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"We are recreating Nora's sixteenth birthday party."
Mrs. Dershlit explaining what they were going to do

iStill Psycho marks the 20th and 21st episodes of Season 4 and the 90th and 91st episodes overall. This special is the sequel to the episode, iPsycho, which is a Season 3 special/movie.

This episode, along with iPsycho has a Sam & Cat sequel titled #SuperPsycho.



Nora is about to have a parole hearing, and Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby are invited to give their opinions whether she should be kept in prison or be released. Carly originally wanted to vote for her being kept in prison while everyone else is ready to forgive her, but seeing Nora and her parents cry in the courtroom, she agrees to let her go, too.

Nora's mother says they are going to have a special Norwegian supper to welcome her home, but her father says he'd rather go camping by himself. Out of pity, Carly agrees to have supper with the Dershlits and have Spencer pick them up afterward. However, when Spencer comes to get them, he has to use the bathroom, and Nora's mother tricks him into getting trapped in the basement, locking the doors and making it impossible for the iCarly team to leave the house. It was that moment Nora's mother is revealed to be a psychopath just like her daughter; Nora and her mother reveal that they want to trap the iCarly team and have a party with them that lasts "forever and ever and ever…" to make up for Nora's last birthday party that got her into prison. If anyone tries to escape or hurt Nora and her mother, Spencer will be spun on a wheel.

Gibby tries to escape through the chimney after making a comment about Santa Claus, but gets stuck. He ends up having to endure two kids throwing tennis balls at him because the group forgets that he is there and leaves him even after they escape.

When Nora's father comes home the next day, they hope that he will free them, but it turns out he's just as insane as his wife and daughter.

Eventually, Freddie gets the idea to short-circuit the tracking chip in his head, triggering an emergency signal, and Carly does so by using Spencer's shock pen, which Sam stole in iGet Pranky.

Sam using her buttersock in iStill Psycho

Meanwhile, T-Bo tries to act fancy in order to appeal to Mrs. Benson and keep his room in Freddie's apartment, but when he has a Video Game party with Spencer and his girlfriend in the Benson apartment and Mrs. Benson comes in, he tells her about his true self and she kicks him out. When he is about to get the last of his possessions, the emergency signal from Freddie's chip is activated and Mrs. Benson immediately realizes that Nora has done something to him again. T-Bo drives her to Nora's house on his motorcycle, where they burst through the front doors, much to Mr. Dershlit's annoyance. A huge fight with the Dershlits ensues, with T-Bo attacking and putting Mr. Dershlit's robe on him backwards, and a sword fight with Mrs. Benson and Nora and her mother. The fight ultimately ends with Sam using Spencer's shock pen on them to knock them out. Grateful that he helped her save her son, Mrs. Benson allows T-Bo to keep his room for $400 a month. As Nora wakes up from being knocked out the iCarly trio tell her that she and her parents will be going to prison forever and ever and ever, thus mimicking her own monologue.

In the middle of the night, Carly and Spencer's dad calls them to make sure they and their friends are okay (apparently, the events of the episode were on the news). While this is going on, Carly suddenly wakes up, realizing that they still haven't found Gibby.

Gibby, as it turns out, is still stuck in the chimney, in the pouring rain, with the two kids still throwing tennis balls at him, much to his discomfort.

