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"Are you insane?! Get out of Ms. Briggs' apartment! "
Carly to Freddie.

iSpy a Mean Teacher is the eighth episode of the first season of iCarly.


After watching Ms. Briggs shouting at several students that are passing by in the hallway (ending in her throwing down and stomping on an orange offered to her by one well-meaning classmate), Carly becomes inspired to do an iCarly feature on "What Mean Teachers Do When They Aren't In School."

Freddie buys a pie-shaped spy camera with an obvious lens on the side and a giant fork, much to Carly and Sam's amusement. Freddie tries it out on Spencer and his new girlfriend, but doesn't fool either of them.


Carly and Freddie sneak off to Ms. Briggs' house with the pie-cam to shoot a video of what she is doing in her free time, at first is nothing but vacuuming. When a bee appears, and apparently is interested in the fake pie, Freddie panics because he is allergic to bees, and runs inside Ms. Briggs' house. Carly follows him, and they have to hide in a closet that turns out to be a shrine dedicated to Randy Jackson. They call Sam for help to distract Ms. Briggs, but are caught when Freddie steps on her bagpipes. Ms. Briggs threatens to suspend them and call the police unless she may appear on iCarly and play her bagpipes, so Carly, Sam, and Freddie reluctantly agree.

When Ms. Briggs appears on iCarly, the show starts losing viewers. Even worse is that it was their biggest audience yet by far (over 500,000 viewers), but Freddie manages to save it by playing funny videos on the green screen behind her back. The next day at school, students applaud Ms. Briggs and she thinks she's getting credit for her "true musical artistry." She notices Freddie has a nice cologne on him, which turns out to be some Randy Jackson cologne he 'stole' from the room Carly and he were stuck in.

Guest Stars


  • As noted in this episode, American Idol exists in the iCarly universe even though in iRocked The Vote, American Idol is parodied as America Sings.
  • A few products in Ms. Briggs's shrine to Randy Jackson include a talking cut-out, Randy Jackson cologne, Randychewitz matzohs and Randy-Yo's cereal.
  • Freddie steals Ms. Briggs' Randy Jackson cologne in this episode.



Character Revelations

  • Freddie is said to be extremely allergic to bees in this episode.


  • When Ms. Briggs stomps on the orange that the student kindly offered, we don't see any stain on Mrs. Briggs or the boy caused by it or the juice that popped out, despite the proximity.
  • Ms. Briggs says she composed the bagpipes song herself but it is actually Scotland the Brave.
  • In this episode, iCarly gets more than 500,000 viewers prior to Briggs' performance. This means this episode has to take place after iPromote Techfoots, in which iCarly scores more than 300,000 viewers, which is said to be a record. Although it is possible that the viewers in this episode never reached 500,000 again when they were getting their audience back.
  • Sam calls Ms. Briggs on her cell phone from outside the apartment, but there is no way Sam could know her phone number without first looking it up in the phone directory or online - she would not have a teacher's number in her contact list or memorized.
  • Carly and Freddie could've just waited until Ms. Briggs went to sleep to escape from her house. They could not take the torture of the bagpipes any longer.
  • A bee could easily tell a real pie from a fake pie by its scent, presuming the pie is made out of plastic.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • The green screen (a special effects mechanism) is introduced in this episode.
  • This is the last time Ms. Briggs appears on-screen (but she is still mentioned a few times throughout the episodes) until the future episode, iHave My Principals, in season three.
  • Some of the Randy Jackson memorabilia is seen behind the Principal's desk in iHave My Principals.
  • In this episode, iCarly gets more than 500,000 viewers prior to Briggs' performance. This means this episode has to take place after iPromote Techfoots, which has iCarly score more than 300,000 viewers, which is said to be a record. Although it is possible that the viewers in this episode never reached 500,000 again when they were getting their audience back.


Freddie: Must you always attack me with words?
Sam: You want me to use rocks?

Sam: That Ms. Briggs is a joy, isn't she?
Carly: I wonder what she does when she's not in school.
Freddie: She probably spits on puppies!

