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"He thought he was going to get a kiss from a pretty girl, but instead I blew a trumpet in his face! Ha!"
Kenan on the iCarly webcast.

This episode won second place for Best Long Episode at the iCarly Wiki Awards!

When I make it shine! Just leave it all to me!

Let's sing in HARMONY.

iParty With Victorious was trending on Twitter May 31, 2011.

iParty With Victorious[4] is the 11th-13th episode of Season Four, and 81st-83rd overall. It is the show's second three-part movie after iGo to Japan. As a crossover with Victorious, their main cast appears as well.

Robbie and Rex in the lyrical rap battle.

This is only counted as an iCarly episode (hence the 'i' title), and not as a Victorious episode.


Carly has been happily dating a boy named Steven Carson, who divides his time between Seattle and Los Angeles because his parents are divorced, for three months. What she doesn't know is that he is also dating Tori Vega when he spends time in Los Angeles.

Leave it all to Shine!

"And I hung out with him for like 2 hours"

(From Left to Right) Carly Shay, Kenan Thompson, and Tori Vega all hanging out

At Hollywood Arts, André is psyched that his uncle sold a house to Kenan Thompson, who allows him to have a "small party" there. Because of Rex tweeting about it, way more people than André expected come (including an irritating guy in a panda bear costume, whom Andre and Kenan try to get rid of). Kenan Thompson is cool with it, though, because he considers anything less than 500 people a "small" party.

"And Carly"

After Carly finds a picture of Steven and Tori on TheSlap.com, Sam suspects him of cheating on Carly and the iCarly team decides to attend the party at Kenan Thompson's house to find out the truth. Just before leaving for Los Angeles, Freddie realizes something and points it out to the rest of the gang: with how popular their webshow is, people might recognize them from iCarly, and questions how they're going to look for Steven at the party without anyone recognizing them. Spencer reveals that an ex-girlfriend of his works as a makeup artist for TV and movies in LA, and he convinces her to help him and the iCarly gang—Carly. Sam and Freddie are given heavy prosthetic makeup while Gibby is given a hat, sunglasses and a fake mole. With the exception of one guy recognizing Gibby (who Gibby is forced to knock unconscious so he doesn't tell his friends about him and the iCarly trio being at the party), they're able to sneak into the party and look for Steven without being recognized. After Carly sees Steven giving Tori the exact same charm bracelet he gave her and also kissing, she discusses her course of action with Sam and Freddie when Tori comes in. After telling her about Steven dating both of them, they team up to take revenge on him. With Kenan Thompson's help, they reveal Steven to be a cheater and a liar live on iCarly.

Rex challenges the party guests to rap battles after Robbie wrecks the karaoke machine and defeats everyone, but is eventually beaten by Sam.

Patti Shwab

Cat has an infection in her throat and uses a headband with a bluetooth speaker and her PearPhone to communicate.

Trina babysits Lane's friend's kids for Lane. She wants to go to the party, so she just takes them with her, and gives them to Cat. But later, Cat loses them and Lane finds them asleep by some garbage cans.

Sikowitz, Beck, Jade, and Spencer spend the time in Kenan Thompson's jacuzzi.

At the end, the main cast of both shows sings a mash-up of their theme songs (Leave It All To Me and Make It Shine). The mash-up is titled Leave It All To Shine.


