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"I know you're upset, but hedge clippers are never the answer."
Carly to Dave.

iQuit iCarly is the 8th-9th episode of the third season of iCarly and the 58th and 59th episode overall. It is an hour long special.


This episode won first place for Best Long Episode at the iCarly Wiki Awards! (tie with IPsycho)

Carly and Sam agree to help Fleck and Dave, two aspiring web comedians, to make a video for a competition. However, the boys get into a fight and furiously break up (Fleck infuriates Dave's short-tempered dad by spray painting his car purple, which prompts him to punish Dave by destroying his laptop with a hammer). Carly and Sam try to get them to make up by talking to Dave and Fleck respectively, but while talking to them, they see that Fleck is an irresponsible risk-taker like Sam and Dave is a much more responsible and cautious planner like Carly, leading to the girls relating to their boy counterparts. Having become aware of how frustrating the other can be to work with, Carly and Sam get into a fight as well, causing a rift between them. It quickly escalates when they get into another fight at the Groovy Smoothie that ends with Carly banning Sam from her house.

Carly, Sam and Freddie try to do iCarly by broadcasting from the studio and Sam's house simultaneously, but problems with the connection plus their ongoing fight lead to the webcast being a disaster. A frustrated Carly suggests ending iCarly for good, and Sam agrees, much to Freddie's dismay. At school the next day, they even fight over who gets Freddie's help in making a video for the competition Fleck and Dave originally wanted to enter. This breaks Freddie's heart and he expresses a desire for things between the girls to return to the way they were.

This episode won second place for Most Epic Moment at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

Eventually, they both get the same idea to take shots of the city at night from a window washing platform on the top 14th floor of Bushwell Plaza. When they show up at the same time, Carly and Sam get in a fight over who gets to go first onto the platform without a safety harness. After Sam accidentally hits a button to lower the scaffold, it breaks and Carly slips off, forcing her to grab onto a pole for dear life. Sam saves Carly from falling to her death, only to almost fall herself when Spencer drops a rope down onto her head. Carly pulls her up, they tie themselves together, and, with the combined efforts of Spencer, Freddie, Fleck, and Dave, the girls are pulled up to safety. Realizing what could've happened to them, they break down crying in each other's arms and reconcile. Fleck and Dave do the same, and Freddie and Spencer hug as well. With iCarly back together, they continue to do the show as the iCarly trio, with Fleck, Dave, and Gibby, make a fake-horror trailer for a hurricane disaster movie called, "The Blowing."

The Pirates


Spencer becomes obsessed with winning a boat when he enters a boat winning contest hosted by a channel called the Boat Network. He wins the boat, but is unable to find a holding place for it (he'd considered docking it at the pier, but Gibby tells him it costs $1,000 per month). He decides to keep it in the parking lot, and Gibby asks to join him on the boat as his "boat boy". Soon enough, a rich baseball player voices his displeasure with these conditions, as the boat takes up his whole parking space, and after his baseball practice ends, he enlists the aid of his baseball team, the Pirates, to throw Spencer and Gibby off the boat. They proceed to party on Spencer's boat and overcrowd it, and he and Gibby plot revenge against them. They use Spencer's sculpting skills to build a giant slingshot and then use the slingshot to launch watermelons onto the pirates on the boat. With Gibby's help, Spencer is able to drive the Pirates off his boat so he can reclaim it.


