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"Okay, how could you start a fire in the shower?"
Carly to Spencer after he set a wet bathroom towel on fire.

iShock America (originally titled iLove Jimmy Fallon[3] and also known as iShock the World in other regions[4][5]) is the 7th and 8th episodes of Season 5 of iCarly and the 101st and 102nd episodes overall. This episode aired during Nickelodeon's 2012 Worldwide Day of Play.


After Jimmy Fallon mentions iCarly on his late night show, the gang does a tribute webcast to him. Jimmy sees it and invites them to New York to appear on his show. On the flight to New York, Gibby's luggage gets lost, so he buys new clothes from a guy on the street. However, when they do a variation of Random Dancing on Jimmy Fallon's show, Gibby's pants accidentally fall off, causing a major scandal. People initially blame Jimmy Fallon for allowing nudity on his show, but iCarly does a special webcast taking full responsibility for the incident. At a hearing by the NCC, they learn that the fine for nudity is $500,000. Since iCarly has taken the blame, they have to bring up the money, or they will be shut down. They see no possibility of getting the money, so they are about to give up on iCarly when Jimmy Fallon's producer tells them to meet Jimmy once more. On the show, Jimmy reveals that he asked for donations to save iCarly via Twitter, and within a day, he received $576,094 from viewers.

Guest Stars


  • This episode is probably a spoof of "NippleGate", which is when Justin Timberlake accidentally exposed Janet Jackson's nipple at his 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance of "Rock Your Body".
  • This episode has a newer opening sequence, featuring more scenes from the special. In addition, the flame that was absent in the sequence during the blowtorch explosion into the iCarly logo from the first half of season five returns, accompanied by the shine and sparkles.
  • Dan Schneider posted on his blog that he was working on a 60 or 90 minute episode of iCarly that will bring back "one of the most popular TV show casts ever". He mentions here, "I'm working on an outline for a 60 or 90 minute iCarly special that MIGHT (and I did say "might") bring back one of the most popular TV show casts ever! I hope it'll happen. I think it will. :)"[6]

Jimmy Fallon and Noah filming this episode via Noah's Instagram @Noah_Munck

  • This is the second time out of three times the iCarly cast will be joined by another TV show cast, the first was with Victorious in the Season 4's iParty with Victorious. The third time was with Pawn Stars in ILost My Head in Vegas.
  • This episode was filmed in New York City and in LA. (The iCarly segments and the apartment, as well as the New York street scenes).[7][8]
  • The bike messenger that hit Spencer was actually speaking Greek. The first time he hit him he was saying, "What are you doing here?! Don't you see where you are walking?!", while the second time he was yelling, "Oh, you again?! Why don't you watch your steps?!"
  • This is the first episode that was shot outside of California.
  • This is the first episode since iParty with Victorious to only have one writer.
  • BooG!E confirmed the guest stars and episode title.[9]
  • Jackie Joyner appeared as a character named Bonnie in this episode.[10]
  • This episode took longer to film than a normal two-part episode because of the New York location and its very special guests.
  • This episode was filmed during Noah Munck's 16th birthday and Miranda Cosgrove's 19th birthday.
  • This episode features cast members from the popular sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. It is not a reunion, though, because they were all on the show at different times.
  • Gibby's wardrobe malfunction was never seen onscreen.
  • This episode's working title was "iLove Jimmy Fallon". In Canada, YTV originally billed this episode for broadcast on Monday October 15 under the title "iLove Jimmy Fallon" up until October 10, when the advance billing was changed to "iShock America".
  • A Japanese character, Domo, makes a cameo appearance in the hotel room.
  • In the UK, Australia and Greece, it is called iShock the World.[11][12]
  • Whenever iCarly is introduced on the show, The Roots[citation needed] play an excerpt of the show's theme song.
  • This episode was skipped on MBC 3 in the Middle East.[citation needed]
  • This episode only airs in the US during marathons.[citation needed]
  • The name of the restaurant shown on the door is Balzac's.
  • The clock in the kitchen that normally is at 8:30 is at 9:50.