Miranda Cosgrove & Victoria Justice Leave it all to shine-0

Extended Scenes

  • At the beginning when Mrs. Benson makes an appearance (which lasted longer than the first one), Sam and Freddie mention Steven in mock-dreamy tones of voice.
  • Mrs. Benson asks Spencer why he is in his sculpture and before he can answer she cuts him off.
  • Gibby is shown in class balancing quarters on his elbow and breaks a kid's glasses when he tries to whip his arm around and catch them.
  • When Steven sneaks up behind Carly, and playfully threatens to take her love and affection, she pretends to be afraid claiming that all she has are hugs and kisses.
  • Tori and Steven are seen watching the extended webcast of iCarly (previously seen on iCarly.com), and Steven claims to have never heard of iCarly or the web-show hosts.
  • Festus is shown giving Tori a mushroom pizza and running away upon hearing Cat's new voice, before Trina runs towards Tori to talk about the party. After their conversation about the party, Trina trades Tori's pizza for her pizza crust after finding out that hers has mushrooms in it. Then Sinjin takes the pizza crust that was given to Tori so now she is seen going back to the Grub Truck.
  • Mr. Howard is talking about Sacagawea before he calls Carly and Sam up.
  • Tori and Jade (along with Beck) have an argument over the lyrics to the theme from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Before Cat is given her speech headband, she writes notes on paper to communicate. Andre asks Cat if she knows where Robbie is, and Cat writes "NO". Andre asked why she just didn't shake her head no, and walks away. Cat then writes "BYE".
  • It is revealed what Spencer's book club was talking about before Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby came home. There is also added dialogue about a baby shower after the book club ladies leave.
  • After Sam emerges as Regina Goodbody, Gibby says "No way that could be Sam." She then proceeds to prove it is her by putting him in a headlock.
  • When the Victorious gang arrive at the Kenan's house, after they leave the room, Cat says that she wants someone to pay attention to her.
  • André, wanting only a 'small' party, wanders into several rooms in Kenan's house and moans "awww" in dismay at the number of partygoers in each. In the last room he goes into, he sees a kitten at the party and says "awww!" before leaving a second later.
  • Gibby, as Roger, tries to hit on some girls, but they ignore him. Gibby concludes that some girls like his mole while others don't, since Cat said she likes the mole.
  • Before Trina gives the kids to Cat, Mabel tells Trina that it's past their bedtime and they want to go home. Mabel also says that Wilson needs to take his medicine, and Wilson is asleep.
  • Before Gibby enters the room with the blonde kid that he punches, Gibby asks people in a different room where the fake mole is.
  • Tori shows Trina and Cat her new charm bracelet that Steven gave her.
  • There is an alternate take for the scene where Sikowitz notices Mabel and Wilson; instead of everyone sitting awkwardly and Sikowitz drinking a coconut, everyone is holding a corn dog, including the kids.
    Bade (iParty with Victorious).jpg
  • There is another jacuzzi scene where Spencer, Sikowitz, Jade, and Beck are playing the game that Jade mentions after Sinjin falls in. The game is to make an endless story, and they take turns, but four-lettered words are out of play. Spencer gets splashed because he said the word "yeah". Sikowitz also puts his arm around Spencer's shoulder, which isn't exactly something he enjoys.
  • When Lane tells Trina that he found the kids asleep by some trash cans, Mabel says, "The garbage was soft."
  • Several guys (included the kid that Tori mentions) rap against Rex, but he defeats them all.
  • Sam's rap battle with Rex is also a little longer, with additional lyrics.

Guest Stars



  • This is the third time Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice have appeared together, as Miranda was in an episode of Zoey 101, and Victoria played Shelby Marx in iFight Shelby Marx.
  • Dan Schneider confirmed this episode on his Twitter and Facebook page on August 21, 2010: "Sorry I've been quiet for a few days. I'm CRAZED writing a major iCarly episode AND the iCarly/Victorious crossover. HUGE TASKS. But fun!" [5]
  • About a month before the episode aired, TheSlap and iCarly.com posted two posts, depicting Tori and Carly talking about their new boyfriend Steven. What the blogs made clear was that neither knew that the two Stevens were the same guy.
  • This is the first and only time the scene when Carly throws her hat up from iPilot is not seen at the end of the opening credits.
  • The scene transitions are used from Victorious.
  • A live premiere was shown in Los Angeles with the cast of both shows attending on Sat. June 4, 2011, a week ahead of the national TV showing.
  • This is the first time that two casts have come together to sing a mash-up of both of their theme songs. It is called "Leave It All To Shine".
  • The picture of Tori that Freddie found taken from the episode Beggin' on Your Knees.
  • This is one of two times Daniella Monet who portrays as Trina Vega in fact sings seriously, with the other being at the end of the episode April Fools Blank in the song Shut up and Dance.
  • The key of the mash-up song is in-between the keys (E♭ major) of the other theme songs, ("Leave It All To Me" is in the key of D major, and "Make It Shine" is in F major).
  • This is the sixth time that two Nickelodeon shows do a crossover, the first time being the Rugrats/Aaahhh Real Monsters! crossover, then Rugrats Go Wild! (Rugrats/Wild Thornberries), the next three being the three Jimmy/Timmy Power Hours, the episode iStart a Fanwar, where three Drake & Josh and one Zoey 101 characters appear, and then the Big Time Rush movie "Big Time Beach Party" which included Patchy the Pirate from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • This is the second time Nickelodeon has done a crossover that is not a Nicktoon (first time being Big Time Beach Party).
  • Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove both tweeted this is the last episode of Season 4 filmed for the year. The last day on the set was September 17, 2010, but they were still filming Season 4 episodes in 2011. However this may be because to some people that iCarly has run for 6 seasons and according to them Season 5 started with iLost My Mind, therefore making this the last episode of Season 4 in their point of view.[6][7]
  • The trio in make-up and Gibby in disguise

    This is Dan Schneider's first crossover for television.
  • A promo released on iCarly.com for iGet Pranky featured a blooper from this episode. Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress were filming a scene in which the iCarly gang finds TheSlap.com which is from Hollywood Arts in L.A. However, after the opening line, Jerry Trainor jumped out at them from behind a counter, causing the crew to laugh hysterically.

