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"We kissed."
Sam telling Carly about her kiss with Freddie, while under the influence of nitrous oxide.

iThink They Kissed is the 1st episode of the third season of iCarly and the 51st episode overall. The episode originally aired on September 12, 2009. It was viewed by an average of 8.361 million viewers, making it one of the most viewed episodes of the third season.

Dan Schneider calls this episode the direct sequel to iKiss.[2]


While doing an iCarly segment, Sam loses her tooth after she bites into a squash. Downstairs, after the show's over, Sam confesses to Carly and Freddie that she hasn't been to a dentist in twelve years--this shocks her friends, and Carly points that you're supposed to see a dentist at least once every six months. Although Sam is reluctant, Carly makes her go see a dentist, Dr. Wheeler. Sam has to be put on laughing gas to calm her down for the treatment and is still loopy for some time afterwards. In this state, she accidentally reveals to Carly that she and Freddie kissed (which happened in iKiss).

After all three promise not to keep any more secrets from each other, Carly keeps asking questions about the kiss, such as how long it lasted and whether or not they actually liked it. The second question goes unanswered, as Spencer appears to get his banjo, then leaves while they are still duct-taped together. They all try to work together to get out of the bind, but just end up falling over with Carly stating "Well, that didn't work."



Spencer volunteers to teach art at a local prison where he ends up making a gigantic pair of pants with the prisoners. The prisoners hide in the pants, which Spencer brings home. While Carly is confronting Freddie and Sam about their kiss, two of the prisoners sneak out of the giant pants and duct tape the iCarly gang to some chairs so they can get away.



  • Season 2 was, and currently is, the longest production season of iCarly ever, having almost 50 episodes (counting movies and specials). It was so long that Nickelodeon had to cut the season in 2. Technically speaking, iThink They Kissed, while being the Season 3 premiere, is part of season 2. Since Season 3 is still season 2, all season 3 episodes have been released on the Season 2 volume DVDs.
  • This was the first and only time the Shay's downstairs bathroom is shown, during The Sack commercial when Spencer was showering with one.
  • The medical complex that Carly takes Sam to is named "St. Agony's."
  • When Trina gets her wisdom teeth removed in the Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out," she also thinks she has to go to the dentist while still on anesthesia, just as Sam does in this episode.
  • Carly was supposed to be asked by Freddie, as shown in the promo for the episode, if she was jealous. This scene only appeared in the promo, as it was cut from the episode for an unknown reason.
  • Freddie's mention that he got strong at the same time the voice got lower is a reference to Nathan Kress hitting puberty at some point between the production of Season One and Season Two. This change was first noticed by Sam and referenced in iSaw Him First.
  • The episode also hints that Carly may have been jealous, since she acted very upset and angry and kept saying "Oh my GOD!" when asking Freddie what happened. She was also very curious about the kiss.
  • In the scene where Carly asks Sam about the kiss between her and Freddie that she accidentally confessed to while disoriented by the laughing gas, there is a line where Sam says, "Holy crab, I love this!"; although the line appeared to sound like "holy crap." On his blog, Dan Schneider swears the line in the script said "Holy crab."[3]
  • Bacon flavored ice cream actually exists.
  • When Carly asks Sam, "Why didn't you tell me you and Freddie kissed?", it appears to be a different take than in the promo. In the promo, Carly's tone is slightly louder, and she puts more emphasis on the word "tell".
  • The giant pants function as a "Trojan horse."
  • According to Dan's blog, the writers had an issue pertaining to Sam at the end. The questions were: Why didn't Sam fight and why did she allow herself to be duct taped. It was eventually resolved that it was because Sam made the calculated and wise decision to not fight and it was safer for everyone to just let the prisoners walk out.
    • Many fans were surprised that Sam didn't do anything to stop the prisoners after they escaped, as Sam has proven throughout the series that she is stronger than most men.
  • There are hints that Sam and Freddie liked their kiss, since they looked at each other and blushed when Carly asked them if they enjoyed it.
  • It is unknown how Carly, Sam, and Freddie got out of the duct taped chairs. Spencer may have gotten them out after returning from impressing the girl at the bakery with his banjo.
  • The first usage of the term "Seddie" in official iCarly media was probably in the Latin American Spanish dub, where this episode is titled "iSeddie".[citation needed]


