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"Look, do you have a question that's not about me and Freddie dating?"
Carly to Craig

iStart a Fanwar is the sixth and seventh episode of Season Four of iCarly, and 76th-77th episodes overall. It is the season's first special (two-part episode). It includes various guest stars.[2] It aired on Friday, November 19th, 2010.[3] Jack Black, among others, is a guest star.

The version currently airing in re-runs is a mangled version, in which almost every scene has one or two phrases deleted compared with the version released on DVD.


Carly has a crush on Adam, a guy at Ridgeway. When Adam asks Carly if she wants to go on a date, Carly is upset upon realizing she can't go, since iCarly is doing a big panel at Webicon (a spoof of the Comic-Con). Adam shows up there anyway as a surprise, just before the trio are ambushed by a mob of screaming fans who pull Freddie in and force Sam to jump in after him to save him from being torn to pieces by obsessive fangirls. When Carly points this out, however, Freddie jumps right back in.

Icarly istart 13HR.jpg

At the panel, Stacey Dillsen (from Zoey 101) asks about the circumstances behind Carly and Freddie's relationship. However, this escalates into a Creddie vs. Seddie fanwar, which Sam - as a joke - fuels by saying that Carly and Freddie are deeply in love. This is a major setback for Carly, since her crush Adam walks out of the conference hall, thinking Carly loves Freddie. Finally, Carly, Sam and Freddie try to explain to the audience that no one is dating, and that Carly likes Adam. This backfires, however, when the Creddie fans think that Adam took Carly away from Freddie, and they end up attacking Adam, and the iCarly trio, tired of trying to reason with them, leaves.


Spencer dresses up as Aruthor from World of Warlords to Webicon and confronts Aruthor's mortal enemy, Aspartamay. After teasing each other about their costume flaws, they enter a major fight. When Carly tries to intervene, Aspartamay grabs her and tries to force Spencer to admit that his costume is better. Carly eventually wins the fight for Spencer when she rips off Aspartamay's jewel (his life force), thus effectively killing him.

Subplot II

Gibby and Guppy are trying to get to Webicon to meet Carly, Sam and Freddie. Their grandfather is stuck at the Inside-Out-Burger drive thru, trying to order soup, which they don't have, and refusing to go order at Webicon, since he hates corn (he thinks Gibby's saying Webicorn, despite Gibby's clear pronunciation).