    The cast of iCarly and Victorious. Front row (L-R): Ariana Grande, Leon Thomas III, Victoria Justice, Steve Hoefer (Director), Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck. Second row: Rex, Daniela Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett, Avan Jogia, Michael Eric Reid, Eric Lange, and Kenan Thompson.

  • Originally, Steven was called Kyle and going to be played by Daniel Booko, who played Cort in iHire An Idiot, but Schneider changed it during production.
  • Avan Jogia stated in a Clevver TV interview that he had to cover up his tattoo for the hot tub scene. But Elizabeth Gillies (the actress who plays Jade) is seen in various episodes of Victorious with a star tattoo on her arm, and in a video on The Slap, Beck states that Jade was getting another tattoo.
  • Strangely, even though iOMG (The previous episode) ends with a cliffhanger, it is not even mentioned in this episode. This could mean either iParty is set either before or after the entire Seddie story arc, or this episode is non-canon.
  • This is the second time Spencer drives the iCarly gang to LA, the first time being in iTake on Dingo.
  • This is the closest the audience has ever come to seeing Socko; in a scene of the extended version, Spencer is seen closing the door and yelling "Thanks, Socko!" after Socko gave him the keys for his van his face is not shown and only his arm is seen briefly.
  • Without being moralistic, the plot shows it's important to do the right thing. Dan Schneider says people love it when a group of characters on his shows work together to achieve a common goal. The plot
    CatsHeadband iCarly.jpg
    manages to mention topics pertinent to teens such as: children of divorce, dating, cheating, and the importance of true friendship.[8]
  • At the party, songs from the episodes iFix a Pop Star, iTwins and iGet Pranky are heard. Also heard are songs from the Victorious episodes, Freak the Freak Out, The Bird Scene and The Birthweek Song.
  • In this episode, Tweenpants.com is mentioned for the second time, the first time being in iSam's Mom. If you type in the URL, you are automatically redirected to iCarly.com like all websites mentioned in the show.
  • This is, so far, the only episode in which anyone refers to Sam as 'Mama' besides Sam herself (Rex says, "Mama got rhyme").
  • This is the first episode of iCarly to have its own unique title sequence.
  • A new segment, "Random Humiliation" is introduced.
  • The aliases for the iCarly Gang are:
    • Chess Masterson (Freddie)
    • Regina Goodbody (Sam)
    • Patty Schwabb

