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"Until I saw that video of me, shouting at that little girl... I didn't realize what a terrible, AWFUL person I really am."
Nevel to the gang.

iPity The Nevel is the ninth episode of Season Four, and seventy-ninth overall.


A video of Nevel yelling at a little girl quickly goes viral across the Internet, thus ruining his reputation as the creator of Nevelocity.com. After hearing about this, Carly, Sam, and Freddie see this as a blessing for their own website and decide to celebrate during Carly's "karma party". Shortly after the party ends, Nevel unexpectedly arrives at their apartment and desperately asks the iCarly team to help him restore his image, to which they hesitantly agree after, after Nevel proves himself by drinking Wahoo Punch out of one of Sam's sneakers (which her foot had been sweating in for over a year and even had a dead cricket in it). However, their first attempt to regain his popularity by having him give out free smoothies and cream corn fails on account of people remaining unconvinced that Nevel truly meant well. After he offers a sincere and real apology to the girl, Molly, live on iCarly, he then receives many positive comments again, but when a handicapped man bumps into him with his wheelchair shortly afterwards, Nevel starts yelling at the man and is filmed yet again.

Nevel shows up at Carly's apartment, desperate for help.


Meanwhile, Freddie becomes popular with the girls after playing a vampire in an iCarly parody short film, known as "Moonlight Twi-Blood". He deeply enjoys this situation, but shortly afterwards, his popularity fades as werewolves become more popular than vampires. Gibby then dresses up as a werewolf and steals Freddie's date, Patrice.

Also, Spencer is bored because he has nothing to do, so he continually disrupts the iCarly gang and the webshow because he wants them to include him.

Guest Stars


  • In the opening credits for Season Four, a scene where Sam is dancing around with a baseball bat in front of a cardboard cutout of Nevel and a Nevel bobblehead is shown. It also shows Gibby dancing in front of a big poster of Nevel with dart holes all over his face and head. Both were filmed for this episode, but neither scene included.
  • Carly says Nevel is not a pianist, yet he has a grand piano in his living room that he plays, as shown in IRue the Day.
  • This is another instance of Nevel not swearing revenge on the iCarly gang.
  • Dan Schneider, Miranda Cosgrove, Reed Alexander, and Nathan Kress have noted that this was possibly the funniest table read for an episode ever.[3]
  • According to Dan Schneider, after they wrapped up the vampire scene, he had gone home, but at around 3:00 AM, Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, and Ariana Grande (from Victorious) showed up at his house and filled the trees with toilet paper.[4]
  • A new computer can be spotted on the iCarly kitchen desk.
  • How did the crew manage to set the egg gun on fire? According to Dan Schneider, after the egg was shot out, the scene was stopped and a crew member placed a hose up into the gun. When the right moment came, he hit a button and the flames shot out. This is why Spencer's legs slightly move during the scene.
  • George the Bra returns, contradicting the iCarly.com video claiming that he had been fired.
  • Since Noah Munck was under 16 years old, he was let out of filming at a certain hour. This meant the number of takes for the scene where Nevel is tied up gave the crew members less time to have him appear. Eventually, they changed the script slightly to have Gibby leave to get more pudding; that way, the crew wouldn't have to worry about letting him out late.
  • Originally, the creamed corn was meant to be creamed spinach, but when the spinach was provided, Dan Schneider decided it looked too "ummm... illegal" (probably too similar to bags of marijuana).[5]
  • Not even Dan Schneider knows why Freddie licks the salt out of his hands; Schneider claims that if "you want to know, you're going have to ask Nathan Kress."[6]
  • There isn't any real ice in Carly's blue glass at the beginning of the episode; for TV shows, fake ice is used because it never melts.
  • Dan Schneider tweeted that "this *may* be Nevel's last appearance on iCarly". This episode was his second to last appearance, and the last was "iHalfoween".
  • This episode is, as of this writing, the last episode to not be written by Dan Schneider himself.
  • This episode makes iCarly surpass The Secret World of Alex Mack as the longest running live-action, non-sketch comedy Nickelodeon show in terms of episodes.
  • Sam wore two mustache necklaces when she and Carly did their first webcast of the episode (when they showed their short film).
  • In the trailer of this episode, a female voice off-screen calls Nevel a jerk and throws trash at him. In the actual episode, a male voice is heard instead.