Guest Stars


  • It unknown whether Spencer kept the boat or not.
  • The pink outfit that Carly wears in this episode is the same one she wore in the season three opening credits.
  • This episode aired one year after Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh.
  • According to Dan Schneider's Twitter, this episode was previously called "iFleck & Dave". The name is used in scheduling on the Nickelodeon Website for unknown reasons.
  • Two other alternate titles were, "iDiscover Fleck & Dave" and "iSplit Up".
  • This is the second TV movie, after iGo To Japan to have more than one villain (The Pirates, who are considered to be the movie's antagonists).
  • While on-set preparing, Dan Schneider and Jerry Trainor pulled a prank on Miranda Cosgrove; it can be seen on Dan Schneider's YouTube channel.
  • During the trailer for The Blowing, the fire alarm can be heard in a brief scene and sounds the same as in iWanna Stay With Spencer and from the Zoey 101 episode Drippin' Episode.
  • The newspaper hitting Miranda Cosgrove in the face during "The Blowing" was an accident; a blooper in iBloop shows her breaking down laughing afterwards. However, the scene was realistic enough for the editors to keep it in.
  • "Fleck" is the nickname of Matt Fleckenstein, one of the iCarly writers backstage.
  • Carly, Sam, and Freddie all cry in this episode.
  • The episode features a large Cam friendship plot.
  • There are two scenes from this episode that didn't make it in the final script. The scenes were shown in the promos, but were cut from the final script:
    • A group of girls at school walk up to Carly and Sam. One of the girls asks, "Are you really not doing iCarly anymore?", and Carly responds, "No, we're not." Then the girl screams to the other girls, "I told you guys it was true!"
    • Freddie was asked by Carly and Sam whose side he is on. Freddie couldn't decide, so he randomly said, "Oh look, a freckle on my wrist!" to change the subject.
  • This was the 60th episode of iCarly. Most Nickelodeon specials usually last around 60 episodes and this episode was an hour long dealing with the Cam Friendship.
  • The slingshot that Spencer and Gibby use to fling watermelons at the Pirates is Spencer's Newton Balls creation from ILook Alike.


  • In the episode, the show that Spencer is watching asks something about Joe Catania, who is the producer of iCarly.
  • The baseball team being called "The Pirates" is a reference to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Spencer is called "Captain Stupid" which is a reference to Captain Stubing on the TV show "The Love Boat".

Character Revelations

  • Spencer has a birthmark.


  • While Carly, Sam, Fleck and Dave are sitting in the Groovy Smoothie and T-Bo is explaining he put jalapeño juice in the smoothies, we see another waiter place two glasses of water on the table then walk away - yet in the next shot all four are holding glasses of water.
  • In another scene in the Groovy Smoothie, when Carly, Freddie and Dave are discussing ideas for the iShorts competition, Sam and Fleck arrive and sit at a separate table - as they are sitting down there are clearly no muffins on their table, but after the next cut back to Carly, Freddie and Sam, in the background one muffin can be seen sitting on the table in front of Fleck, then after a cut back to Sam and Fleck there are two muffins on the table - yet no-one delivered muffins to their table.
  • When Spencer and the others are pulling Carly and Sam back to safety, Fleck's video camera changes direction numerously (It first faces the windowsill, then the elevator, then the hallway).
  • When Freddie goes, "That's not fun!", you see that he's rubbing his hands together in pain. Then in the next shot, you see that his hands are straight again and he's not rubbing them.
  • Carly points out that Sam doesn't show up for iCarly rehearsals most of the time, but she always comes (usually late, but nonetheless), unless she wasn't available.
  • During the webshow and Carly and Sam's fight, when Carly has had enough, she says she wants to "end it", meaning end iCarly (Freddie thinks she just means end the webshow). Freddie responds by saying, "Come on, you guys have never stopped in the middle of a webshow before." However, when Carly and Sam were fighting before in iDon't Want to Fight and doing a web show, Sam walks out and Carly follows, so they have actually stopped in the middle of a web show before.
  • Sam claims that Carly named the webshow after herself, though actually Freddie was the one that thought of the name in iPilot, and Sam was there when he came up with it.
  • In reality, the platform would've collapsed completely before Spencer had time to pull them up. Carly and Sam were extremely lucky. Also, the rope appears too weak to hold two people.
  • A muffin is pulled off of a stick and placed in front of Carly. When Carly lifts the muffin, there is a large hole on the top of it, but there is no large hole on the bottom.
  • When Gibby rides up the boat, a bicycle bell is heard but the bicycle does not have a bell.
  • After Carly is pulled in through the window, you can see her black microphone unit at the top of her pants.
  • During the opening sequence, we see a shot of the Seattle skyline. The Kingdome can be seen in the distance, which was imploded on March 26, 2000.

Running Gags

  • Someone mentioning the Mexican Dessert Channel.

Series Continuity

  • While various episodes feature the characters in peril to a certain extent, this is the first episode that has any character in a definitive near-death experience, not counting the episode iWanna Stay With Spencer with Spencer's fan of hammers (depending on the angle of the hammer flying, it might have just severely injured Carly, although everyone treats it as a near-death situation). The second is iSaved Your Life, although Freddie getting hit by a car was not shown onscreen.


Carly: I'm down, I'm cool, I'm jiggly.

