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"Awe, the baby does hate you."
— Mrs. Benson to Freddie.

iPie is the eighth episode of the second season of iCarly and the 33rd episode overall. It was the first episode to be shown after the iCarly special iGo to Japan.


When Mr. Galini, the 97-year-old owner of the group's favorite pie shop, passes away and the shop is about to close, the iCarly crew tries to find a way to save it because the owner's granddaughter Trudy doesn't want to keep it open, and Mr. Galini's assistant, Mario is unfamiliar with the pie recipe. Trudy agrees to give the recipe for her grandfather's famous coconut cream pie to Spencer in exchange for a date, but later confesses she never had it. The coconut cream pie recipes that Carly and Sam request from their viewers don't come close to Galini's pie. When Freddie and Sam try to find the recipes on Mr. Galini's computer, they get into a fight and knock it over. To their surprise, the recipe cards were put inside the computer itself, and they fell out when the computer was knocked over. In the end, Trudy and Mario reopen the pie shop and continue running it as normal.


Freddie tries to get Stephanie, his mother's cousin's baby, to laugh because he is the only person who can't. In the end, he succeeds when he throws a pie into his own face, and Stephanie has a small fit of giggles.

Guest Stars


  • When the pie shop is shown for the first time, above it is a sign with "Schneider's Properties" written on it. This is a reference to the show's creator, Dan Schneider.
  • Although the iCarly trio and Spencer say that Galini's Pie Shop is their favorite pie shop, and it is hinted that they often go there for breakfast, this is its only appearance.
  • The operating system on Mr. Galini's computer is Windows 95.
  • This episode is tied with iOMG for iCarly episode with the third-shortest title (4 letters). iDo is in second (3 letters), and iQ has the shortest title in the history of iCarly (2 letters).
  • A slight modification to the Season 2 opening sequence is seen in only this episode. Instead of the clip of Carly staring at the baby happily, it is replaced with the clip of the iCarly trio being blasted with mud in iGo to Japan. In the next episode, iChristmas, and international releases of this episode, the opening sequence is back to the way it was.[2]


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Character Revelations

  • This episode shows that Sam can be very selfish and greedy when she eats the pie and doesn't share it or put it down.
  • Freddie's mother has a cousin with a baby. Baby Stephanie hates Freddie.


  • Mr. Galini's computer has no disc drive slots and no cables plugged in to it, and doesn't have any sockets or terminals where cables could be plugged in.

Running Gags

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Series Continuity

  • Permanent Continuity Change: Since this is the first episode to air after iGo To Japan, their iWeb Award trophy can now be seen in a compartment above their model car in the studio.
  • Spencer claims that he lost Brock, one of his many pet goldfish. This may mean that after the events of iDon't Want to Fight, Carly lied to Spencer about Brock dying in order to keep him from owning and caring for another fish ever again. However, this may also mean that the fish Spencer killed in iWin a Date by hitting the fishbowl with a baseball was Brock.
  • This is the second episode in which Carly sings. ("Amazing Grace") The first was when she was singing about "having fun with Daka's money" in iPromote Techfoots; the third, singing "Shakespeare" in iDo.
  • Spaghetti Tacos appear again after their first mention in iWill Date Freddie


Carly: But I remember you leaving before I went to bed. You said, "Good night, I'm going home," and then you left.
Sam: Yeah, but then, on my way out, I tripped and fell down the stairs.
Carly: Oh my God, were you hurt?
Sam: Nah, I just didn't feel like getting up, so I slept on the floor.

Sam: Can I borrow a clean shirt?
Carly: Sure.
Sam: And some pants?
Carly: I guess ...
Sam: Underwear?
Carly: Absolutely not!

Freddie: Can I come in? I'm already in so say yes.
Carly: Hey Freddie.
Sam: 'Sup Fredward.
Freddie: Can I ask you guys a question?
Carly and Sam: Yeah sure.
Freddie: Do you guys think I'm funny?
Carly and Sam: [Avoiding eye contact] Umm … Yeah … you're funny ...
Carly: Why do you care if you're funny? I mean, I'm not saying you are not funny ...
Freddie: Yes, you are.
Carly: I know. Why do you care?

Freddie: [About baby Stephanie] But do you know what she does when she looks at me?
Sam: I know what I want to do when I look at you.

Freddie: I can't make that baby laugh, no matter what I do! What's wrong with me?
Carly: [To Sam, just as she opens her mouth] DON'T!

Spencer: You guys wanna go grab some breakfast?
Sam: Oh, yeah!
Carly: Yes, where are we going?
Spencer: Galini's pie shop!
Carly: Pie for breakfast?
Spencer: Don't say "Pie for breakfast?"-say "PIE FOR BREAKFAST?!"

Carly: Wait, you're wearing pajamas.
Spencer: It's a pie shop, not church! Now, come on!

Sam: [points at her piece of pie] All I want out of life is to be 'Mrs. Sam This Pie'.