  • Spencer's line "Do you know how hard it is to make Jimmy Fallon laugh?" is an ironic reference to Jimmy Fallon's run on Saturday Night Live, where he had a reputation for being unable to contain his laughter during a skit.
  • Freddie being called a kumquat by a driver who almost hit him is a reference to the Crazy Cab Driver from an All That sketch who would call someone a kumquat if they got annoyed by his reckless driving.
  • G.I. Judo is a parody of G.I. Joe.
  • The Screaming Mel doll is a reference to actor Mel Gibson.
  • The Jimmy Fallon underwear is a parody of the Ellen underwear sold on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • Gibby saying "Kay, Kay" is a reference to Cat Valentine, a character on Victorious and Sam and Cat. He also says it in IStill Psycho.
  • When Gibby's pants fall, his crotch area is obscured and not fully shown.
  • There is a parody of the popular '90s sitcom Seinfeld in the scene where they're wondering what kind of pickle Freddie is eating at the diner. Dan's Diner itself representing Monk's Cafe, the coffee shop frequented by the Seinfeld characters. Spencer's way of entering the diner is a parody of Kramer.[13] The argument about the type pickle is reminiscent of the arguments on Seinfeld. Finally, the scene has bass-heavy background music, similar to Seinfeld's.
  • JImmy Fallon said "Jimmy says every time a bell rings, a penguin gets his soup". This is a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life".

Character Revelations

  • Gibby states that he used his cat's litter box and his cat freaked out.


  • Sam called right after Carly saw the Jimmy Fallon segment. However, Sam should've called while Carly was sleeping, as Spencer showed it to Carly minutes after it was broadcast live. Sam could have possibly been woken up and watched it the same time Carly did.
  • In the street vendor scene, Sam activates the "Screaming Mel" doll by pressing a button on front, but on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Jimmy activates his "Screaming Mel" doll by pressing a button on the back. There could have been more than one version of a screaming Mel doll.
  • In the street vendor scene, Gibby asks if the guy has any belts, but it is seen that he is already wearing one.
  • When Gibby's pants fell down it is later said that he had no underwear on, but a few scenes after 'the incident' it can be seen that he did in fact have underwear on. This is not verified. At one point there is a blue light behind Gibby that makes the white parts of the bottom of his shirt appear bluish, but he is not clearly wearing underwear.
  • Spencer says the "NCC" is in charge of what you can and cannot show on television and the internet. In fact the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a mandate to regulate content on radio and television, but it has no mandate to regulate content on the Internet.
  • Marissa and T-Bo saw the "Trouser Wowser" incident at the same time it happened in NY. In real life, Late Night is pre-recorded before it airs on TV and Gibby's pants falling down would have been cut out for the TV edit. However, Late Night could have been doing a special live edition for the exact reason iCarly was coming
  • This episode was renamed to iShock the World in the UK, but the URL in the opening titles still says iShock America.
  • The show was live, but for some reason Spencer was able to pause and rewind the showing to show Carly, Sam, and Freddie.
    • The Shay apartment was revealed to have a DVR unit which Spencer and Sam used in "iSam's Mom". DVR units always allow for pausing and rewinding live TV.
  • Principal Franklin once said in iOwe You that it is illegal to solicit money from people over the internet, yet Jimmy Fallon did so in the episode but was not punished.
  • If you look closely when the video of Gibby's pants falling is rewound, it is of the same clip that happened in the episode, and never actually showing it in full.
  • In reality the FCC would sue for around 1.4 million dollars for nudity.[14]
  • When the gang is onstage at the Jimmy Fallon show preparing to dance, the guitarist's instrument randomly changes from a red Gibson CS 356 to a black Gibson Les Paul custom.
  • Spencer might be arrested for arson because of all the things he set on fire.
  • When the iCarly gang gets out of the taxi in New York City, the suitcases are obviously empty.

Running Gags

  • Carly puking into other peoples' hats
  • Spencer setting things on fire
  • Spencer getting hit by a Greek bike messenger

Series Continuity


Jimmy Fallon: [on Late Night show, writing] Thank you, internet, for giving us iCarly.

Gibby: [to Spencer's date Kirsten] Aren't you the chick from the Inside Out Burger Drive-Thru?
Kirsten: Yeah. Job's a lot of fun.