Guest Stars


  • Despite the promises made by the trailers for this episode, Freddie ended up with neither Carly nor Sam at the end of this episode. Both Creddie and Seddie fans were deeply upset by the misleading promos.
  • In the audience, there were more Creddie fans at Webicon than Seddie fans, perhaps a continuity nod to Freddie blogging about kissing Carly, and the fandom not knowing about Sam and Freddie sharing their first kiss.
  • One of the girls watching the Aruthor vs. Aspartamay battle also appeared in iRocked the Vote as the cashier at Video Village.
  • Airing on-line link for iStart a Fanwar.
  • Webicon was housed in the same building that Ginger Fox performed in.
  • This is the second time Miranda Cosgrove and Jack Black have worked together. They previously co-starred in the 2003 comedy School of Rock.
  • This is the second (and so far, last) iCarly special (after iPsycho) to serve as a lead-in to a new episode of another Nickelodeon show (the aforementioned Big Time Rush episode, Big Time Pranks).
  • When the director, writer and such are credited in the first and second scenes, it features a crystalline font in the show's regular credit type using pink and blue (instead of yellow and blue as previously), the same credit scheme used in the season four version of the opening credits. This is similar to the credit display used in Victorious.
    • Also, there were different bookmarks to other episodes, such as The Slap instead of Girly Cow.
    • The change to crystalline font has actually been used since iGot a Hot Room; in the theme song for Season 4, Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor's names were presented using the new font. Noah Munck's name, however, was still presented in the original font until iLost My Mind, most likely due to the graphics being made before the decision was made to use 3D credits and was used as-is.[citation needed]
    • The French dub still used 2D credits until iLost My Mind.[citation needed]
  • Beginning with this episode, the last scene of the Season 4 intro changes to have the main cast in the Shay's living room singing into microphones, with Gibby joining them.
  • Nevel was set to appear as a Seddie fan (as he has a crush on Carly), but Dan Schneider stated Nevel hates all three of them, and also he would not have had a big part in the episode.
  • While the previous four episodes feature the opening credits ending with the 4 original main cast members all jumping, this one is the first to feature all five current in the loft with microphones.
  • In one of the promos for the episode, in which Spencer and Aspartamay are fighting, Sam says to Freddie, "This is the most hilarious nerd fight ever." However, it was only seen in the promo and was cut from the finished episode for unknown reasons.
  • The episode is the first fan-based one, as Seddie and Creddie are part of the main plot.
  • Carly's coffee table is shown to actually have water in it with a remote-controlled boat. However, this may be a different table than the one from iGot a Hot Room, as behind the scenes photos depicted it as a glass table.
  • Justin Bieber and the Teen Choice Awards are mentioned in this episode.
  • During Webicon, Sam is wearing a shirt that says "The City is Mine", which is a possible reference to another Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush, and their song, "The City is Ours".
Istart a fan war.jpg
  • This could also be a foreshadowing of the prophecy about Carly in iLost My Mind.
  • During the webcast, "Random Dancing" and "Lame somersault" are panned left to right and back again in the stereo field.
  • When Carly was video chatting with Adam she was wearing the same shirt in "iMust Have Locker 239" at the community center art class.
  • In the end, neither ship is proven or resolved. Instead, Carly tells the crowd that iCarly is about comedy, not about romantic relationships, which is the message Dan Schneider was trying to tell fans.
  • If one looks at the band that plays as Spencer and Jack Black fight, you can see that Mandy Valdez's dad, who was shown on her hat in the episode "iWant My Website Back", is playing an instrument.
  • The name "Aspartamay" is clearly derived from the artificial sweetener, aspartame.
  • Apparently, this episode takes place one year after "iPsycho", although that episode originally aired only five months earlier. Although "iPsycho" was filmed in Summer 2009, and this episode was filmed in Summer 2010, so it might go by film date rather than television date.
  • When Guppy yells, "I'm hearing the voices!" he could be referencing the then yet to be aired Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out", in a scene where Sikowitz yells, "I'm hearing the buzzing!" (or it could be the other way around).
  • The hornblower also appears in a few episodes of the FOX comedy series "Glee".
  • A cardboard cutout of the Hungry Girl, aka, Lisa Lillien, the wife of Dan Schneider, appears near the end as the Gibson family walks in.
  • Interestingly, Jerry Trainor starred in a World of Warcraft series called Project Lore for a short time in 2008, where he controlled Goggins.
  • Although iParty with Victorious is the first real crossover in the series, this episode is technically the first crossover due to the appearances of Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh characters.
  • This was the first episode in the series that had an ad break after the main theme; usually the theme song would play before the next scene.
  • Jack Black was the highest profile actor to ever guest star on iCarly, until Michelle Obama appeared as herself "iMeet The First Lady".

    This episode won an honorable mention for Most Random Moment at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

  • Goopy Gilbert (the guy who yells "Seddie") returns in "iLost My Mind".
  • Spencer tells Sam not to be an 'Erk'. That is either a 'cool abbreviation' for 'jerk' or what he said was actually 'Irk' which means to irritate or annoy, which is what Sam was doing to Spencer.
    • When Sam said "Carly and Freddie are deeply in love", Carly refers to her as an 'erk'.
  • This was the first and only time the ship names, Creddie and Seddie, were mentioned.