Carly and sam.jpg
  • "The Sack" is a parody of the Snuggie, the blanket with "arms." However, if they are as crazy and stupid as Carly and Sam suggest, one has to wonder why they would purchase four of them just to demonstrate on the web show - a significant waste of money for three teenagers with limited or no income.
    • Since the Sack and the entire commercial is a parody, it is entirely possible they got colorful sacks from somewhere and then later used them for some other purpose.
  • Apparently, Freddie still doesn't know for certain that Melanie exists, stating that he is "still fuzzy on the whole Melanie thing." The ending of the episode iTwins revealed only to the audience that she does exist. This means Freddie might have accepted that Melanie is real, but he still isn't sure.
  • Spencer is seen wearing a Penny-Tee that says "DanWarp Tweets." If you go to www.twitter.com/danwarp, DanWarp does tweet. When this episode premiered in the United Kingdom, Spencer's shirt was blurred out as it counts as product placement.[4]

Character Revelations

  • Sam has never been to the dentist since she was 2 prior to this episode


Sam finds out Carly knows about the kiss!

  • When Sam takes a bite out of her corn on the cob after saying, "Yeah, why would a dude rob a bank when he could build a robot out of soda bottles?" she doesn't seem to show any sign of pain, when she did show pain earlier.
  • In the season one episode, "iHate Sam's Boyfriend", Freddie tells Jonah that Sam has really great teeth. However, in this episode, Sam mentions that she hasn't been to the dentist in twelve years, which allows you to assume that Sam's teeth are in bad condition. It is unknown whether Freddie was lying to Jonah or if he honestly thought Sam's teeth looked good. Freddie may have been referring to Sam's front teeth (which look fine) and she might have had issues with her back teeth.
  • After drinking the prisoner's fruit punch, Spencer walks out the door, and you can clearly see the punch on the floor. But when the prisoners get into the giant pants, the juice isn't on the floor, although no one cleaned it up.
  • After the dentist has finished working on Sam's teeth he says "Let's go and check her X-rays". This makes no sense - a dentist would only check a patient's X-rays prior to or during the actual procedure, there is no reason to check them again after completing the work.
  • After Carly tells Sam she can't understand her, Sam takes the cotton out of her mouth and places it in Carly's hand before heading for the fridge. The next shot of Carly shows her not holding the cotton anymore with no garbage bin in sight.

Running Gags

IThink They Kissed.jpg
  • One of the prisoners is obsessed with stabbing.

Series Continuity

  • In this episode Carly and Sam talk about squash, even though in the episode "iHave a Lovesick Teacher" Freddie suggests that they talk about vegetables (asparagus and squash) on the web show, and they both ridicule him for suggesting this.
  • When Carly pins Freddie to the ground, and then Freddie reverses the pin to Carly, Carly is shocked, saying "When did you get so strong?!" This references the episode "iPromise Not to Tell ", where Carly easily pinned Freddie down and he was unable to fight her off.
  • Carly said in this episode that she had two best friends. However in iReunite With Missy, she said she had one best friend (Sam). She may have been talking about female friends back then.
  • This is one of the many episodes where silver duct tape is used (see iWant a World Record, iSpeed Date, iCarly Awards, iPsycho and iSell Penny-Tees).
  • Spencer first played his banjo in iRocked the Vote.
  • The giant pants return in "iHave My Principals," used by Principal Franklin as an entrance when he appears on iCarly.