Guest Stars


  • Dan's reason for making the episode:
    • "One of the iCarly episodes I hear about (from fans) most is iPsycho. For whatever reason, it got a huge rating and, to this day, when I meet iCarly fans, they often mention iPsycho as one of their favorite episodes. It's one of my faves, too. I loved working with Danielle Morrow (a.k.a. "Nora Dershlit") – and the fight between her and Gibby was epic, don't you think? Anyway, I was thinking about iPsycho a while ago, and I said to myself, "Hey, why not make a 'sequel' to it?" – which is exactly what we did" as quoted in his blog.
  • Dan also said in his blog that one scene in the sequel is so "intense" and "crazy" it took almost a whole day to film (most likely the ending scene where Mrs. Benson and T-Bo confront the Dershlits, since a motorcycle was used).
  • During the scene when Mrs. Dershlit announces that Nora's birthday party is being recreated, and Nora approaches Freddie, the song lyrics sing "I'm coming, I'm coming to get ya, I'm coming, I'm coming to get ya, I'm coming, I'm coming to get ya right now!"
  • This is the third two-part special of any of Dan's shows to have a director other than Steve Hoefer (the previous two being Drake and Josh's Really Big Shrimp and Zoey 101's Spring Break-Up).
  • During the opening sequence, a bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar says "Happy New Year" because of the air date.
  • When the gang was playing "Stick The Tail On Nora" and during the fight scene, a slideshow of Nora's 16th birthday party is shown on the T.V.
  • Gibby's shirt has the word "Robin's Weiners", this is most likely a reference to the hot dog place, "Robin's Weiners", which was mentioned in iBelieve in Bigfoot. Sam most likely made this shirt or bought it since that is her favorite hot dog stand.
  • Gibby makes a reference to how he hasn't taken his shirt off in Season 4 and 5 so far. ("I do that less frequently now!") In fact, Noah Munck has stated that in videos.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos from iPsycho, were subtly shown in a slideshow gallery on the TV monitor in the Dershlits living room when Nora and her mom started dancing, but nobody was ever seen taking photos.
  • There are various photos of Nathan Kress (Freddie) throughout the Benson Apartment.
  • Bloopers for this episode were seen in iBloop 2 - Electric Bloopaloo and in this behind-the-scenes video.
  • In a blooper released exclusively on iCarly.com, a firecracker is set off to indicate the motorcycle driving through the door (causing most of the characters to hit the deck). However, Jennette McCurdy (Sam) accidentally knocks one of the mannequins over, causing its head to fall off.
  • It is unknown how Gibby got out of the chimney at Nora's house.
  • The fight scene in this episode is the most violent scene in the series' history, with doors getting knocked over, sword fighting, choking, and people getting pushed over in chairs, yet luckily, no blood was seen.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Nora's parents.


  • There are four references to two other Dan Schneider shows.

    Pear Phones are used frequently in iStill Psycho, until blended by Nora.

    • Carly and Sam mention Yerba, a country the cast of Victorious visited in the episode "Locked Up!"
    • Sam mentions that "prison isn't fun", there was a similar line used in the Drake and Josh episode "The Gary Grill".
    • Gibby said "Kay Kay". On Victorious Cat says Kay Kay a lot.
    • Spencer soaks his feet in milk, like how Drake soaked his feet and hands in lizard pee on Drake and Josh and Cat's uncle in chicken fat on Victorious(unseen).
    • Another reference possibly is everyone repeating: and ever… was a reference to All That's' "The Island Girls" and the Kenan and Kel episode "Bye Bye Kenan' (Part 2)" towards the ending these shows were also worked on by Dan Schneider.
  • Spencer is watching the "Eat fast…Foods" episode of The Cooking Channel version of Hungry Girl (Dan Schneider's wife Lisa Lillien's show) at the end of the episode; you can hear Lillien talking.
  • Ryan Seacrest is mentioned again.
  • Nora and her parents saying "Forever and ever and ever" and going on with it is a reference to the Grady Girls ghosts in the Stanley Kubrick film "The Shining", continuing a trend from iPsycho where Nora references famous films.
  • Nora dipping and kissing Freddie. References exactly what Ginger does to The Professor in the Gilligan's Island episode Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue. But unlike Ginger, Nora wasn't teaching Freddie romance.

Character Revelations

  • Gibby's real first name is "Orenthal".
  • Nora's parents turn out to be psychotic and crazy just like her.