  • World of Warlords is a parody of World of Warcraft.
  • Diet Dr. Fizz is a parody of Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • When Aspartamay begins chanting, the words are derived from the "The Charm of Making " spoken by Merlin in the 1981 film Excalibur.
  • This episode features appearances by recurring characters from two Dan Schneider-produced Nickelodeon series. Scott Halberstadt, Alec Medlock, and series staff writer Jake Farrow reprise their recurring roles of Craig Ramirez, Eric Blonowitz and Gavin Mitchell, respectively from Drake & Josh, and the red Skynauts from the episode "Battle of Panthatar" are also seen in the audience. Abby Wilde also reprises her recurring role from Zoey 101, Stacey Dillsen, who references her character's lisp.
  • After Freddie asked where the third flare went, Gavin held it up and said, "I got it!" This was his catchphrase on Drake and Josh.
  • A photo of Eric and Craig appears in the iSnaps section of iCarly.com. The description is, "Carly said she LOVES all iCarly fans in the world, EXCEPT for these two. She also said that she knows these nerds from a past life. Whatever that means..." This is a reference to Miranda Cosgrove's role on Drake & Josh as Megan Parker.
  • During the battle between Spencer and Aspartamay, they fight with 'tenacious floggers', a possible reference to Jack Black's real-life band, Tenacious D.
  • Spencer's tribe, the Huebscher Fjords, is likely a reference to Ben Huebscher, who, along with Dan Schneider, was one of the writers for the previous special, iPsycho.
  • The restaurant Gibby, Guppy, and their granddad visit is called "Inside-Out Burger." This is a reference to a chain of burger joints called "In-N-Out Burger". "Inside Out Burger" appears in the "iDrive Thru" segments on iCarly.com, along with a few Sam & Cat episodes.
  • When Adam sneaks up on Carly at Webicon, he greets her with a screechy "Hey Lady!" This is an impression of Jerry Lewis's famous catchphrase, made famous in Who's Minding the Store?.
  • A sign for "DanWarp" appears at a stand at Webicon.
  • Sam taking a sip of Diet Dr. Fizz and spitting it out could be a possible reference to the end of the Drake and Josh episode "Dr. Phyllis Show" when Drake takes a diet soda and ends up spitting it out in disgust after realizing it is diet (incidentally, an earlier episode also features Sam drinking a diet root beer only to spit it out due to the taste of the drink).
  • This episode has two references to political catchphrases:
    • The man yelling "You lie!!" after Carly says no one is dating is a reference to Congressman Joe Wilson who yelled that at President Obama in 2009 during a joint Congressional address.
    • In the very short scene where the crowd is fighting and the iCarly trio just watches bored, you can hear someone amongst other screaming fans say, "Stop fighting, you don't need to do this! Have you no sense of decency?!" This is a reference to Joseph Welch saying the same thing while confronting Joseph McCarthy.
  • Jack Black and Jerry Trainor chant and sing in this episode.
  • Webicon is a massive web-centric gathering akin to the real-life Comic-Con.
  • Jaidyn Triplett, who plays Millicent Mitchell in the revival series, was born 6 days after this episode premiered.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • The appearances of the characters Craig Ramirez, Eric Blonowitz and Gavin Mitchell from Drake & Josh cause somewhat of a retcon as the episode "iGet Pranky" features a scene in which Carly is seen watching an episode of Drake & Josh in a reference to Miranda Cosgrove's previous role as Megan Parker on that series, establishing that Drake & Josh exists as a TV series in the fictional iCarly universe. Also,

    Carly leaves because of Sam.

    Spencer was watching another episode of Drake & Josh featuring Jerry Trainor's previous role as Crazy Steve. This retcon is not limited to iCarly: in the final Drake & Josh episode/movie, Merry Christmas Drake & Josh, a computer can clearly be seen logged on to iCarly.com. Also Stacey from Zoey 101 is here, and in Zoey 101, Drake Bell is an actor/singer, which would be paradoxic since Craig and Eric from the TV show Drake Bell stars in are also there.
  • When Gibby is playing with the fan, it blows air at Adam, so he is asked to point it somewhere else. However, when the fan is re-aimed at a girl near Gibby, there is no sign that air is blowing on her, despite the fact that the fan is still on.
  • When Carly is video chatting with Adam and she accidentally hits the blow dryer, she (Miranda) nearly loses a fake eyelash on her left eye. It isn't noticed even up till her play fight with Spencer.
  • As Corbin Davis starts his introduction of the iCarly panel, a camera pans across the audience and this same camera shot appears on a monitor above the curtains where Carly and Freddie poke their heads through looking for Sam - this should not have happened as there are no TV cameras in the conference room that could have taken this shot.
  • In the scene which the girl with the Pear Pad was showing supposed "proof" Carly and Freddie's love, she mentioned that she took screencaps of actual iCarly webisodes. However, in the picture where she shows Carly staring into Freddie's eyes (from the episode "iCarly Awards"), Freddie is actually holding the camera so she couldn't have actually screen-capped that moment. Also, the girl is obviously mistaken, because Carly was whispering something to Freddie in that scene.
  • Sam's Fat Shake is empty for about a minute in the episode, though closer to the end it's full again, though Sam may have just gotten another Fat Shake.
  • After Sam says that the Fat Shake is like sipping heaven through a straw she sets it down to the right of her orange soda (as seen from the audience), then after Ado speaks the Fat Shake has suddenly moved to the corner of the table, than after the next person speaks it has suddenly moved back to where she set it down.

