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"Come on, let's do the show."
Freddie to Carly and Sam.

iSpace Out is the 13th episode of the Season 3 of iCarly and the 63rd episode overall. It was marketed as an iCarly special and was watched by 5.3 million viewers.


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An eccentric billionaire asks iCarly and Exercise Rox (a different webshow) to compete to be able to perform a webshow from outer space. He performs different tests on the gang to see how well they will handle space travel, and they do fine until the 36 hour lockdown test in a space pod where all three suffer "Space Madness" in varying degrees. Carly eventually shows the worst signs of claustrophobia of the three, panicking completely. Freddie tries to calm her down, but she escapes the pod by smashing the window, disqualifying the iCarly team.


Meanwhile, Spencer is visited by a mysterious little girl. He at first tries to turn her in as a lost child, but eventually, Socko's uncle-in-law, Dr. Paxil, leads him to believe that he was only seeing her because he missed Carly. At the end of the episode, Carly notices the girl in the kitchen, but the girl, apparently disappointed that she can no longer bother Spencer, abruptly leaves. Carly, puzzled, attributes this to Space Madness.

Spencer with the Mysterious little girl.

Guest Stars


  • This episode was filmed in July 2009.
  • In the most recent title card sequence before this episode premieres, you see a clip of Carly, Sam, and Freddie in astronaut orange suits. One example of an episode featuring the title card sequence is iEnrage Gibby. On occasion, clips from an upcoming episode appear in the opening credits of a different episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature a high-quality animated sequence of the fictional show Girly Cow, first mentioned in iAm Your Biggest Fan. Girly Cow is mentioned a lot on iCarly and other Dan Schneider shows.
  • As of May 2012 seven space tourists have paid a total of more than US$200 million to Space Adventures to be flown on Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station. The first was American Dennis Tito in 2001, and the latest was Guy Laliberté, the Canadian owner of Cirque du Soleil, in 2009.
    • So far, the youngest person to ever go into space was Gherman Titov, a Soviet cosmonaut who went into space when he was 26 years old.
  • The site www.Excerciserocks.com redirects to iCarly.com, as do most of the other fake websites referenced on iCarly.
  • G-Forces in space training are actually tested using a device called a centrifuge, which has a person inside a pod that is spun around in a circle by a gigantic arm. The Multi-Axis chair, however, is real.
  • A real laptop was being used when Carly and Sam splashed it.
    • When this episode aired in the UK, Carly and Sam pouring water over the laptop was cut, because it is a major explosion/fire hazard to recreate it.[citation needed]
  • The song "Random Dancing" is Dan Schneider singing and saying, "dance-dance-dance!"
  • This is the first when we see Carly react in a tiny space.


  • New Hampshire, the state Dana in the "Dancin' with Cameron" interactive segment was from, was the home state of Alan Shepherd, the first American in space. It was also the home state of schoolteacher, Christa McAuliffe, who was killed aboard the space shuttle, Challenger, when it exploded after liftoff in 1986.
  • References to billionaire Richard Blanton and his company "Spacecations" are a parody of British businessman Richard Branson and his company Virgin Galactic, part of the Virgin Group, which plan to provide sub-orbital spaceflights to space tourists, as well as the US company Space Adventures.
  • References to "oystermato" juice are a parody of Mott's Clamato, which is a blend of clam juice and tomato juice. However Clamato is probably not intended to be drunk on its own - it is generally only drunk when mixed with vodka to produce the cocktail known as the "Bloody Caesar" (i.e. Clamato is used in place of the plain tomato juice used in a "Bloody Mary").
  • When Spencer hands the little girl a juice box, he says "Three percent fruit juice." This is a parody of fruit juice drinks that usually have only ten percent fruit juice.
  • This is the second time on a Nickelodeon show when "Space Madness" is mentioned, the first being in an episode of Ren and Stimpy.
  • When the intercom says "Houston, we have a problem," this references the failed Apollo 13 space mission, which was immortalized in the 1974 made-for-TV movie Houston, We've Got a Problem as well as the 1995 Ron Howard theatrical movie Apollo 13. The line is actually misquoted: the actual words were "Houston, we've had a problem."

Character Revelations

  • Spencer has not yet told his father that he dropped out of law school after only three days. He later posts a blog on iCarly.com, My Fake Law School Pics, which shows photodocked images of him as a lawyer that he intends on sending to his father.
  • Spencer's friend, Socko, is apparently married, because when Spencer was talking to him over the phone, Spencer mentioned Socko's uncle-in-law, who's a psychiatrist.
  • Carly suffers from claustrophobia and gets panic attacks when she is trapped in a small space.
    • A similar scene occurs in the episode, iSam's Mom.


  • During the introductory sequence, after Carly and Sam show the proper way to clean a parent's laptop they place their two buckets on the floor - one bucket is standing up and the other is on its side. They then introduce Cameron, when the soapy liquid they spilled can clearly be seen on the floor but both buckets are now standing up. In the next shot when they show that Cameron's pants light up, the liquid on the floor has gone. Then after they introduce "Dancing with Cameron" the liquid has reappeared on the floor. Then after Freddie introduces Dana from New Hampshire the liquid on the floor has disappeared again.
  • While in the space simulator Carly, Sam and Freddie record a trial episode of iCarly to the hard drive and hence this is not web cast as an iCarly webisode - yet after Carly signs off ("... the best nuts in the galaxy, or something") the camera shot is framed by the iCarly.com web sit as if it had been a regular iCarly webisode.
  • Carly begins to freak out because she was trapped in a space pod, but in iPsycho, she was trapped in an even smaller room and didn't freak out.

Running Gags

  • The gang press a button in the 36-hour room. They always seem to press the button for the automatic fire extinguisher, or the one that pushes out the bed, which always hits the person next to it.

Series Continuity

To be added


Carly: I have to go.
Spencer: [to his dad on the phone] Hey, I gotta say bye to Carly! Yeah, law school's going great! Later, dad! [hangs up the phone and looks at Carly]
Carly: You never told him that you dropped out of law school?
Spencer: [in a babyish tone] Daddy's very busy.

Spencer: [chasing the little girl] Someone's gonna get hurt! [trips on rug and falls down] I got hurt!

Spencer: [slowly and cautiously hands little girl a juice box] Here you go ...
Little Girl: [takes juice box and begins sipping]
Spencer:[stares at her with wide eyes, speaks in a wheedling tone] Yeah ... three percent fruit juice ...

This quote won second place for Best Quote at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

Freddie: Come on, let's do the show.
Carly: OK, and remember Mr. Blanton said we have to do it just like an actual iCarly web show.
Freddie: So no stopping.
Sam: Wait, one question.
Freddie: Yeah what?
Sam: [in an accent] Why you so stooopid?
Freddie: [annoyed] Carly ...
Carly: Sam!
Sam: I'm curious!

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