      New Segment: Random Humiliation

    • Roger Mole (Gibby)
  • During the end credits, the Mash-Up is seen without laugh track.
  • During the scene where Carly goes to get lemonade, she whistles the chorus of the Victorious theme.
  • Although only a segment of the iCarly webcast was shown in this episode, the full webcast can be viewed online at iCarly.com and in the extended version.
  • Cat's Speaker headband, some of the radios from Spencer's sculpture and Carly's charm bracelet were given away as part of a prop giveaway by Dan Schneider.
  • Dan asked viewers 7 questions about the special. If right, watchers could win 3 prop prizes (See it here). 30 people e-mailed the correct answers in to all seven questions.
  • This is the third time the title of the episode is seen in the credits. The first time was in iGo to Japan, and the second being iQuit iCarly.
  • In an interview with MTV's 10 on Top, Liz Gillies stated that all 'soft drinks' in Victorious (So probably iCarly) are actually water colored with food coloring.
  • This episode was called simply "iParty" in promos on Nickelodeon UK, though the actual episode was not renamed.
  • Because Nickelodeon could only have a slot for a 1 hour and 30 minute movie, several scenes were removed. These included scenes such as Beck and Jade eating corn dogs and Spencer getting splashed while in the hot tub. These scenes were restored to the film in the extended edition of the episode.
  • On August 27 in the US, the extended version of iParty With Victorious was released, including never seen before scenes that were cut out from the original film. Without commercials and behind-the-scenes clips that were shown in the extended edition, it's runtime is about 85 minutes (1 Hour and 25 Minutes), 15 minutes longer than the original version.
  • The extended version of this episode is the longest iCarly episode ever aired.
  • The extended version of the film has not been released on DVD.
  • While dipping french fries in mayonnaise may be unusual for Americans, it's rather common in other countries, for example Belgium, Chile, Germany or the Netherlands.
  • Ariana Grande only has 3 (or 4 in the extended version) lines of dialogue. They are, "It's true.", "Yay! I love karaoke!", and "What?" as well as, in the extended version, "Oh." All other lines of dialogue are spoken by Cat's app.
  • Elizabeth Gillies said in an interview that when she (Jade), Beck, Spencer and Sikowitz were in the hot tub and Sinjin fell off the building, there was actually a stunt double and the double was very tall so they were all very scared he would land on them. This also explains why Sinjin had turned around when he fell because it wasn't him.
  • In one part of the episode, Carly is wearing a penny tee with the quote "SCUBA DONKEY".
  • This episode is skipped on non-Nickelodeon networks throughout the world that do not air Victorious.[citation needed]
  • In France, this is a season 2 episode. Season 2 only aired in France in 2010 and other Season 4 episodes didn't air until 2013.[citation needed]
  • Sam joins Cat in their new show Sam & Cat. Coincidentally, Freddie, Jade, Robbie, Sinjin and Sikowitz make appearances on the show.
  • Jennette McCurdy makes a guest appearance on Victorious in the episode Crazy Ponnie.


  • Sam says that Mrs. Benson hasn't had a date since Seinfeld got cancelled. Coincidentally, Mary Scheer guest starred in two episodes of Seinfeld in 1995 and 1998, respectively.
  • Multiple hidden Saturday Night Live references can be seen in this special. For instance, Trina tells Tori that she and her friend have tickets to MacGruber: The Musical. Kenan is said to be "in New York", possibly confirming that the party takes place on a Saturday and Kenan is currently performing on Saturday Night Live. Andy Samberg is referenced multiple times and Rex quotes dialogue from a current SNL sketch called "What Up With Dat?", in which Kenan Thompson plays the host of a talk show with an inappropriately long theme song.
  • "Ducks Playing Poker" is an obvious spoof of C.M. Coolidge's 16 oil paintings of "Dogs Playing Poker."
  • In one part of the extended version of this episode, there is a reference to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song; Jade and Tori both argue over one of the lyrics to the song, Tori insists the lyric is "chewing some meatballs outside of the school," and Jade insists the lyric is "shooting some b-ball outside of the school" with the latter being correct. This is the second Fresh Prince reference made in iCarly; in iReunite With Missy, Sam says the chocolates Missy bought her are older than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • When Steven and Tori are watching the iCarly webcast, Carly and Sam are quoting lyrics from "I Will Survive" ("Go on, now go/walk out the door/just turn around now/'cuz you're not welcome anymore"), a song made famous by Gloria Gaynor in 1978 and covered by Cake and Chantay Savage in 1996 and by Tejano superstar Selena (as part of a disco medley) in 1995.
  • Roger's (Gibby's) hat has the "Drake & Josh" logo on it.
  • Carly makes a reference to SpongeBob SquarePants Opposites Day: your Steven, my Steven, our Steven.
  • Kenan complains that half the original cast of All That borrow money from him; All That was Dan Schneider's first TV series for Nickelodeon, and Kenan Thompson was part of the original cast. Tori herself comments that she used to love that show.

Character Revelations

  • If Sam's comment about Mrs. Benson not having a date since Seinfeld got cancelled is accurate, she seperated from Freddie's father at some point in the 1990s.
  • Spencer apparently dated the make-up artist 6 years before the events of this movie, about 3 years before iCarly was made.
  • Sam's dad left Sam's mom and said he would come back, which he didn't.
  • Spencer is a terrible driver and previously backed over two of his ex-girlfriends, Stephanie and Moni by accident.