    Carly giving a speech

  • A guy held a Seddie sign, and a girl held a Creddie sign, but a few scenes after the Fat Shake scene they each hold the opposite sign.
  • Sam used a flare gun, which is a very dangerous object to use in a crowd, especially in a building. This sort of incident occurred in Montreux when Frank Zappa and the 'Mothers of Invention' had to end a concert abruptly when a fan with a flare gun fired it, burning the building to the ground. The incident would be immortalized in Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water".
  • The fact that Gibby's grandfather can drive and read contradicts the events of iGot A Hot Room, as in that episode he was blind. In that episode he had poor eyesight, but did not seem to be completely blind. Some elderly people drive cars despite having poor vision.
  • Spencer uses a gas on Aspartamay and says that it is chlorine. In real life, chlorine gas is extremely harmful to humans. It was used as a chemical weapon in World War I. Also, the gas Spencer used was not real chlorine, because chlorine gas is green.
  • Before Adam comes over to Carly in the first scene, Carly (Miranda) pulls out a hair brush and brushes her hair with her right hand and holding a "C" battery in her left hand. The camera show Adam for about 1–2 seconds and goes back to Carly but the brush is in her left hand and the battery is in her right hand (It's not really a goof; Carly might have switched the items in her hands before the camera turns back to her).
  • In the first shot where Sam asks for the flare gun, the Rubik's Cube Carly was playing with in the previous shot is put down and the orange and red (magenta) side is seen. In the next shot, however, the gray and black side is seen, the orange side is vaguely seen on the top.
  • When Stacey Dillsen is first seen in the lobby to the convention centre, she has two hair bows, one on either side. Then inside the iCarly conference room she removes the right-hand hair bow, wipes her nose with it and throws it on the floor. But when Craig and Eric are seating themselves next to Gavin the right-hand hair bow is back in place. Then when she is addressing the panel (as "Hairbow") she is back to one hair bow again. But when Craig Ramirez is addressing the panel and in subsequent shots of fans fighting she has two hairbows again.
  • Aspartamay says to Aruthor: "I'm saying your tyranium belt buckle is improperly bejeweled" ..... "The proper sequence is red red green, yellow red blue, yellow yellow indigo, NOT red green red, yellow yellow blue, yellow yellow indigo - IDIOT!" In actual fact the sequence, starting at the top and going in a clockwise direction, is red green red, yellow red indigo, yellow yellow blue. Or starting from the bottom and going in a counter clockwise direction is, red, yellow, red, green, red, blue, yellow, yellow, indigo.
  • A wooden stool is thrown at Carly and smashes against the backdrop behind the panel - which is odd, given that the audience members are all sitting on red chairs.
  • The stunt double wearing a wig that is supposed to be Sam has masculine arms.

Running Gags

  • Ado stands up and says something after Carly, Sam, or Freddie start a new sentence and the audience cheer.
  • Every time Carly, Sam, or Freddie said that no one was dating, someone would say something causing the fans to fight, except in the scene when Carly has security kick Craig and Eric out.
  • Goopy Gilbert screaming "SEDDIE!"
  • Spencer (and a few other characters like Aspartamay/Jack Black) were taking letters out of words to try to make them "cool talk" (i.e. "stume" for costume, "erk" for jerk, etc.).
  • People are referred to as their features or what they have: Stacey is referred to as "Hairbow" because of her hair bows; the girl with the PearPad is called "PearPad" ("I agree with Hairbow and PearPad..."); the man with the man boobs is called "Man-boobs" ("uh, Man-boobs in the back...").
  • Guppy shouting out "french fries!" at Inside Out Burger.
  • Sam keeps talking about her Fat Shake.
  • Gibby's Grandfather keeps thinking Gibby is saying "Webicorn", despite the fact Gibby is clearly saying "Webicon".

Series Continuity

  • In the beginning scene, Sam reveals that she and her mother are still going to therapy together. The therapy sessions started in iSam's Mom.
  • This is the third time Spencer has sung in the series. The first time was in "iWill Date Freddie" ("I'm cookin' things....") and the second was in "iHatch Chicks" (he sang songs from the public domain while trapped in the heater duct).
  • Stacey mentions the time where she lost her lisp, which was from the Zoey 101 series finale "Chasing Zoey".
  • Webicon was a major plot point in "iPsycho", although the characters never made it there in that episode as they were captured by Nora. The events of "iPsycho" are mentioned in the second scene when Carly and Sam are doing the web show and again on arriving at Webicon when they meet their liaison.
  • This is the second time Carly's head was almost hit (with a chair). The first time was in iWanna Stay with Spencer (with a hammer).
  • This is the third episode Guppy says "Happy Birthday!", following iPsycho and iDo.


Adam: What is that, a battery?
Carly: Oh ... yeah ... It's a C battery.
Adam: [Stares]
Carly: It's great for flashlights.
Adam: [Nods and smiles; chuckles, and walks away]
Carly: [Disappointed] That didn't go as well as I'd hoped ...

