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"I thought we were hob-knockers?"
Spencer to Wade.

iRocked the Vote (also known as iVoted Too Much and iRigged the Vote[citation needed]) is the 12th episode of the second season of iCarly and the 37th episode overall.


The iCarly crew loves the show America Sings, so they tell their viewers to vote for David Archuleta, whom they want to win over his British competitor, Wade Collins. After a series of commercials, Archuleta wins, which initially surprises everyone.

The next day, a news report talks about Archuleta's win and the reporter speculates that iCarly may be the reason why. Carly, Freddie and Spencer see an interview on TV where Wade Collins says that his mother is ill and that he wanted to use the earnings, if he had won, to help his mother get the surgery she needs. They feel sorry for Wade and invite him on iCarly, hoping to help him get more popular and get his own recording contract.

EP 215 iRocked The Vote 0010

When they learn that Wade didn't get anything for coming in second, they volunteer to help make a music video for him (later known as "Cry Like a Lion"). After the show, Wade reveals his true colors as obnoxious, snobbish, arrogant, nasty, and disrespectful calling everyone a "hobknocker" and insulting them. He continues to be nasty and opinionated toward everyone, insulting them (especially his "personal assistant" Gibby, whom he incorrectly calls 'Jibley') every chance he gets, while they continue to make his video.


During an iCarly rehearsal, Freddie finally finishes the video and Wade comes to collect it with his mother. Seeing his mother isn't actually sick and that Wade lied about it all to get sympathy, Carly has enough and refuses to give him the video, so Wade steals the DVD. David Archuleta makes a guest appearance on the next iCarly webisode where they show a video of what Wade Collins is really like. They tell what hotel and room Wade is staying in and asks anyone in America who dislikes him to go there. David can't sing because he has a sore throat, so they have Spencer play iCarly out on the banjo.


Spencer gets a letter from Video Village that claims he hasn't returned a video that he rented ten years earlier. Sam teaches Spencer how to lie so he can tell the video store clerk he actually DID return it, but he just can't do it. In the end, it turns out that the video store owner just sends out letters to scare people. The clerk promises to take it off his system, and she and Spencer begin flirting with each other.

Guest Stars


  • Archuleta being a winner on America Sings is a response to being the runner up of American Idol season 7. The winner of that season was instead David Cook.
  • Wade calls Carly and others "hobknockers". The true meaning of the word is unknown (it is not a real British slang), but it is apparently both "gross and illegal".
  • "Blimey" (in full "Cor blimey") is an English idiom that means "God blind (or blame) me".
    • 'Hobknockers' is removed from this episode's airings in the UK and Australia, making it a shorter episode. However, in iFix A Popstar when it is briefly used, it is not cut out.[citation needed]
  • This episode premiered on TEENick's "Crush Night," hosted by David Archuleta and Miranda Cosgrove.
  • When shooting Wade Collins video, the iCarly gang shot it inside the studio. But in the final music video, it was shot outside. This could mean that they switched locations or decided to use a green screen.
  • Several people who watched this episode thought that it was probably the most racist episode in iCarly due to the several quotes said by Wade Collins which they thought was offensive to all Americans.
  • Andrea Swain, the actress who played the Video Village clerk, also appeared in iCarly Saves TV and iStart a Fanwar.
  • In iBloop, the swing out of the monitor stops every time Freddie clicks the button.
  • Ciara Hanna (who would later play Gia Moran from Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce) made a cameo appearance.
    Video Village 1

    Video Village

  • In the Video Village store, available movies include "Exit the Cockroach", "Heli Copper", "Bacon and Legs", "Blue Legume", "101 Dull Martians", "There's No Fu Like Kung Fu", "Fat Elf", "It's My Wonderful Wife", "Beauty and the Yeast", "Finding Rudolph" and "Burning Tush." The names of upcoming movies are written on the whiteboard, which include "Big Rig Pretty", "Reality Was Framed", "Wise Guys" and "Beat Boutique."


  • America Sings is a parody of American Idol. However, this creates a minor continuity error because in iSpy a Mean Teacher, where it is revealed Miss Briggs has a crush on Randy Jackson, Carly mentions American Idol by name, indicating that the real-life show exists in the iCarly universe.
  • Video Village appears to be a parody of the Blockbuster Video chain. Video Village was also the name of a game show from the 1960's hosted by Jack Narz and later Monty Hall.
  • Backstage Hollywood is a parody of Access Hollywood.
  • A Helicopper movie poster from Drake & Josh can be seen when Spencer arrives at Video Village.[2]
  • The video the iCarly gang made of Wade Collins has a similar style to YouTube Poop.
  • Boogie Bear Takes Manhattan is a parody of The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Character Revelations

  • Spencer is a terrible liar while Sam is an expert at it.
    • In "iSaw Him First", she can't lie to Carly though and in iWill Date Freddie, Carly states that "Sam may be obnoxious and irresponsible, but she doesn't lie"; It could mean she is USUALLY an expert liar, but can't or won't lie to Carly.