  • Carly's blog says STEVEN but in the second sneak peek, the picture on TheSlap.com says STEPHEN Carson. This was fixed in the actual episode.
  • Daniella Monet who plays Trina Vega sings in the song "Leave It All To Shine", but Trina (the character) herself has no good vocal abilities whatsoever. Daniella Monet is, in fact, a professional singer.
  • Beck said that nothing scared him, but in "Jade Dumps Beck", he was freaked out when a Rottweiler dog was attacking his dad (concerned for his dad's safety?).
  • In the background in the scene where Andre tells his grandmother to go home and when Carly calls Freddie, you hear Jade and Cat singing "Give it Up." This is from Victorious episode "Freak the Freak Out." In Freak the Freak Out, Jade and Cat probably didn't record themselves singing the song and they couldn't have been performing live because Jade was in the jacuzzi with Spencer, Sikowitz, and Beck and Cat couldn't speak because of her throat growths.
  • Carly and Tori say together that Steven said their charm bracelets were "one of a kind, just like you," although Steven never said the word "just."
  • Unless Sam raided Kenan Thompson's refrigerator for cold butter (which has not been determined - though most likely not, because Kenan had not yet moved in), her butter sock would otherwise be rendered useless because it would have melted by the time she retrieved it from her backpack.
  • When Freddie goes to find more pics of Tori, he finds a picture of her performance from the episode Beggin' on Your Knees. Beggin' on Your Knees had not occurred yet since Jade's hair is still brown and this was filmed shortly after the first season, before Jade's hair was dyed black.
  • In the scene when Carly and Sam are caught texting with their PearPhones, they were holding black, but in the scene change it was blue (same as Victorious Updates).
  • Tori updated her TheSlap status with a blue PearPhone although for the whole movie everyone only has a black PearPhone.
  • In the scene where Trina gives Cat the two little kids, in the background you can hear the song "Give it Up", however in a previous scene, Robbie broke the sound system.
  • Spencer should have worn a disguise since he can be seen in iCarly especially in iWon't Cancel The Show. Then again, he doesn't appear as frequently as the latter.
  • When Sinjin was flung off the surfboard, he was flung so he would land back first. But when he lands in the jacuzzi, he entered face-first. However, it's possible he twisted around while falling.
  • At midnight when they confronted Steven, iCarly.com was broadcasting it live but however since it was midnight not a lot of people would be awake to watch it.
  • After the iCarly gang arrives at Moni's house to get their disguises, there is a brief shot of the sun setting and the "Hollywood" sign - but the sun is setting in the wrong direction. A setting sun should travel through the frame from top left to bottom right.
  • Sam said that Mrs. Benson hasn't had a boyfriend "since Seinfeld got cancelled" (the date of cancellation was May 14, 1998); however she dated Lewbert in iHurt Lewbert, the original date of airing being October 18, 2008, well after the Seinfeld cancellation (of course, Sam could have been exaggerating).
  • When DJ Mustang played the theme to Leave It All To Me he said that everybody knows it. However, it is not known how, due to the fact that the credits of iCarly are the only thing that start with the song on the actual show and whilst the viewers in real-life know it, it is unknown to the Danwarp universe. It could be that before every iCarly broadcast, the theme song plays and ends as Freddie starts his countdown.
  • Cat's doctor told her not to talk to protect her vocal chords, but Cat said that he never said that she couldn't sing. Singing would've done more damage than talking.
  • When Carly, Andre, and Cat sing "Leave it all to me..." you see Sam singing with Trina. However, in the next shot, Trina is singing alone and Sam is just gone without any time to go somewhere else.
  • Sam notices that Tori and Shelby Marx share a resemblance because both characters were both played by Victoria Justice, but no one notices that André looks like Harper, despite both characters being played by Leon Thomas III, or that Trina looks like one of the girls who attended Nora's party in iPsycho, despite the fact they were both played by Daniella Monet.
    • However, Carly, Sam and Freddie never interacted with Daniella Monet's character.
  • When Cat types words into her cell phone, the headband speaks them as she types. However, when she is trying to tell Andre that the panda was behind him, the headband waits until she is done typing to speak, causing an inconsistency in the functionality of the headband.

Running Gags

  • Andy Samberg: Someone repeatedly calls Robbie "Andy Samberg." Later, Kenan Thompson mentions that Andy Samberg always borrows money from him.
  • Tori's cheekbones: Freddie finds Tori attractive because of her cheekbones. Kenan Thompson notes that her cheekbones are like "perfect little sugar plums." This is also a running gag in Victorious.
  • Rex's tweet being used as an excuse for 'crashing' the party.
  • Freddie being "assaulted" with oranges.
  • Steven saying "It's one of a kind, like you."
  • The mysterious panda spanking people with a tennis racket
  • Kenan and/or André spotting the panda and racing after him/it.
  • Sam and Carly arguing over whether Steven is cheating on Carly or not.
  • Robbie saying that Rex tweeted about the party, not him.
  • Sikowitz trying to scare Beck but always failing.