  • The title is a reference to Mr. T's famous catchphrase, "I pity the fool!"
  • The episode parodies Twilight as part of an "Idiot Farm Girl" iCarly skit, with Freddie Benson being the vampire.[7]
  • The bench Nevel sits on says "Schneider's Pickles." This is a reference to writer and creator, Dan Schneider. Apparently, Schneider hadn't been aware of the joke until he saw it.
  • Stacey Dillsen's name can be spotted in the comments sections of the iCarly.com video of Nevel with smoothies and creamed corn, where she uncharacteristically commented, "Stupid video!! Nevel is still the worst person alive!!!"
  • The apparently inappropriate comment Carly doesn't finish reading is written by a user named, "Hungry Lisa", a reference to Dan Schneider's wife, "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lilian. If you pause the scene where the screen is focused, you can see the words "shove it up", referring to him shoving the golf club up his butt.
  • After the iCarly webcast has finished, Sam says "Good night, nurse!" which is a popular saying that originated in WWI as a phrase soldiers would say in Military and Naval hospitals as a different way of saying "good night."
  • In Canada, Schneider's is a real firm that produces a range of luncheon meats and sausages - see Schneider's
  • It appears that in the stock footage shot when Nevel walks down the street, the edited street sign says "Effet Ave"

Character Revelations

  • Gibby is in a relationship he considers "not exclusive". It is currently uncertain if his girlfriend is actually Tasha or if he and Tasha broke up and he started dating another girl.


  • The video shown of Nevel yelling at the beginning of the episode is different from the one shown on the iCarly webcast.
  • Towards the end of the episode, while Nevel is berating the man in the wheelchair, a girl is seen recording the incident with her cell-phone in the upright (portrait) mode - then there is a cut for the audience to see what she is filming, but the frame is seen in the horizontal (landscape) mode.
    • However, this could just be a closeup of the frame to show that he is being recorded.

Running Gags

  • Nevel continuously getting hated on.
  • Freddie speaking in a vampire voice.

Series Continuity

To be added


Sam: [storms in; speaks very fast] Hey, can I come in? Freddie, get off that computer. Have you guys seen this? You gotta see this!
Freddie: No, wait, just give me about 20 ... [Sam pushes him off the chair] Going down! [Falls to the floor, then gets up, angrily] Man! It was rendering!!

Carly: What's up?
Sam: Nevel!
Spencer: Papperman?
Sam: No, Nevel van Houter-Schmouzen.
Spencer: The pianist?!
Freddie: There is only one Nevel.
Carly: And he's not a pianist.
Spencer: I'm going to go ride bikes with Socko.

Freddie: Man. This is bad for him.
Carly: It's gonna ruin his life.
[Three second break]
Everyone: Yoo-hoo! [they start dancing in triumph]

[Gibby runs out after sitting in a tub of ice long enough to scream in pain]
Sam: There you go. We proved it.
Carly: Ice is very cold.
Sam: Cold enough to freeze your Gibbies

Sam: We've always hated him.
Carly: We were ahead of the curve.

Sam: Alright, that contoods another episode of iCarly.
Carly: And for now, we´ll pretend that "contoods" is a word. Goodnight!
Sam: Contoods!
Carly: Bye! See you, guys!
Freddie: And we're clear!
Carly: Wooo!
Sam: Goodnight, nurse!

Gibby: So, what kind of food do you have at a karma party?
Freddie: Just desserts.
[Carly, Sam and Freddie cheer about Freddie's pun and high five]
Gibby: I don't get it ...

Gibby: I LOVE that liquid soap you guys have in the bathroom. I am DONE with bar soap!

Nevel: Until I saw that video of me, shouting at that little girl ... I didn't realize what a terrible, AWFUL person I really am. [few seconds of silence from everyone]
Gibby: This pudding rocks!

Nevel: How can I prove [I have changed]?
Sam: You wanna prove it? [takes off her shoe] See this sneaker? My foot's been sweating in this for over a year. Now ... here's a half-drunk can of Wahoo punch. [pours punch into her shoe] Drink it!
Nevel: [almost retches] Oh my God!
Carly: You wanna prove you're sincere?
Freddie: [vampire voice] Then drink from the shoe.
Nevel: This Wahoo Punch, is it organic?

Nevel: [Drinks from Sam's shoe, chokes and takes something out of his mouth] What's this?
Sam: [Takes the thing from Nevel, shrugs] Dead cricket.
Nevel: *retches*

Carly: [reading comments about Nevel] "Hey, Nevel! Why don't you just take a golf club and ..." These comments should really be monitored ...
Nevel: Everyone still hates me.
Carly: (to Sam and Freddie) I guess our video just made people I think Nevel was just trying to do damage control, You know that he doesn't even feel bad about what he did.


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  • The episode garnered 4.6 million viewers, making it the most watched scripted show for the week on cable.[2] It was also received very well from fans.


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