Carly: And now, our first guest...
Carly & Sam: Baggles!
Baggles: Nyaaah!! [yogurt pours out of nose]
Carly & Sam: [both complain in disgust]
Sam: Baggles has a sinus infection.
Carly: That Baggles ...
Sam: It's just--
Gibby: [as Gib-Love] Mucus ...

Spencer: [getting out of a cab, yelling] Man, I love New York! Hey, look! There's a bike messenger! [he gets hit by the bike messenger] Ow.
Carly, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby: [clapping]

Gibby: Hey, look, that guy is selling clothes!
Carly: So? We're taking you to a real store.
Sam: Yeah, I don't think you can buy quality clothing from some dude off the street. [Sees a food cart; excited] Is that guy selling meat?

[The Clothes vendor sees Spencer's GI Judo toy land onto the road]
Clothes Vendor: [to Spencer who is going into a subway station] Hey Mr. Man! I think your friend just landed!

Jimmy: [introducing the iCarly gang on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon] Wake up the kids and set your SafeSearch to “weird”, 'cause here comes Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson and Gibby!

Jimmy Fallon: [to Freddie] I hear that your mother is a huge pain.
[In Seattle, Mrs. Benson looks offended]
Freddie: Uh ..., she can be a handful, but I wouldn't say she's a pain.
Carly: I would.
Sam: Yup. She's a pain. She is.

Gibby: Would you chill?
Freddie: I will heat!

Gibby: I'm a victim of gravity! And loose pants.

Producer: You wanna see what the audience saw?
Carly, Sam and Freddie: Uh, no.
Spencer: YES!

[The gang watching Gibby's pants fall off on TV]
Sam: Well that's hard to miss.

Sam: [looking at Carly's vomit] I can't believe THAT used to be a turkey sandwich ...

President of NCC: [Indicating Gibby] What's wrong with him?
Freddie: Noone's clear on that, sir.

Freddie: So I guess we're gonna have to pay that $500,000 fine.
President of NCC: Either that or we'll have to shut down icerly.
Sam: ... It's pronounced “iCarly”.
President of NCC: Ah, sorry. iCarly.
Carly: [vomits in a fedora]
President of NCC: That's my hat.

[Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby sitting at a diner]
Freddie: [rapidly shaking salt on a pickle he's holding angrily] $500,000. How are we supposed to get that much money, huh? How?! [bites his pickle angrily]
Sam: [to Freddie] Oh give it up, we're not!
Carly: [to everyone] Well then the NCC's gonna shut us down, so goodbye iCarly.
Freddie: No! That web show is my life! [leans over the table between himself and Carly] My life Carly! [leans back down and looks at his pickle] ... What kind of pickle is this?
Gibby: That's a dill.
Sam: It's not a dill!
Carly: I think it's a dill.
Freddie: [yells] It's not a dill! [pauses and apologizes to the rest of the group] I'm sorry I yelled, I'm very upset ... I ...

Gibby: How many times do you want me to say I'm sorry?
Carly: 500,000!
Gibby: [repeating] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...
Freddie: [getting irritated] Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, STOP IT!!

Carly: Let's all just be honest.
Gibby: Okay. One time I used the litter box.
[Carly, Sam, and Freddie look at him oddly]
Gibby: My cat freaked out.

Carly: Sam, you can't steal the lights off the walls.
Sam: Show me ONE sign in this hotel that says we can't steal things.
Carly: Okay, how about that sign right the ... [Notices the sign is missing and looks into Sam's suitcase] You stole the sign that says “Please do not steal our things”.

[Knocking at door]
Freddie: Who is that?
Gibby: I think it's someone knocking on the door.

Jimmy Fallon: I tweeted this out: “Hey! @iCarly's in trouble and they need money. If you have any spare cash, don't save it for your kids' future –- bring it here and give it to @iCarly!”

Related Cast Posts

  • Jennette McCurdy tweeted: "Holy chiz, this episode is gonna blow your brains out."
  • Noah mentioned to Nick.com about Jimmy Fallon "Hands down, he was my favorite guest star. I'm such a big fan, and he was so funny and fun to work with." [16]

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  • The episode premiered to 3.612 million viewers.[2] This makes it the lowest rated iCarly special, a rank previously held by "iStart a Fanwar" (5.024 million).
  • This episode reached Number 1 on iTunes for the Children's TV category on its premiere weekend [17]


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