Series Continuity

  • The iCarly gang notes that Tori looks like Shelby Marx (but according to Freddie, way hotter).
  • Early in the episode, Carly says "Boombah" in a manner similar to when she said "Oongah." in an earlier episode.
  • Mr. Howard appears in this episode after a long disappearance from the series, he wears glasses and seems to have aged. He also seems to be a responsible teacher now, (e.g. asking Carly and Sam to read their text messages out as punishment).
  • The Butter Sock from iTake on Dingo returns when Sam recommends using it to defeat Steven. This is the second time it appears.


Carly: I don't know, I just feel bad for the weeds.
Sam: Weeds are nothing but green losers!
Freddie: Well, maybe weeds are just like, you know, homeless plants looking for a lawn to call their own.

Sam: I'm gonna go open a can of something and eat it.

Freddie: You're eating a can of pie filling?
Sam: It's all I've got!
Carly: Which is why I'm gonna make you your favorite kind of sandwich.
Sam: [Gasps] Large?
Carly: Uh-huh.

Sam: [To Mrs. Benson] Freddie hates you.
Freddie: [hushed tone] I don't [motioning quotation marks] "hate her"!

Mrs. Benson: Well, I don't see how a boy could make a girl that happy.
Sam: Sure, 'cause you haven't had a date since Seinfeld got cancelled.
Mrs. Benson: It wasn't cancelled! Jerry chose not to do another season.

Spencer: Mrs. Benson, not that we don't all want you to leave, but why are you here?

Sam: [teasingly] Your aunt sounds awesome.
Freddie: [turns to her] Like your family is not full of freaks and mutants.
Sam: Touché …

Sam: Yeah, like you got a lot of room to call other people socially deprived weirdos.
Mr. Howard: Do you want to get kicked out of this class?!
Sam: It's my dream!
Mr. Howard: Too BAD!

"Well...yeah...but you're a GIBBY."

Sam: How come you have never heard about the 100-day kiss thing?
Gibby: I didn't know about it.
Sam: Well ... yeah, but ... YOU'RE a Gibby.
Freddie: You didn't know about radishes 'til 6 months ago.
Gibby: [holds up a radish] Well I know about 'em now, don't I?

Jade: I knew a guy whose dad bought a house. They found a dead woman in one of the closets. She was blonde.

Freddie: Who taught you this fruit game?
Sam: My mom.
Carly: Oh, no ...

Freddie: See if you find out if oranges can crack a spine. [glares at Sam] 'cause I THINK THEY CAN!
Sam: Oh, man up. Or at least boy up.

"Yeah but this girl's waaaay hotter."

Freddie: Doing! Who's she?!
Carly: She's a girl! And don't say, "doing"!
Sam: She looks like that Shelby Marx chick you fought.
Freddie: Yeah, but this girl's waaaay hotter!
Carly: [glares at Freddie]
Freddie: I didn't say "doing."

Freddie: Here, let me see if I can find some more pics of this Tori girl.
Sam: Why?
Carly: So he can stare at her, and drool.
Freddie: I'm researching her! [2 second pause] OH! YEP! THERE IT IS!! Wow! Oh guys, oh man, look at those cheekbones! Look it, oh guys, oh she is SMOKING ho- [interrupted by Carly throwing an orange at his back] AHHHHHH!!
Carly: Boom-ba!

Sam: [to Spencer] Why are you walking like a bloated zombie?


Mr. Howard: Hey, Shay! Puckett! Are you texting in my class!?
Sam: Yup.

Sam: [Reading her text message aloud to class] 'Just deal with the fact that Steven might be cheating on you.'
Carly: [Reading her text message] 'Will you stop saying that? I love him.'
Sam: Then I typed 'Colon P'.
Freddie: [to Mr. Howard] That means she stuck her tongue out.
Mr. Howard: I know all about 'Colon P'.
[class starts laughing uproariously]

Carly: I wanna talk about Steven! Who is not cheating on me!
Sam: Denial's (the Nile is) not just a river in Utah.
Carly: Egypt!

Carly: He told me I'm one of a kind!
Sam: Yes, and my dad once told my mom he was coming back. [Everyone is silent for a few seconds] So, moving on ...

Freddie: The famous Kenan Thompson?!
Sam: [sarcastically] Gee ... I don't know. Could be ... Kenan Thompson, the butt doctor!

"It's me! With a trumpet!"