Spencer: I gotta have a couple coconut cream pies to go.
Mario: Eiiiy! I got to see if we have enough.
Spencer: What? You always have enough! Why would you say you might not have enough? Now I'm scared!

Freddie: I want pie.
Carly: No pie!
Freddie: Why?!
Carly: We're trying to make it last until Mr. Galini is out of the hospital.
[Looks towards the kitchen]
Freddie: Well, then how come Sam gets some?!
Carly: Sam doesn't get any ... ah!!! Put that down! Put the pie down! Put it down!

Sam: [Holds up the empty pie plate] I decided to share this with you guys.
Freddie: You already finished it.
Sam: Yeah, I decided too late.
Carly: It's ok. Mr. Galini checked out of the hospital.
Spencer: So we can get more pies!
Sam: Awesome! Now I can lick this and not feel guilty!

Spencer: Oh, hey, Mrs. Benson. [looks at Baby Stephanie, who is in the stroller] Oh, look, a little baby person!

[The others are trying to get Spencer to talk to Trudy]
Spencer: OK, fine, I'll do it for the pie!

Spencer: [To Trudy] Hello Trudy, my name is Spencer Shay. I come here a lot.
Trudy: Yeah I recognize you.
Spencer: I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandfather.
Trudy: Oh thank you. I used to rub his feet with mayonnaise.
Spencer: Okay. Listen, your grandfather was ... he was like a true genius. I mean, his pies ... it would be so tragic if his pies died with him don't you think?
Trudy: Yeah ... his pies were tasty.
Spencer: Yeah. So maybe you would consider carrying on his tradition?
Trudy: Oh, I don't think so, I want to be an actress like in movies and junk.
Spencer: Um, then would you consider ...
Trudy: [puts a packet of sugar in her mouth] Consider what?
Spencer: ... maybe sharing the recipe with me?
Trudy: I don't know ...
Spencer: I'd pay you for it.
Trudy: I'd rather want to go on a date with you.
Spencer: I'd pay you for it ...
Trudy: You can invite me over to you place, make me some dinner ...
Spencer: I can go to an ATM right now, money is not an object!

Trudy: Let's move this party to the couch.
Spencer: The couch is broken.
Trudy: Well, why don't we go break it some more!! [She drags Spencer off his chair and over the floor to the couch while he groans]

Freddie: [after trying to entertain the baby with a bear costume] I thought I heard you guys out here.
Carly: Freddie? Is that you in there?
Freddie: Yeah it's me.
Sam: [In a monotone] Oh my gosh, the bear ate Freddie. Bad bear! [hits Freddie with an umbrella, and Freddie goes down]
Freddie: Ahhh! Never do that again!
Sam: You're not the boss of me! [hits Freddie again]

Sam: What is this on your chest?
Freddie: Baby vomit.
Sam: [completely grossed out] Okaay. [shakes hand in disgust]

[Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer are standing around the last piece of Galini pie]
Carly: Ok, who gets to go first?
Freddie: Well, to be most fair ...
[They all start eating the pie at once]
Spencer: Remember when that piece of pie was still there?
Carly, Sam and Freddie: Yeah ...

Carly and Sam: We're appealing to you, the fans of iCarly, to send us your best recipe for coconut cream pie! So ask your parents, your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, your aunt's uncles, your uncle's aunts, your neighborhood hobos, hobos from other neighborhoods.

Freddie: Mom, what are you doing here?
Mrs. Benson: I've been trying to put Stephanie to bed for three hours, but she won't stop giggling. Would you mind showing her your face?
[Freddie sighs, leans over and looks down at the baby. She stops giggling immediately. Freddie looks at the girls with a resigned expression.]

Spencer: [eats pie 22, then spits it out] YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF A PIE?!
Carly: There's no reason to make the pie feel bad about itself.
Spencer: Yes, there is!

Carly: Doesn't it make us kinda skeevy to go to a man's memorial service just so we can steal his pie recipe?
Spencer: No, no, no, no, no... see, if we find his recipe, we can share it with the whole world and that way, Mr. Galini's genius will live on forever... and I gotta have that pie recipe!

[At the memorial service]
Spencer: Friends, family, lovers of pie. What does it mean to lose someone you're close to? It means, you've lost someone that you're close to ... I once lost my goldfish. His name was Swimmy ... and I also lost Brock ... another goldfish ... then there was Reggie ... a goldfish I used to have before I lost him.

Spencer: What I've learned is, if you have a gold fish, feed them. And if you take them for a walk, leave them in the bowl ... Mr Galini will be missed ... so that's really all I have to say ...
[Carly throws a cranberry at him to get him to keep speaking to the mourners]
Spencer: Mr. Gailini was such a special man ... so cherished ... and my little sister Carly would like to say a few words! Carly!
[Carly stares at him]
Spencer: Be strong.

Carly: Thank you, Spencer for that wonderful story about your many dead goldfish. I've never spoken at a memorial service before so let's all just sing! Here's a fun song to sing when people die! Join in if you know it! [Starts singing Amazing Grace]
Sam: [To Freddie] Will you hurry? Carly is making sad people sing.

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