  • In the court scene there is a sign that says "NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED", but Gibby, Sam, Carly, Freddie, and the judge have coffee on their table.
  • Nora's mom opens the door to let Spencer in. Seconds later it is locked, and the iCarly gang could not exit through it. Nora's mom couldn't have locked it at first, and if she had, the iCarly gang would have noticed, and the lock would've been heard.
  • Maurice is clearly a hen, not a rooster. All hens are female, so Maurice must be female, not male.
  • The characters' party hats were frequently changed throughout the party scene.
  • When Sam picks up the chair and bangs the window, things fall off the table but when the camera is back on, the lamp is still standing, but it was falling off before.
  • After Nora is released from prison, Mr. and Mrs. Dershlit tell Nora that they planned a welcome home party and invited people from Ponderosa High School. However, there was a chance that Nora would not be released from prison and if Carly had not insisted that they should release Nora and students showed up, the party would be for nothing.
  • Because Spencer was uninvolved last time the iCarly gang was trapped at Nora's house, Spencer would be unsure how to get there, unless of course Carly texted him the directions sometime after she texted him to pick up her, Sam, Freddie and Gibby at 9:00 P.M. or sooner.
  • It is unknown why Sam or Gibby could not break down the door to escape. In iBust a Thief, Sam broke down the old lady's door along with Freddie's door. In iPsycho, Gibby broke down the exact same door that was trapping him.
    • However, it is possible they did not do this because they did not want to leave Spencer on the wheel, but they could have broken down the basement door as well. It is also possible that because they were in Nora's living room, they could have been caught by her and her parents, or they changed the bolts and screws.
  • Spencer should understand or at least scream when he was being "tied" on the spinning wheel by Mrs. Dershlit, but no sound is heard.
  • In iGo to Japan, Spencer lost the tracking device for Freddie's chip, but Mrs. Benson had one in her bag. But she could have bought a new one. But then Freddie would need to get a new chip installed in his head.
  • Photos from iPsycho are shown, but Nora never took any pictures then, and in this episode said she hated that night, so she probably would not put up memories of it.
  • Nora said that Gibby was gone for 12 hours but he left around 10:30 PM and they woke up around 7:30 AM the next day. So he would have only been gone for 9 hours, not 12.
    • Same thing when she said that Gibby was gone for 15 hours, but it was 9:30 AM so he would have been gone for 11 hours, not 15.
  • In iGet Pranky, Sam had used the shock pen on Freddie which should have shorted out the chip then.
    • It is possible that it did not short out the chip because in iGet Pranky, Sam shocks Freddie in the neck.
  • When Nora regained consciousness after being shocked, her close up scenes show her shrug's right sleeve has fallen down, exposing her right shoulder. When the scene switches to the entire group, her sleeve is back in place.
  • At the end of the episode, Gibby is still stuck in Nora's chimney, he would've gotten out when the police arrived and yet, was still stuck there but is out of there with no sign or mention in the next episode. It is unknown why he was still stuck at the end and how he got out of the chimney.
  • At the end of the episode, the two kids are still throwing balls at Gibby, but, according to Spencer, it was 2:00 A.M. and there was a storm. Both kids should have been in bed asleep and even if they were not, they would not be out in the storm.
  • Cassie probably would have been worried that Spencer was missing, and went looking for him.
  • On the inside of the house, the chimney is in the middle of the house. On the outside of the house, the chimney is at the very rear of the house.
  • The iCarly group could have used the shock pen much earlier on the Dershlits.
  • When Gibby is stuck in the chimney, the chimney doesn't match where the fireplace in the house is.
  • In the scene where Nora spins Spencer on the wheel, she turns the TV off. She then goes to spin him again. When she presses the wheel, the TV is back off and she never turns the TV back on.

Running Gags

  • Nora and her parents (and in the end, the iCarly gang) chanting "Forever ... and ever ... and ever ..."

Series Continuity

  • As the sequel to "iPsycho" this is the second and final appearance of Nora Dershlit and her pet chicken, Maurice.
    • This also marks the only appearance of Nora's parents following their brief mention in "iPsycho".
  • In iPsycho, Carly said that she felt bad for calling the cops on Nora, but in this episode she did not want Nora to get out of prison and did not feel bad for calling the cops, though she did let Nora go in the end. Sam had no sympathy for calling the cops on Nora in that episode, but she said that Nora should be released in this episode.
  • Carly mentions in one of her Blogs that Caleb (played by Jim Parsons) told her that Nora would get out of jail and kidnap the iCarly crew again.
  • From this episode on, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby no longer have their original Pear Phones when Nora blends them.
  • This is the second time Nora has captured the iCarly gang, this time for (most likely) revenge against iCarly.
  • Sam was wearing two different color socks. This is a reference to iChristmas where Carly said Sam wears two unmatching socks because Sam believes it is good luck.
  • Freddie's mom mentions the Fencin' Bensons again as she fights off Nora and her mother with their swords. She also brings out her fencing abilities in order to defeat them. On a side note, this episode marks the first time "The Fencin' Bensons" are mentioned since Season 1's "iFence".
  • The Butter Sock returns for a third time.
  • The Shock Pen from iGet Pranky returns, when Freddie gets electrocuted, and when Sam defeats Nora.
  • Nora returns in #SuperPsycho from Sam and Cat.