Spencer: It's not a game. It's a lifestyle.
Freddie: Actually, it's an MMORPG.
Carly: An MM-what?
Freddie and Spencer: [groan] Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. [fist bump]
Carly: I blame myself for asking what.
Spencer: I'm gonna go get some cheese so I can eat cheese while I play!

Carly: [To Freddie] Oh my God, it's Adam, he wants to video chat, be cool ...

Sam: [takes a sip of Diet Dr. Fizz but then spits it out] Ugh! This is diet.
Carly: [annoyed] I told you it was diet ... now go get a sponge ...

Carly: [After the crowd pulls Freddie in and Spencer tries to pull him out and fails] Here's your nerd stick!

Announcer: And now, without further ado ...
Ado: My name is Ado!
[Crowd cheers]

Sam: It's true, Carly and Freddie are deeply in love.
[Carly and Freddie look shocked, the fans start fighting]
Sam: Oh, c'mon! This is fun!

Freddie: [to Sam] Will you pull your head out of your Fat Shake and listen to me?!

Freddie: Did you tell Adam that Sam was kidding?
Carly: Yes, but he still thinks you and I have some thing going on.
Sam: Why?
Carly: [angrily] 'Cause you just said so into a microphone!

Carly: [to Sam] Yes! A shuttle is gonna come get my cute, future husband and shuttle him right out of my life!

Aspartamay: [to Spencer] I'm saying that your tiranium belt buckle is improperly bejewelled.

Carly: Look, do you have a question that's not about me and Freddie dating?
Craig: So you and Freddie are dating.
Carly: I want him out of here! Can someone get him out of here?
[A security guard sends Craig and Eric out of the room]
Eric: Great, now you got us kicked out. Just like the Teen Choice Awards!
Craig: Oh, that was your fault.
Eric: You're the one who had to touch Justin Bieber's hair!

Aspartamay: You maggot, you fool, know you not what you say, prepare to be PWNED by Aspartamay!
Spencer: You look like you're hungry, so taste the blade of Aruthor!
Aspartamay: Your blood, it will boil, your flesh I shall burn it's eternal damnation, but I guess that you've earned it!
Spencer: You will beg for mercy, when I own you in the FACE!
Aspartamay: I'll thrust my sword through your lily white gullet, you'll look like a troll with a chambermaid's mullet!
Spencer: You emanate a stench so foul that when you're near it makes me howl!
Aspartamay: I'll bleed ye dry and ye shall cry, (imitating a baby crying) Wah wah wah wah, ba ba ba ba ba!

Gibby's Grandfather: [To drive-thru guy] What kind of restaurant doesn't have soup?! I thought this was America!

Sam: I don't know if you people have tried a Fat Shake yet, but I have and its like suckin' heaven through a straw.

[The convention is still in chaos, with foam swords being waved here and there and people grappling with Creddie and Seddie signs. Freddie and Carly watch in horror, but Sam is kicking back with her Fat Shake, looking amused]
Sam: This is like one of my family reunions, except most of these people are wearing shoes.

Freddie: [finally losing his rag] STOP IT!!!!! [The warring fans shut up] Por fin!!! ('Por Fin' means "finally" in Spanish)

Carly: NONE of us are dating! [pause]
Fan: YOU lie!

[Gibby's grandfather drives away from the Drive-Through while trying to take another customer's food and pulls the drive-though employee holding the food out of the window]
Gibby: Awww you took the man!

Carly: Wait ... You fired three flares but only two went off.
Freddie: [stands up] Uh, did anyone see where the third flare went?
Gavin: [holds up the flare] I got it. So, can I keep it, or do I … [flare explodes and Gavin is blown out of the room]

Sam: [only in the promo; talking about Spencer, 'Aruthor' and Jack 'Aspartamay] This is the most hilarious nerd fight ever.

Jerry Trainor: [dressed as Aruthor on a behind the scenes look] Fighting Jack Black for 14 hours straight … it is a nightmare. And I'm still- [gets slapped by Jack Black] OW!
Jack Black: [dressed as Aspartamay] Fifteen hours, my friend!

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  • The episode rated at 5.02 million viewers.[1] The main reasons for the much lower viewership than usual were probably a Disney Channel original airing of Hannah Montana: The Movie, which got 4.6 million viewers, and the opening night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. It is worth noting that the 8 PM encore the following night had 4.95 million viewers, which was very close to the same amount. The 7 PM repeat the following Sunday had 3.8 million viewers.[4]
    • It is also noteworthy that the Big Time Rush episode that was a follow in, "Big Time Pranks", did better on its Saturday encore (3.9 million viewers) than its Friday premiere (3.78 million).


See photos of iStart a Fan War here.


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