Beck: Jade loves jacuzzis.
Jade: Sometimes I pretend I've been captured by witches, and they are using me to make human soup.
Steven: I'm ... sure you'd be delicious.
Jade: Yeah, I doubt it.
Tori: I would've brought a swimsuit if I had known--
[Sikowitz jumps up from behind the bar and plays a high note on a trumpet, causing everyone but Beck to jump back and scream]
Sikowitz: It's me! With a trumpet!

Mrs. Harris: HEY ANDRÉ!!!
André: Grandma, what are you doing at this party?!?
André: Grandma, please go home!
Mrs. Harris: OK ANDRÉ!! [leaves]

Steven: [to Tori] I wanted to give you this.
Tori: [Gasp] Steven! You nutball! A charm bracelet?
Carly: [to herself] Charm bracelet?! [Looks at her own charm bracelet]
Steven: [to Tori] Yeah, it's one of a kind, like you.
Carly: [to herself] Okay, that hurt ... that wounded me.
Tori: [to Steven] Oh my god it's beautiful ... I love you.
Steven: [to Tori] I love you too. [kisses Tori]
Carly: Aaaand that killed me ... now I'm dead. [walks away]

"I told you so."

Carly: You were right. Go ahead ... say you told me so.
Sam: [Moves closer with a solemn expression] I told you so.
Freddie: [Shocked] DUDE!!

Freddie: [Wanting to beat up Steven] He deserves it!
Carly: I know. But ... you're nerdy. Steven would pound you silly.

"Your Steven. My Steven."

Tori: You have no idea how in love I am with your web show!
Carly: No, but I know how in love you are with my boyfriend ...
Tori: What do you mean in love with your boyfriend??
Carly: Its okay, its okay. I'm in love with your boyfriend, so ... we're kinda even.

Sam: [to Carly] You gonna knuckle down on this chick? [takes out a sock] I brought the butter sock.
Carly: Its not her fault ... We're both victims.
Sam: Yeah, but I mean ...
Carly: I'm NOT gonna beat her with a sock full of butter!!!
Tori: She wants you to hurt me with butter?
Freddie: Yeah.

Carly and Tori: It's one of a kind. Just like you! Ugh!

Sam: Okay, now that we all know Steven's a stinkin' cheater, let's talk about revenge. Once again, I offer the butter sock!
Carly: [takes the butter sock from Sam] We don't just wanna hurt Steven.
Tori: We don't?
Carly: [in thought] No ...
Tori: [disappointed] Oh ...

"Topi wanna know!"

Tori: Come on, I wanna be a part of your iCarly unspoken communication! How are we getting back at Steven? [insistently, pointing at her charm bracelet] Topi wanna know!!!

Kenan Thompson: Well, I know you're not from Northridge.
Tori: Uhh ... uh uh.

Kenan Thompson: There it is. You see that? There it is right there! Why does everybody wanna borrow money from me? I mean, you guys, Andy Samberg, half the original cast of All That!
Tori: Aww, I used to love that show!
Kenan: Your cheekbones are like just perfect little sugarplums!
Carly: No no no, we don't wanna borrow money!
Sam: Eh, now wait a second ...
Carly: Ok, Sam!

Steven: Wait, this is live on iCarly?!
Carly: Uh huh! But don't worry...
Sam: Only like a million people are watching, so ...
Carly: Yeah, so it's not like your whole life's over, oh wait ...
Carly, Tori and Kenan Thompson: It kinda is!

"He didn't saay I couldn't SIING!"

Cat: Yay! I love karaoke!
Tori: Cat!
Cat: What?
Tori: Shh!! Your doctor said you weren't supposed to talk!
Cat: [singing] He didn't saay I couldn't siing!
Tori: Well, alright.

Extended Version Quotes

Tumblr m24sdfBVUJ1qjhgnwo1 500.png

Freddie: She's been dating a new guy.
Sam and Freddie: [in unison, mocking Carly in dreamy voices and leaning their heads together] Steven ...

Mrs. Benson: Spencer, I need to have Freddie stay here.
Spencer: Yeah, no problem.
Mrs. Benson: Why are you in that thing?
Spencer: Oh. See, I was at the uh- [cut off by Mrs. Benson]
Mrs. Benson: I don't care.

