife and the discription references their personal relationship. Pearl starts to feel uncomfortable around Carly and Freddie and decides to leave to get some air. When Freddie asks where Pearl is, Carly tries to cover for her, but is forced to tell Freddie the truth that Pearl left the party. Freddie questions and Carly comes clean that she was the one who changed the theme to a murder mystery party because she knew that Freddie would hate the theme Pearl thought of. Freddie is appreciative but says it is not fair as Pearl will never know Freddie as well as Carly does. Pearl unfortinutely overhears this as she walks back into the appartment. Freddie tries to appologise but Pearl says it is okay as she realises Freddie is right and deludes that Carly and Freddie are clearly in love with each other, which neither of them deny. Pearl leaves angrily, seemingly breaking up with Freddie. Carly and Freddie just look at each other, leaving the episode and season on a cliffhanger.


Spencer and Harper scheme to leave the party early to meet new dates, while Millicent is distracted by her new crush.

Guest Stars

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  • This is the season 2 finale.
  • This is the first episode ever to feature Freddie's birthday.
  • Carly appears to have feelings for Freddie in this episode.
  • The episode/season ends on a cliffhanger like the season 1 finale iReturn to Webicon.
  • This is considered to be a big Creddie episode.
  • Info from live tweeting:
    • Miranda couldn't stop laughing when Pearl said about the theme being crows.[2]
    • The crow idea came from the show runner Ali.[3]
    • The scene with Pearl, Carly and Harper was Mia Serafino's favourite scene in the season because it was the only one she got to do with just Miranda and Laci.[4]
    • Multiple takes were shot of Freddie's reaction to Pearl dressed as Richard Nixon.[5]
    • Nathan Kress struggled to film a scene with the mustache because it kept falling off.[6]
    • The cake being thown in Carly's face was the last shot of the season.[7]
    • There was only one chance to do the cake stunt.[8]
    • Nathan had to learn how to do the hustle for the episode and he would dance with his four year old daughter in her bedroom to practice.[9]
    • Carly's cake-faced seething line to Mrs. Benson was one of the hardest fights of the season to not break character.[10]
    • Freddie's shoes brought back memories of the old show's first season where Nathan had to wear platform shoes, because he was shorter than Miranda and Jennette.[11]
  • The episode was filmed on Jerry Trainer's birthday.[12]
  • A deleted scene featuring Marissa and Millicent was released almost a week after the episode aired, where Marissa broke the fourth wall replying "It may not be until next season" when Millicent asked "How until do you think it's gonna be until we know what happens?", hinting at a third season.[13]


  • Freddie does the John Travolta dance from Saturday Night Fever.
  • Zoe Saldana and Don Chedle are both mentioned. They both are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Chedle portrays James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine and Saldana portrays Gamora.

Character Revelations

  • Freddie is terrified of Richard Nixon, a fear he got after getting locked in a presidential library with all the masks of Nixon.


Running Gags

Series Continuity

  • Second episode in the revival to have "I Throw A Flawless.." in the title.
  • Freddie's fear of Richard Nixon references iPsycho where Nora Dershlit wore a Richard Nixon mask that terrified the iCarly trio.
  • The events of iObject, Lewbert! are mentioned and so is Lewbert Sline.


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