iPity The Nevel is the ninth episode of Season Four, and 79th overall.


After a video of Nevel berating (scolding) a child ruins his reputation, he asks the iCarly team to help him restore his image after his website gets terminated.


  • The episode will parody Twilight as the main iCarly skit, with Freddie Benson being the vampire, Edward, and Gibby Gibson being the werewolf, Jacob. In the parodied skit, Carly will be playing "idiot farm girl" as seen in the picture, along with Sam as the "cowboy whose
    mustache looked like a squirrel." [2]
  • Reed Alexander, who plays Nevel, will guest star in this episode. Dan Schneider tweeted that, "This *may be Nevel's last apperance on iCarly."
  • In the opening credits for Season 4, it shows a scene where Sam is dancing around with a baseball bat in front of a cardboard Nevel and a Nevel bobblehead. It also shows Gibby dancing in front of a big poster of Nevel with dart holes all over his face and head. These may be scenes from this episode. Another scene shows Sam cheering as Nevel is walking in the background with equipment.
  • Dan Schneider, Miranda Cosgrove, Reed Alexander, and Nathan Kress have noted that this was possibly the funniest table read for an episode ever. [3]
  • The title is a possible reference to the famous quote by Mr T; " I pity The Fool!"
  • According to Dan Schneider, after they wrapped up the vampire scene, he had gone home, but at around 3:00 AM, Miranda, Jennete, Nathan, and Ariana Grande (from Victorious) showed up at his house and filled the trees with toilet paper.
  • The bench Nevel sits on says "Schneider's Pickles." This is a reference to writer and creator Dan Schneider. Apparently, Schneider hadn't been aware of the joke until he saw it.


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