Gibby: [in classroom in front of students] See, I put the stack of quarters right here on my elbow. [puts quarters on his elbow] And, now watch as I whip my hand around to try to catch the quarters before they fall. [whips arm around and tries to catch the quarters, but fails and hits a kid named Rusty in the glasses; breaking his lens]
Rusty: Ahh! Man... you broke my lens!
Gibby: Well, I just lost a buck 75 ($1.75) alright Rusty? So we all got problems. [tries to look for his quarters]
Freddie: Rusty's upset ...
Gibby: [frustrated] When's Rusty not upset?



Carly: [during the web show, harassing a cactus] You're the worst cactus ever!
Sam: Stupid cactus!
Carly: You're the loser of the desert!
Sam: You have no friends!
Carly: No one wants you!
Sam: Lame cactus!
Carly: You're an embarrassment to all succulents!
Sam: Idiot!
[Carly and Sam turn back to the camera and smile]
Carly: And that's how you damage the self-esteem of a cactus!
Freddie: [turns the camera onto himself] Also works on ferns, flowers, and various cheeses! [points the camera back at the girls]
Carly: Okay, we're going to move on to our next segment here on iCarly!
Sam: Which involves the brain of our disturbed friend, Gibby!
Carly: Yes! We all know that Gibby's head is full or wrong-ness ...
Sam: And to demonstrate that again, let's take a look at- [huge moving cactus walks towards Carly and Sam growling]. Uh oh ... it's the cactus' big brother!
Carly and Sam: [hold onto each other and scream]
Tori: [in Los Angeles, watching the web show with Steven; laughing] Oh my god, how funny is this? Aren't they hilarious?
Steven: Yeah, it's funny... [pretending not to know what it is] What's it called?
Tori: iCarly. [confused] You've never heard of it?
Steven: Uh ... no ... why?
Tori: Cause' you live in Seattle half the time, and that's where these girls do it from.
Carly: [on laptop with Sam] Go on now!
Sam: [at the cactus' big brother] Go!
Carly: [at the cactus' big brother] Walk out the door!
Sam: Just turn around now!
Carly: You're not welcome anymore!
Steven and Tori: [laughing with Steven laughing nervously]
Sam: And now ...
Carly: A disturbing voyage into the depths of the ever puzzling Gibby-ish brain ...
Tori: [laughing] That girl Carly's really pretty don't you think?
Steven: Sure ... just uh, not my type ... anyway ... uh, you know, we've been going out for over 3 months.
Tori: I do ... we're coming up on our 100 day kiss.
Steven: Sneak preview?
Tori: Show me the trailer. [kisses Steven]

Jade: [At the Asphalt Cafe] Who dips french fries with Mayonnaise?
Tori: It's really good. I started doing it when I - [Is cut off by Jade]
Jade: I don't need your life story. [drinks her beverage]

[Rex yawns]
Robbie: Nice nap?
Rex: Yeah. I dreamt of a life without you.

Tori: I know I'm right about this!
Jade: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, right. Like you were right about Catherine Obvious?
Beck: Is it cool if I walk away?
Jade: No.
Tori: The song goes, "Chewing some meatballs outside of the school."
Jade: [through her teeth] No, it doesn't.
Tori: Then how does it go?
Beck: It goes, "Shooting some b-ball outside of the school."
Tori: It's "Chewing some meatballs!"
Jade: Who would be chewing meatballs outside of a school?
Tori: Hungry school children, who happen to have meatballs. [walks off]
Beck: It's b-ball.
Jade: I know what it is. [walks off]

André: Hey, Cat. You seen Robbie?
[Cat writes "NO" on an index card and holds it up for André to see]
André: [annoyed] Why couldn't you just do this? [shakes his head and walks away.]
[Cat writes "BYE" on an index card and holds it up.]

Sam: [Researching Tori and Steven] The picture was posted by some nerd named Robbie Shapiro, who looks a LOT like Andy Samberg, which doesn't matter, but I thought I'd point it out.

Jade: How do you even know about the party?
Sikowitz: I follow Rex!
[Robbie walks by holding Rex]
Rex: Bet you don't follow Robbie.
Sikowitz: Of course not!

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The episode drew 7.316 million viewers, making it the highest rated television program for the week. It also took the #1 spot, ranking as the number-one entertainment telecast of 2011 across all TV with kids 6-11, and tweens 9-14. It posted huge triple-digit gains over last year’s like time period and averaged a 9.8/3.5 million K2-11 (+188%), 13.3/2.9 million K6-11 (+136%) and 13.7/2.9 million T9-14 (+234%).[2]

The extended version drew 3.597 million views on premiere (less than half the audience of the original), but the 11 AM repeat the following Sunday exceeded that with 3.665 million viewers.


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