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"This isn't gonna be awkward with us sharing a room, is it?"
Freddie to Carly

iTake a Girls' Trip[3] is the 10th episode of Season 1 of iCarly (2021), and the 10th episode overall.


"Carly's first-ever girl's trip doesn't go as planned when the only other person on the getaway is Freddie. Harper's missing cousin resurfaces, and is instantly smitten with Spencer."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly and Freddie arrive at Snoqualmie Suites

Harper and Carly are about to go on a girls trip with Brooke. Harper's cousin, Maeve, who has been missing for 4 years shows up, and wants to spend time with Harper, however, she no longer wishes to travel after being kidnapped at sea for 4 years. Harper decides to stay behind with Maeve, and they receive a text saying that Brooke can no longer join their trip due to her car being stolen, so Carly invites Freddie to join her on her girls trip.

Carly and Freddie arrive at Snoqualmie Suites and discover that their "party room" is actually a honeymoon suite named "Party of two. An intimate experience for lovers in love." As soon as they open the room, romantic music plays. They initially try to switch rooms, but change their minds after Carly discovers a chocolate drawer.

Brooke sees Carly and Freddie in bed together

Carly and Freddie wear bathrobes and enjoy champagne and chocolate. Freddie gifts Carly a shirt which says "My way or the rosé". Later, when they decide to search the drawers for weird things people left behind, Carly presses a button. Slow romantic music plays over the speakers and the bedroom lights turn purple. Carly discovers that the bed is very comfortable and invites Freddie to try it. Meanwhile, Brooke shows up and walks in on Carly and Freddie lying in bed together, thinking they are sleeping together. Carly and Freddie try to assure Brooke that its not what she thinks and try to look past it. Brooke explains that her car wasn't actually stolen, and she simply forgot where she parked it.

Carly watches Brooke and Freddie get a couple's massage

Carly becomes a third wheel and appears jealous as Brooke and Freddie flirt and spend time together. She watches them as they get couples massages and at a carnival, Freddie wins a stuffed unicorn for Brooke.

Later, Carly drinks at a bar alone and facetimes Harper. They discuss their disappointment about becoming third wheels.

Back at the hotel suite, Brooke asks if they have been trying to hint at wanting to have a threesome with her. However, her advances make Carly and Freddie uncomfortable, and they explain that they are not trying to have a threesome. Brooke is mortified and leaves. Freddie and Carly laugh at Brooke's misunderstanding and awkwardly laugh at the fact they are alone in a romantic suite.


Spencer and Harper re-create the Titanic pose

Harper reconnects with her cousin Maeve, who hits it off with Spencer, much to Harper's dismay. Spencer surprises Maeve with her favorite dinner, Alaskan crab leg buffet. They go as far as acting recreating the famous pose by Jack and Rose, and Spencer offers to do a sketch of Harper. Harper is upset that she isn't able to spend time with her cousin as she is spending so much time with Spencer.

At the end of the episode, Maeve reveals that she will be staying in Seattle and living with Spencer. Although it is not confirmed, it is possible that Spencer and Maeve have entered a relationship.

Guest Stars


  • This episode was filmed as episode 109, but it aired as the 10th episode.
  • Esther Povitsky, who guest stars in this episode, is the writer for the episode iMLM.
  • Carly and Freddie are seen a honeymoon suite, which is the second hint/tease of their relationship after iRobot Wedding, when they shared a slow dance and Carly was wearing a wedding dress.
    • This may also allude to iGo to Japan, where the receptionist mistook Carly and Freddie being a honeymoon couple.
  • This was Laci's favourite episode so far.[5]
  • This is the second episode so far to have a different song played in the end credits, the first being iRobot Wedding. Ironically both episodes have quite big hints to Carly and Freddie's relationship.
  • This is the first episode in which Freddie and Millicent appear together but don't interact.
  • The romantic song in this episode is written by Ali Schouten and sung by the music director Gabe.[6][7]
  • This episode hints that Carly and Freddie are starting to have feelings for each other again.
  • This is the first appearance of Maeve, who appeared again in the season.


  • Spencer and Maeve are seen doing the famous pose by Jack and Rose from Titanic.
  • Spencer offering to draw a sketch of Maeve is a reference to the Titanic scene, where Rose asks Jack to "draw me like one of your French girls."


Character Revelations

  • Harper and Carly have known Brooke since college.

Running Gags

  • The love song playing (including during the credits), becoming louder at the line “wanna have… s-s-s-sex”.

Series Continuity

  • This is the second episode to have "iTake" in the title, after iTake on Dingo from the original series.
  • Carly mentions her brief relationship with Freddie in iSaved Your Life.
  • This is the second time "Snoqualmie" has been mentioned. The first time was in the episode i'M Cursed, where all of Carly's friends booked a trip to Snoqualmie Falls.


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Miranda's reaction to iTake a Girls' Trip

  • On August 4, 2021, Esther posted on Instagram "i'm on this week’s icarly !!now streaming on @paramountplus".
  • On August 8, 2021, Miranda tweeted "My reaction to the latest episode of @iCarly 😂 Check out new episodes every Thursday on @paramountplus".


International Premieres

Platform Premiere date Title
Paramount+ Australia
  • Australia
TBA iTake a Girls' Trip
Paramount+ Canada
  • Canada
TBA iTake a Girls' Trip
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TBA Viaje de chicas (Spanish)
A Viagem das Meninas (Portuguese)
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  • Denmark
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TBA iTake a Girls' Trip


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