Freddie: [to Sam and Carly] Hey, check out the email we all got.
Sam: Who from?
Carly: [checking her phone] Uh ... Olympia Municipal Courthouse.
Freddie: [reading]" To Carly Shay, Samantha Puckett, Fredward Benson, and ... Orenthal Gibson."
Sam: Is that Gibby?
Freddie: I guess.
Carly: Oh my God! It says Nora Dershlit is scheduled for a parole hearing next week.
Sam: Nora, who trapped us in her basement, that lunachick?
Carly: Uh huh.
Freddie: [continues reading]" ... And as the victims of her crime, you may attend and express your opinions as to whether Miss Dershlit should be kept in prison, [looks up] or released."
Carly: How could they even think about letting her out?
Sam: [to Carly] Do you have any pudding cups?
Carly: Just one, and I already promised Freddie he can have it after the show.
[Sam slings a peanut at Freddie's leg. Freddie screams, Sam runs out of the room]

Carly: [running down the stairs, Freddie behind her] Sam! Sam!
Sam: [holding a pudding cup] Too late. I already put my tongue in the pudding cup. [licks the cup]
Carly: I don't care about the pudding cup.
Freddie: I did!
Carly: We all have to go to Olympia next week and speak at Nora's parole hearing.
Sam: For what?
Carly: For wh-- for to make sure that they keep that crazy girl in prison!
Sam: Maybe they should let her go.
Carly: What?! Why?
Sam: Look, I have been in prison. It is not fun in there.
Freddie: [to Carly] And maybe when Nora trapped us she was like, depressed or something.
Carly: Yeah well, I was bummed when I didn't get asked to junior prom. But did I lure the cast of Full House into my basement and torture Uncle Jesse?

Carly: [to Gibby] Hey, did you see the email we got about freaky Nora?
Gibby: Yeah. it's nice that they're lettin her out.
Carly: Wh-What is the matter with everyone?! That girl kidnapped us [to Gibby] and beat the fudge out of you!
Gibby: Hey, I'm forgiving. And I like Chinese food. That's who I am. [holds up his fake head] That's who we are!

Nora: [after the iCarly gang agreed to come to her welcome home party] Oh, yay! [grabs onto Carly's arm] Yay for days!

Policeman: Hey! Anybody seen my taser?
Carly: Sam ...
Freddie: Sam ...
Sam: Ooooooh ... is this your taser?

T-Bo: [to Mrs Benson in his fake voice] Drive safely. Make sure you lock your ... [to Spencer. back to his normal voice] I'd like to take a wire brush to her!

Nora: [after arriving home from prison for the first time] I'm home! This is where I belong in the bosom of my youth!
Gibby: [laughs slightly] "Bosom."
Freddie: [smirks] I know!

Freddie: Hey, there's no way we're gonna make the last train back to Seattle.
Carly: I'll just text Spencer and tell him to come pick us up. [texting Spencer] "Hey, pick us up from ... Nora's ... at about ... 9 ... o'clock."
Nora: [to Carly] Try this monk fish liver ...
Carly: [continues texting] ... "Or sooner."

T-Bo: ... You can either accept me as I am, or just tell me to get out.
Mrs. Benson: Get out! And take your big axe with you!

Freddie: Congrats on getting released from prison.
Nora: [gives a thumbs-up] Thank you!
Carly: Okay, I guess this is goodbye.

Spencer: [yelling while trapped on a rotating wheel] I'M ON A WHEEL!

Carly: Nora, you're a NUTCASE!!!
Nora: The proper term is “disturbed, lonely sociopath.”
Sam: Look, dude, we're the ones who got you outta jail!
Nora: True, but first, YOU TAINTED THE MEMORY OF MY 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! [softer] So now, we're going to undo the taint. [to her mom] Mother, please fetch our party guests!
Nora's mother: BRB!
Carly: You're the one who ruined the memory of your own birthday party!
Freddie: Everything would've been cool if you just let us go home afterwards!
Sam: Instead of you and your stupid chicken locking us in your basement.

[Nora spins the wheel with Spencer in it]
Spencer: Oh ... Oh No! Aaaaaaaah!
Carly: [to Sam in an upset voice] JUST APOLOGIZE TO THE CHICKEN!!!!!!
Sam: [to Maurice the chicken] I'm sorry I besmeared your name by calling you stupid ... and that I've eaten thousands of your relatives.