Sam: Aw, what's the big chiz? It's normal for teeth to fall out.
Carly: Yeah, when you're five.
Freddie: Or ninety!
Carly: How long has it been since you've been to a dentist?
Sam:I dunno, two ... twelve years.
Carly: WHAT?!
Freddie: YEARS?!
Carly: You're supposed to go every 6 months.
Sam: Yeah, well I'll add that to my list of things that'll never happen.

Spencer: Hey, you guys. Which one of these shirts do you think I should wear tomorrow?
Carly: To where?
Spencer: Prison.
Freddie: Prison?
Carly: Oh my God, what did you download?
Spencer: [laughs] Nothing! [thinks for a second] Yeah, nothing.

Spencer: Hey, what's on this corn? Barbecue sauce?
Freddie: Sam's blood.
[Spencer shrieks and throws the corn]

Carly: [referencing Sam] She hasn't been to a dentist since ... She hasn't been to a dentist.

Spencer: As I was saying, I'm gonna teach you guys about sculpting, which, of course, is art. Now, I think of art as a physical expression of emotion! So let's start by talking about the emotions you guys are feeling right now!
Prisoner: Stabbing!
Spencer: Stabbing ... isn't really an emotion, it's more of an ... activity. [Does a stabbing motion with his hand] That I hope you don't do to me ... See, an emotion is more of a feeling!
Prisoner: Well, maybe I feel STABBY!
Spencer: [Nervously] So, sculpting ...

[Sam is under the influence of nitrous oxide, aka 'laughing gas', making her loopier than usual]
Sam: Man, it's gone.
Carly: What's gone?
Sam: My thumb. It was there a second ago.

Sam: I wanna tell you a secret.
Carly: Okay.
Sam: Come here.
Carly: I'm already here. What's the secret?
Sam: [whispers] I like fried chicken.
Carly: It's not a secret that you like fried chicken.
Sam: I know, I got scared to tell you my real secret.
Carly: Just tell me!
Sam: Okay. Come here.
Carly: I already come-hered!
Sam: You know that kid, Freddie?
Carly: [laughing] Yes, I know Freddie.
Sam: [whispering] We kissed.
[Carly's face changes from happy to shocked]
Carly: What?
Sam: Me and Freddie kissed! You know ... [makes kissing sounds]
Sam: Ssshhh! [laughing] Don't tell Carly!

Carly: [to Spencer] SAM AND FREDDIE KISSED!

Spencer: Hey, calm down ...
Carly: NEVER tell a girl to calm down!

Spencer: [after Carly hits him] You know, most guys have to get married to suffer this kind of abuse ...

Freddie: [singing] I like the way you touch my head. So why would you choose him instead? [intense look on his face] Girl who cuts my hair.

Carly: Then she started saying some pretty ... weird stuff.
Freddie: Weird how?
Carly: Like ... she thought her thumb was missing.
Freddie: Was it?
Carly: [frustrated] No! And ... then ... she said that you two kissed.
Freddie: [Nervously] So, she ... really thought her thumb was missing? That's so crazy ...
Carly: AND, she said you two KISSED!
Freddie: Uh ... I'm comin', mom!
Carly: Your mom didn't call you!
Freddie: I heard the whistle!
Carly: Is what Sam said true?
Freddie: NO. I'm sure she has both her thumbs!
Carly: Did you and Sam kiss?
[Freddie runs to try to escape but Carly tackles him to the ground and pins him]
Carly: TELL ME!!
Freddie: NO!
[Freddie reverses the pin and pins Carly to the ground]
Carly: WHOA, when did you get so strong?
Carly: Did you and Sam kiss?
Freddie: OK yes, it's true ... Sam and I kissed.
Carly: Oh, my God!
[Freddie helps Carly to her feet]
Freddie: I was bummed about never kissing anyone, and I was out on the balcony and Sam came out ... she said she never kissed anyone either and we ended up kissing!
Carly: [yells] OH, MY GOD!
Freddie: It was just one time ... except for that other time ... but that might've been Sam's twin sister. I'm still fuzzy on the whole "Melanie" thing!
Carly: You guys are my best friends! How come neither one of you told me?
Freddie: We promised each other we'd never speak of it again. [yells] Oh, man, I'VE BEEN SPEAKING OF IT AGAIN!!!
Carly: I'm calling Sam right now!
Freddie: NO!!! If you tell Sam I told you, she'll kick me in places that should never be kicked!