  • Despite Carly wearing fancy clothes and make-up in order to participate in the video clip that Freddie is about to make for Wade Collins, we never actually see her in the video when Freddie shows the final form of it.
    • Her part was edited out. Possibly because either she or Wade didn't want her in the video.
    • In iCan't Take It, Carly complained when Freddie edited her out of the Super Bra trailer; here, she did not complain.
  • In this episode (and again in "iThink They Kissed") Spencer brings out a "banjo" - but the instrument has six strings, so technically the instrument is a banjo guitar, not a banjo proper. In "iSell Penny Tees" he has a proper 5-string banjo.
  • When Wade made his mom attack Carly, she was lying on top of Carly and her bloomers can briefly be seen.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • Right after David won, Freddie hugs Carly, but when Sam sees him, and he sees her, you can tell they are still tense from the kiss.
  • This is the first episode where Spencer plays the banjo. He later plays it in iThink They Kissed and iSell Penny-Tees.
  • The video they make for Wade in this episode leads to the episode iFix A Popstar.
  • This is the second time Carly says "Isn't he charming?", the first being iGot Detention.


Carly and Sam: David! David! David!
Freddie: He's not gonna win.
Carly and Sam: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Spencer: I am a terrible liar.
Carly: It's true. One time....
Spencer: Don't tell the story!
Carly: I'm telling the story! One time we were going to ride roller coasters on a school day and when Spencer came to get me he told Ms. Briggs he was taking me to the doctor. And she said "Which one?" and Spencer said ...
Spencer: [meekly] Dr. Rollercoaster.
Carly: And guess what I didn't get to ride that day.

Carly : [Playing with a yo-yo] ... Yo ... Yo ... Yo ... Yo ...

Freddie: I fixed it so it swings out 18% faster now.
Carly: Okay, you've gotta get a girlfriend.
Freddie: I know ... [Brightens up] Uh--
Carly: No.
Freddie: [Nods in resignation] Yeah.

Gibby: You've got beautiful hair.
Wade Collins: [sternly] Don't look at it!

Wade Collins: Just roll the camera! Action!! [music plays]
[Spencer comes in holding a puppy.]
Spencer: Hey. Check out this little guy.
Wade Collins: Jibley, STOP THE MUSIC!

Wade Collins: You are all just a bunch of hob-knockers!
Carly: Hob-knockers?
Wade: I'm going downstairs to get some yah-gurt!
Carly: Yah-gurt?
Freddie: Um... we're in the middle of shooting YOUR music video!
Wade: No, you're all busy worshipping a filthy, little beast! UGH! Why are all Americans such IDIOTS?!
Spencer: I thought we were hob-knockers?

Freddie: Thanks, it was hard to find good footage of the guy NOT screaming at me and calling me an "UNTALENTED HOBKNOCKER!!!"

Wade: Is that any way you talk around my mum?
Sam: Your mom?
Carly: This is your mother?
Wade's Mom: Hello love.

Spencer : You're very nice.
Clerk : You're very ... cute.
Spencer : Really? ... Wanna visit my summer home in Prague and meet my cousin, the Pope?
Clerk : [Giggles]
Spencer : Yeah, I knew you'd giggle.

Sam: So, David, what was it like hanging it out with Wade Collins?
David Archuleta: Oh, you know, he's...[unenthusiastically] okay.
Carly: You don't like him, do you?
David: [still unenthused] Not really, no.
Sam: Let it out, David.
David: Well, he called me a hob-knocker. I don't even know what that means.
Carly: [whispers the meaning of hob-knocker into David's ear]
David: Oh! Gross!
Sam: And illegal.

Wade Collins: [in a YouTube Poop-style video] I wanted tuna fish! [knocks the plate of ham sandwich out of Carly's hand, edited to do it three times]
Scene 2
[Wade hocks and spits onto the floor]
Scene 3
Wade Collins: [screen is flashing all different colors] I've got a pimple in my ear.
Scene 4
Wade Collins: [Gibby is blow-drying his hair] Too hot! [video repeats] ... hot! [video repeats] ... hot!
Gibby: I'm sorry! [Wade takes the blowdryer, aims it at Gibby, and blows it in his face, causing him to run off]
Scene 5
Wade Collins: [screen flashes negative] You're a stupid American, Freddie. Stupid American
Scene 6
[Wade spits again]
Scene 7
[Wade sneezes on Gibby]
Scene 8
Wade Collins: [walks by several music video-dressed girls] You're all a bunch of stupid American girls! You bunch of hob-knockers!
Scene 9
Wade Collins: I DON'T CARE ABOUT MUSIC! I WANT MONEY! [screen turns green, echoing "MONEY!"]
Scene 10
[Wade spits again]
Scene 11
Wade Collins: [screams at a hobo bystander outside] HOB-- [video repeats] HOB-- [video repeats] HOB-KNOCKER!
Scene 12
Wade Collins: [eating spaghetti] I have to look beautiful! Jibley!
Scene 13
[Wade growls at the camera]
Scene 14
Wade Collins: I hate children, I hate teenagers, I hate animals, AND I HATE AMERICA!
[video ends]
Carly: [sarcastically, to web audience] Isn't he charming?

David Archuleta: Should we tell them what room [Wade Collins is staying in]?
Carly: I don't think we should.
David: [Grinning and rubbing his hands together] Room 513.
Carly: That's five one three! [holds up fingers for each number]


See photos of iRocked the Vote here.


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