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"Puckett's gone soft."
Dana about Sam.

iRescue Carly[3] is the 11th episode of the 5th season of iCarly and the 105th episode overall.


Sam meets up with an old friend who just got out of juvie, Dana, and Carly tags along, eager to meet one of Sam's other friends. Dana makes fun of Carly's girly behaviour when talking to Sam alone, but still invites both of them to a "smash party" where they demolish an abandoned house. Knowing it would be dangerous for Carly to go there, Sam says they aren't going, but Carly goes on her own. She quickly realizes that she's out of her element, but doesn't want to admit to Sam that she can't handle Sam's crowd of delinquents and calls Freddie and Gibby for help instead. All three of them end up tied to a wall and being pelted with various things.

Meanwhile, Spencer finds some pairs of night vision goggles his father used to own and starts having fun with them, like tickling people in the dark or stealing their popcorn while they are watching a movie. While he is having a Teddy bear fight in the dark with T-Bo, Sam interrupts them and learns that Carly went to Dana's party alone. She immediately takes a pair of night vision goggles, T-Bo's sock and a pack of butter from Spencer's fridge and goes to the party. After Dana mocks her for having gone soft, Sam turns off the lights and beats up all the party guests using the night vision goggles and the butter sock, saving Carly, Freddie and Gibby.[4]

Freddie being mischievous.

Guest Stars


  • Spencer and Carly's dad was briefly mentioned in this episode because he keeps night vision goggles and other things in the Shay storage unit.
  • Gibby was shirtless in this episode, even though in iStill Psycho and iToe Fat Cakes he is said to not do that anymore.
  • "Toilet Punch" has been mentioned again and it hasn't been mentioned since IHave My Principals.
  • In the closing credits with Gibby in a tall table, a sign for 'Omar's Pizza' is featured. Omar's is the pizza service used in Victorious.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Sam asked Baby Spencer why a fifth of Americans can't locate Wisconsin on a map. This is a reference to the famous 2007 viral video that shows Miss South Carolina answering the question why a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map.
  • In the iCarly segment Baby Spencer, Baby Spencer says 'Kay Kay'. This could be a reference to Cat Valentine from Victorious.
  • According to Dana's Party, their layouts look like the The Gorilla Club from Victorious

Character Revelation

  • Freddie used to take ballet.


  • When Carly and Sam meet Dana in the Groovy Smoothie, Carly buys smoothies and gummy hearts. After Carly sits down she unties the bag of gummy hearts and takes one out, but does NOT put it in her mouth - however immediately after the next cut she is chewing a gummy heart and muses out loud what flavor it is.
  • Freddie was in awe about Spencer's night-vision goggles (as if he'd never seen the technology in use before) but he did use night-vision technology in iScream On Halloween for the investigation of Apartment 13B.
  • Sam said that Dana got arrested when she was ten, but in reality, she would've just been expelled from a school, her parents would have to pay a fine, or just get in school suspension. You can't go to juvie at the age of ten, you legally can go at 13.
  • When Sam arrives to rescue Carly, Freddie and Gibby she reaches for the light switches to turn out the lights - she clearly misses the switches altogether, but the lights go out nonetheless.
  • The house should not have electricity at all - as the house is abandoned, the electricity would have been cut off when the last owners or tenants stopped paying their bills.
  • When Carly gets in the elevator, she presses the top button, although she needs to go down to the first level to leave the building.
  • The door of the party house in the external shot does not match the door of the house in the internal shot.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity


Sam: I'm not mixing you with my prison friends!
Carly: Why not?
Sam: 'Cause! You're like … whipped cream. And she's like someone who eats whipped cream.

Sam: Carly may not have a prison record like us, but she's cool.
Carly: [walks over to the table, excited] You guys, look! They have gummy hearts! You want gummy hearts? Gummy hearts? I'll just get us all gummy hearts. [Walks back to the counter]
Sam: So, maybe “cool” isn't the perfect word ...

Dana: [Checking out Sam's butter sock] Nice heft.
Sam: 'Cause now, I use hard butter.
Dana: How is that different to regular butter?
Sam: It's harder.
Dana: ... Ahhhhh

Freddie: [Answering his phone] Hey, Carly. What's up?
Carly: I'm scared.
Freddie: [Watching Gibby take pictures of his foot] Yeah, me too ...

Carly: I need to stay here and prove to Sam that I'm not some scared little baby that needs help.
Freddie: Okay ...
Carly: So, will you help me?

Dana: You ballerinas ain't leaving.
Guy: Nope.
Freddie: [whispering angrily to Carly] How do they know I used to take ballet?

Gibby: You throw like a girl!
Stranger: I am a girl!
Gibby: Oh ... and a very pretty one, too.

Carly: Sam!
Freddie: Sam?!
Gibby: Sam!

Sam: I said, cut em loose. Mama don't like saying chiz twice. [others back away]
Dana: Hey don't sweat her. Puckett's gone soft.
Sam: Maybe I've gone soft, [pulls out the butter sock] but my butter hasn't.


  • This episode premiered to 3.330 million viewers.[2]
  • This episode reached No. 1 on iTunes for Kids' TV during its premiere weekend.[9]
  • "Puckett Power" and "Butter sock" trended worldwide on Twitter during this episode's premier night.[10]


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