Carly: We're best friends, right?
Sam: Of course.
Carly: And best friends don't keep secrets from each other, do they?
Sam: Why? What'd you do?? Is it bad? DID YOU FINALLY DO SOMETHING BAD??!! Holy crab, I love this!
Carly: I didn't do anything bad!
Sam: Then why are you keeping it a secret?
Carly: I'm not the one keeping secrets.
Sam: [pauses] Alright, you can have your 20 bucks back. [takes $20 out of her pocket]
Carly: What 20 bucks?
Sam: That I took out of your purse.
Carly: You took ... ? You ...? Why would ...? [takes her wallet out of her purse and looks into it] Sam!
Sam: Well, at least it's not a secret any more!
Carly: That wasn't the secret I was talking about!
Sam: So, I can keep the $20?
Carly: [takes the money out of Sam's hand] No! [steps back] Why didn't you tell me you and Freddie kissed?!
Sam: [embarressed and lost for words] Uh...
Freddie: [opens the door with a cable in his hand] Hey, can I run upstairs for a sec and install these ca ...
Sam: [getting angry] You spoke of it!
Freddie: AHHHHHH! [throws the cable in air and runs into the hall] Leave me alone, Sam. NO! Argh! Lemme go!
Sam: [angrily follows Freddie, carries him back in, and throws him onto the couch. She then locks the door] You swore you'd never tell anyone we kissed!
Freddie: I didn't!
Carly: [shouting] You told me!
Sam: I didn't tell you any-!
Carly: Yes, you did! When you were all hopped up on wacky gas!
Sam: [realizing her error and sullen] Oh.
Carly: You know, I tell you guys everything. So, it feels me like, betrayed that my two best friends made out, and they ...
Sam: We didn't make out.
Freddie: It wasn't like that.

[Carly, Sam, and Freddie are all duct taped to chairs]
Freddie: Why did you tell them where the duct tape was?
Carly: I don't know! I was trying to be helpful!
Sam: Yeah, you helped them alright.
Carly: It's Freddie's fault! When you see prisoners escaping, you don't announce that you're gonna call the cops! [mannish voice, trying to imitate Freddie] "Well, you do realize we have to call the police."
Sam: Man, this duct tape is really strong!
Freddie: I hate being restricted!
Carly: Don't worry. Soon, we'll all be free, and then I'll turn my back and you guys can resume kissing behind it!

Carly: How long was it?
Sam: What?
Carly: How long did you guys kiss?
[Sam and Freddie look at each other]
Freddie: I dunno.
Sam: Like, seven seconds.
Freddie: Seven ... Eight.
Carly: Oh. And was it fun?
Sam: Fun?
Carly: Yeah ... I mean, did you guys ... you know ... like it?
Sam and Freddie: [look at each other but do not answer. Spencer suddenly bursts into the room]
Spencer: CARLY! Where's my banjo?
Carly: Over there by your robot, but --
Spencer: Yeah! Woo!
Sam: Why do you need your banjo all of a sudden?
Spencer: Cause I was just across the street at that Armenian bakery and I met this girl there buying some lamajune so I started chatting her up and turns out she loves banjo music.
[Plays a short tune on the banjo]
Spencer: She's gonna freak!
[Spencer runs out the room, leaving Carly, Sam, and Freddie still duct taped to the chairs.]

International premieres

Country Channel Premiere date
United Kingdom
Nickelodeon (UK & Ireland) 4 February 2010[citation needed]
Germany Nickelodeon (Germany) 24 April 2010[citation needed]
Sweden Nickelodeon (Sweden) 15 Feburary 2010[citation needed]


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