Sam: You are a sick chick ...
Nora: I think of myself more as ... [comes closer to Sam] disturbed ...

Sam: I'll tell you what we're gonna do. As soon as those two freaks walk back in here ... [grabs her butter sock and swings it around]
Carly: [quietly sighs] No, no butter sock!
Sam: C'mon man!
Freddie: You can't attack them as long as Spencer's on that wheel in the basement or else Nora's just gonna spin him again.
Carly: And anyway, that butter sock is gross!
Sam: I change the butter once a month.
Carly: [doubtful] Do you really?
Sam: [quietly] No ...

Nora And Freddie Kiss

Nora: [Singing to the tune of “Jolly Good Fellow”] ... Now Freddie is gonna get kissed.
Freddie: WHAT?! Those aren't the lyrics. AW COME ON! [Nora kisses Freddie and pushes him down on the table]

Freddie: [after the kiss] You guys just stood there, eating cake, while I was "tampered" with?!
Carly and Sam: [still eating the cake].
Sam: It's really good cake.

Carly: Okay, Nora. Now that you've eaten your birthday cake--
Freddie: And my face--
Sam: Can we go?!

Spencer: I'M ON A WHEEL
Spencer: WHEEL!!!
Gibby: CHIMNEY!!!

Carly: [trying to wake Sam up] Sam. Sam. Sa-- ... fried chicken.
Sam: [wakes up immediately] I want the leg! Gimme the leg! ... What time is it?
Carly: Morning.
Sam: Oh, I love fried chicken in the morning!
Carly: There is no fried chicken.
Sam: Then why did you wake me?
Carly: Cause! We're still trapped at Nora's.

Carly: Aww, look at Freddie.
Sam: What about him?
Carly: Boys are just so cute when they're asleep.
[Sam flips the couch over.]
Freddie: What happened?! In 5, 4, 3, 2, what happened?
Carly: We're still stuck at Nora's.

Gibby: [Asleep and stuck in the chimney] *Snore* Gibby ... gibby ... gibby. *Snore* Gibbygibbygibbygibby.

Nora: [about Gibby] He's already been gone for [looks at her watch] 12 hours. So it seems Gibby won't be coming to your rescue this time. Oh, boohoo. Boohoo! Waaah! Waaaaah! Waaaah! [laughs and brushes her hair]

Gibby: Hey! Hey, you kids, hey! Up here, yeah ... hi. Uh, can i get a little help?
Kid: Hey, that's the dude from iCarly.
Kid: Yeah that's Gibby!
Kid: Gibbeh!
Kid: Hey Gibby, take off your shirt!
Gibby: NO! I do that less frequently now! Listen, I'm stuck and I can't move my arms, and I need you guys to call the cops!
Kid: Let's throw balls at him!
Kid: Yeah!
Gibby: What? No! Don't throw balls at me! I'm completely vulnerable!

Carly: Will you stop spinning my brother?!
Nora: NO!
Carly: Why?! I sang you happy birthday like you wanted!
Carly: Well! [Spencer continues to scream while the wheel is spinning. Sam picks up a glass ball and throws it into the kitchen]
Nora: Gibby?!
Mrs. Dershlit: He's still in the house!
Mr. Dershlit: Check all the bedrooms!

Sam: [yells into Freddie's ear] Mrs. Benson!!! Help us!!!

Sam: Who plays pin the tail on the birthday girl?
Freddie: Yeah, and why is she wearing the blindfold?
Mr. Dershlit: [points at Nora and screams at Freddie] JUST PIN THE TAIL ON MY DAUGHTER'S BUTT!

Mrs. Benson: Freddie!
Freddie: Mom!
Carly: T-Bo!
T-Bo: Chicken?
Mrs. Benson: FREDDIE!
Mrs. Dershlit: SPIN THE BROTHER!
Spencer: Oh no, not again!
Carly: Stop it! Give me the remote! Stop it! Stop it! [Nora starts barking at her] SAM! Get the remote from Nora!

Freddie: [Pulls Sam back from Nora and her mother wielding fireplace pokers] Careful, Sam; those are sharp!

Carly: [Suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night] GIBBY!
[scene cuts to Gibby still being stuck in the chimney, being pelted with balls in the pouring rain]

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This episode drew 5.5 million total viewers and ranked as that week’s top telecast with all kid and tween demos.[3]


See photos of iStill Psycho here.
See videos of iStill Psycho here.

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