Freddie: [giggling] Is that a birthmark on your butt?
Spencer: Don't look at it!
Freddie: [walks away with a grin on his face]

Carly: I know you're upset, but hedge clippers are never the answer.
Sam: Well ...
Carly: Never the answer!

Sam: T-Bo!
T-Bo: [drops smoothie; angrily] What?!
Sam: We want a table as far away from them as possible. [indicates Carly and Dave]
T-Bo: [still angry] Have I ever cared where you sit?!

Sam: I'll say “I'm sorry” to Carly right after T-Bo graduates from medical school!
T-Bo: I happen to be a doctor of smoothieology!

Dave: [gets hit with a muffin] Ow! Fleck threw a muffin at me!
Carly: Hey, no throwing muffins! ... [gets hit with a muffin by Sam] Ow! Sam!
Sam: It slipped!
Dave: You got a cranberry on your nose.
Carly: [removes the cranberry, folds her arms, grabs a muffin and attempts to hit Sam, but it hits an elderly lady]
Elderly Woman: Ahhhh!
Carly: [shocked] I'm so sorry!
Sam: I accept your apology.
Carly: It wasn't for you, it was for the lady I muffined!

[While Spencer and Gibby are in the boat]
Gibby: Sorry! I squeezed the nozzle too hard.
Spencer: You're supposed to create a refreshing ocean spray! That was like a whale peed in my face!

Sam: I have as much right to Freddie as you!
Carly: You do not! Freddie loves me!

Freddie: Wait, what if I wanna chose?
Sam: Okay … I'll buy you a big high speed hard drive.
Carly: You can't buy Freddie's love!! [takes money out of her bag] Here's $20!
Freddie: Alright, I can't take this! [walks away]
Carly: Oh, it's okay ...
Sam: She doesn't mean to hurt you.
Freddie: [stops, looks at Carly and Sam, almost crying] I just want things to be the way they were!! [continues walking]
Sam: [to Carly] See what you did?!
Carly: You're a monster!!
[Carly and Sam slams their lockers shut simultaneously and walks out in the different directions]

[A chocolate bar falls from the top of Bushwell Plaza and lands on the floor near Gibby and Spencer]
Gibby: What was that?
Spencer: A very large bird … who likes peanuts … and nougat?

[When Carly is dangling off the window washer's platform]
Sam: Carly! Don't let go!
Carly: Why on Earth would I let go?!

Freddie: Carly! Don't let go!
Carly: Okay! But can you guys give me any other advice?!

[After Gibby and Spencer have defeated the players]
Gibby: [hears Carly's screams] Hey? What's going on over there?
Spencer: I dunno. [extends telescope and sees Carly dangling] Huh. Looks like … Ahhh! [Grabs rope and runs away to help her]
Gibby: [picks up watermelon slice and begins to eat it] Sha-boom!

Spencer: Carly! Don't let go!
Carly: Yeah, we're pretty much on the same page!

Dave: [to Carly] There's a wind coming.
Carly: A wind?
Dave: A strong wind.
Carly: Stronger than this? [blows in his face]
Dave: Oh yes!
[Carly is shocked; Shots of everyone screaming as wind blows them back]
Sam: [to Fleck] How do we save ourselves from the wind?
Fleck: We don't.
Sam: How can we survive?
Fleck: We can't.
Sam: Will we have time to make this movie?
Fleck: We won't.
Narrator: No one can save you!
Gibby: [yells] What's happening?! [his shirt flies off] Ahhhhhh!
Dave: [yells at Fleck] Where's my ointment?!
Fleck: [yells back] I don't know!
Narrator: Not even your pasta is safe.
[pasta blows onto Freddie's face]
Freddie: [screams]
Sam: Tell me the name!
Dave: [voice edited lower] You don't wanna know!
Carly: [desperately] TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS WIND!
Fleck: They call it ... "The Blowing"
[screams from everyone again]
Narrator: The Blowing. Coming soon.
Carly: [yells] THIS WIND BLOWS! [some crumpled paper hits her in the face] AHH!
Sam, Carly, Fleck and Dave: [make a blowing sound. Sam presses her remote and the show ends]

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  • The episode premiered to 8.85 million viewers, making it Nickelodeon's biggest audience in 2009. The 11 AM repeat the following day had 4.39 million viewers, and the 7 PM repeat that same night had 4.59 million.
  • This is the most viewed iCarly hour-long special.


See photos of iQuit iCarly here.


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