Freddie: Okay, inside this box is a new piece of technological equipment that's gona blow you guys away.
Carly: What is it?
Sam: You buy yourself a robot girlfriend?
Freddie: I don't need a robot girlfriend. Because 20 years from now, I guarantee you, I will be Carly's second husband.
Carly: What happened to my first husband?
Freddie: Nothing you can prove.

Freddie: There is nothing boring about being able to videotape Ms. Briggs with no chance of her finding out.
Carly: What did you get?
Freddie: A teeny video camera disguised as a piece of pie! [takes out a giant plastic piece of pie with a very conspicuous camera lens on it. Carly and Sam laugh]
Sam: Yeah, who wouldn't that fool?
Freddie: It looks real.
Carly: Yeah. It's a real gigantic piece of plastic pie with a camera lens on the side!
Sam: Look, it comes with a giant fork! [holds up the fork]
Freddie: Give it! [snatches fork back] This a quality piece of spy equipment!
Sam: My Aunt Maggie's boobs look more real than that. And they're ridiculous.

[Spencer persuades his date Connie to juggle, who starts to do so just as Freddie catches his attention with the fake pie]
Freddie: Don't mind me, I'm just a guy having some pie!
Spencer: Hey, is that one of those pie-spy video cameras?
Freddie: No it is not.
Connie: Oh yeah, they were talking about those on the Food Channel... Or was it the Spy Channel?
Spencer: You know, I think it was the Spy Channel.
Freddie: I don't know what you guys are talking about! This is just a normal piece of pie that doesn't record anything!
Spencer: But there's a big lens on the side.
Freddie: [frustrated] Oh, just forget it! [goes back upstairs]

[Carly and Freddie are spying on Ms. Briggs with the fake pie in tow at her house and decide that she is boring, so they decide to leave, but just as they turn to walk away, a bee flies around them]
Freddie: [waving his arms to shoo the bee away] Hey, go away! Get out of here!
Carly: It's just a bee.
Freddie: You don't understand; I am extremely allergic to bees! Get out of here, you stupid bee! I think he wants my pie!
Carly: That is a stupid bee.
[Freddie hands Carly the fake pie, runs, falls over, gets up and runs for the entrance to Ms. Briggs' house to flee from the bee]
Carly: Where are you going?
Freddie: I can't get stung! [he goes inside]
Carly: Are you insane?! Get out of Ms. Briggs' apartment! You can't just ... [the bee continues to fly all around her as she waves her arms to get the bee to fly away] Get away! It's a fake pie! Can't you see the big lens on the side?! [she drops the pie and runs inside] IT'S A FAKE PIE!

Randy Jackson cut-out: That was hot, yo!
Carly: Oh, please be quiet, Randy Jackson.

Sam [to Spencer]: I thought you were sculpting me for the past 3 hours!
Spencer: Well, I started off sculpting you, but then I started thinking about aquariums and ... he happened! [motions to the fish sculpture]
Sam: Then why am I still here?
Spencer: I get lonely.

Sam: [sees spy pie] Freddie, you're so stupid.

Sam: Uh, dont go near your patio door! There's a dairy monster on the loose and you don't wanna see what ...
Ms. Briggs: [walks over to patio door and opens door] Busted! Now get inside!
Sam: But, I can explain!
Ms. Briggs: [sarcastically] I'm sure you can.
Sam: I can! See I’m doing this school project on… "[Sees Carly and Sam sneaking out of closet]" On… How ladies react when they think that their dairy products are not… "[Freddie trips over Ms. Briggs’ bag pipes]"
Carly: "[in a loud whisper]" Freddie!

Ms. Briggs: I might even call the police!
Sam: Or you could just let us run away, while you angrily shake your fist in the air and scream, "You rotten kids!"

Ms. Briggs: Ah, your web show. iCarly. I've seen it. Nothing more than mucus in the nose of the digital age!
Carly: [to Sam] Did she just call our show a booger?


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