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"Look, Principal Franklin, it's my best friend, Carly, who loves me and sees the value in me as a person! Right, Carls? Tell the nice man."
Sam to Principal Franklin.

iOwe You is the third episode of the second season of iCarly and the 28th episode overall.


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Carly and Freddie grow tired of Sam constantly borrowing money and never repaying them, so Sam tells them to figure out how much she owes them, and promises to pay it all back. She is stunned to learn that her debt is $526, but determined to keep her promise, she gets a job at Chili My Bowl to earn the money but she yells and threatens a customer until her boss tells her to apologize and clean the men's room. On the next broadcast of iCarly, Sam asks their fans to donate money to her, citing the school's address as the venue to mail it. However, they find out that it's illegal to solicit money from minors over the Internet, and must send back all of it, or provide their fans a product or service in return.

Meanwhile, Spencer tries to impress an attractive single mother by helping her young daughter, Emily, sell Sunshine Girl fudge balls. However, two older Sunshine Girls steal Spencer's place at the market. Spencer then comes up with the idea of sending fudge balls to all of the iCarly fans who sent Sam money. That way, Sam could keep the money and Emily would sell the most fudge balls in her troop.

Carly soon tells Freddie about it, and says that she and Freddie could give Sam the money she needs to pay them back, and Sam can quit her job. Freddie says that they can't do that because even if they give Sam the money she won't feel like if she really paid them back. So they arrange for an adult Sam doesn't know to give her the $526 as a tip. Sam is thrilled to be able to quit her job. However, to Carly and Freddie's dismay, she doesn't pay them back and instead buys a trampoline.

In the end, everyone enjoys the trampoline Sam bought with the money. Spencer, however, wants to know where their couch is.

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Guest Stars


  • Even though the subplot is about Spencer helping Emily win a bicycle, Emily and her mother appear in only 2 scenes at the beginning, and then they are absent for the rest of the episode.
  • If you look closely, there is a Blix machine in the back. This is a drink from Zoey 101.
  • Stephen Full guest stars as the irritated customer who complains to Sam about not getting hot sauce.
  • It might have been intended to have Spencer join in on bouncing on the trampoline with Carly, Sam and Freddie, as individual close-ups of the four on the trampoline were featured in the Season 2 intro theme song.
  • Freedie said the graph of Sam borrowing started off July of 2 years ago. If this episode takes place in 2008, then it would mean that Sam has been borrowing money since July 2006.
  • Sam's boss at Chili My Bowl was played by Teddy Lane Jr.
  • The Sunshine Girls appear again in Dan Schneider's other show Victorious.


  • Chili My Bowl is a parody of a real-life restaurant called Chili My Soul.

Character Revelations

  • It's revealed in this episode that Carly used to be a Sunshine Girl.


  • After the skit about "The prisoner who just wanted some soup", the black hat that Sam was wearing lands upside down under the table, but when Sam bends down to pick up the dollar bill on the floor the hat has suddenly turned right-way up.
  • When Spencer comes back to the supermarket on his skateboard with a box of fudge balls, one of the Sunshine Girls pushes him off camera; we hear him collide with a car, then his skateboard flies back on camera in two pieces - half of it rolls under the table, and the other half comes to rest in front of the table - but in the next shot one half of the skateboard has moved some distance to the left of the table; but when Spencer bends down to pick it up, it moved closer to the table again.
  • It is unlikely for Sam to owe Carly and Freddie $526 by just borrowing $20 to $30 from time to time, since this is the only episode to feature Sam borrowing money. However, it is implied she has borrowed money in the past, but it is not shown.
  • When Sam and Carly are in Principal Franklin's office he shows them the mail sent to Sam at the school and says that each item contains cash. There are two things wrong with this scene. First, it is against the law to open mail addressed to someone else, so the school had no right to open any of the letters, let alone Principal Franklin. Second, the envelopes that Carly and Sam examine have not been sealed - if they had actually been sent through the mail they would have been sealed and should have been opened by cutting with a letter opener or knife.
  • When the guy hands Sam the $526 tip, he hands it to her with his right hand after she puts his order on the counter. In the next shot, he picks up his order with his right hand, and reaches for the tip in his back pocket with his left hand, and then hands it to her.
  • Principal Franklin may have gotten into legal trouble for opening somebody else's mail or even dismissed from his job.
  • Sam does not need to print return address labels on the envelopes, they just need to be marked "Return to Sender".

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • This is the second time Sam cries.
    • Even though Sam says she doesn't want Freddie to see her cry, he already has in iDon't Want to Fight.


Freddie: Uh ... are you having some kind of lip seizure?
Carly: No, I'm trying to blend coconut lip gloss and pineapple lip gloss to create a Piña Colada flavor. [rubs lips together] I realize this isn't attractive.
Freddie: Actually, it kind of is. So, does it taste like Piña Colada?
Carly: You wanna find out?
Freddie: Yes...! [looks at Carly hopefully; Carly rubs her lips and then Freddie's mouth.]
Carly: Well?
Freddie: You bent my teeth!

Freddie: You ready to rehearse some iCarly?
Carly: Yep.
Freddie: Is Sam here?
Carly: Nah, she's on her way. [to Spencer] We're gonna be upstairs to rehearse.
Spencer: Don't harm yourselves! [Wiping his eye]

Spencer: Just ask me! I'm easy.

Spencer: I could help her sell them.
Mother: Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that.
Spencer: Oh, come on! My little sister Carly was a Sunshine Girl. I used to help her sell Fudge Balls all the time.
Mother: And you're sure you want to help Emily?
Spencer: How tall is your husband?
Mother: I'm single.
Spencer: I really want to help Emily.

Freddie: Augh, you squished my trackpad finger...
Carly: [quietly to Freddie]...That's not something a cool person says.

Carly: So, how much do you have?
Sam: Let's see ... [digging through her pockets] I've got fourteen bucks... a AA battery... some string... a fork... and I think that's an olive.
Carly: The olive's moving...
[Sam looks down at it, gets a fire extinguisher from the studio corner and repeatedly smashes the "olive"]
Sam: ... [grinning] I got it.

Sam: [Hugging Carly] Look, Principal Franklin, it's my best friend, Carly, who loves me and sees the value in me as a person! Right, Carls? Tell the nice man.
Carly: Tell him what?
Sam: I sent you a text!
Carly: Oh! [Checks her message, and then repeatedly glances back at it while talking to Principal Franklin] "Sam did nothing wrong… She didn't do the thing you're mad about ... She's not that kind of ... girf."
Principal Franklin: "Girf"...?
Sam: "Girl!"
Carly: Well, you wrote "girf!"

Sam: Two bucks from Louis Beckerman in New York ... Two bucks? Way to dig deep, Louis.

Sam: [staring at two additional large bags of mail] We gotta send all those back, too?
Carly: That's a lot of work for two girfs...

Carly: Isn't "Chili My Bowl" the place where some guy found a finger in his chili last year?
Sam: It was a thumb!

Spencer: The dock workers wanted no part of me or my fudge balls. They threw clams at me!

Guy: Hey! Lady!
Sam: Yes, can I help you?
Guy: Uh, I said I wanted hot sauce and there was no hot sauce on my tray.
Sam: Sorry. [slams a bottle of hot sauce on the counter] Here's some hot sauce!
Guy: You should have put it on my tray in the first place!
Sam: You know where I want to put it right now?!
Guy: You watch your mouth!
Sam: You watch your mouth before I put my fist in it!!

Sam: Hey, what goes on?
Freddie: 'Sup?
Carly: Hey. What are you doing here so late?
Sam: Oh, just thought I'd stop by on my way home from work. Oh, Freddie, your mom's looking for ya. Something about a... sick relative?
Freddie: What?! I gotta go. [Freddie runs out of Carly's apartment]
Carly: Which one of his relatives is sick?
Sam: None. [sits on the couch] I made that up so he'd leave.
Carly: Why?
Sam: Cause I don't want Freddie to see me ... cry. [starts crying] I don't like working! I don't know how people do it, it's horrible! Th-they don't let you sleep, or-or watch TV, or go online, and they expect you to be nice to all the customers! And I'm not even allowed to eat the chili. Do you know what it's like to be me, surrounded by giant pots of chili and not allowed to eat it?! [wails]
Carly: Well, I can't stand to see you like this. You have to quit.
Sam: No, I can't. I promised myself I wouldn't quit until I paid back every penny I owed you and Freddie. I had to clean ... urinals! Boys are so gross! [sobbing]
Carly: It'll be okay!
Freddie: [coming through the door again] My Mom says none of my relatives--
[Sam whips around and roars like an animal at Freddie, who screams in terror and retreats back out the door, while Sam immediately goes back to sobbing into Carly's shoulder]

Spencer: I just wanted you girls to know that I won the bike. And because I am a grown-up, I forgive you for behaving so rudely to me. Take care.
[Spencer rides away on the bike, as the two girls look at him in annoyance]
Spencer: [riding back and circling the girls' table] On the other hand ... Check out how cool this bike is! Oh, I won the fancy new bike and you didn't! How do you jerks like me now? Oh ... oh! Oh, I'm out of control! Oh, jeez! [picks up the corner of the table and flips it upside down as he rides away] I'm sorry! Ooouughh!

[Carly, Sam, and Freddie are jumping on a trampoline in the living room as Spencer walks in]
Carly: Hey!
Freddie: We're bouncing!
Sam: Ey, Spencer!
Spencer: [yelling] WHERE'S THE COUCH?!

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