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"He would work himself up and flail around like a bird with another bird up it's ass!"
— Spencer

iObject, Lewbert! is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of iCarly (2021), and the 15th episode overall.


"Carly must defend herself in court with Spencer and Freddie's help after Lewbert returns seeking damages from injuries sustained on her old web show. Millicent tries to make Harper her new bestie."

Official Paramount+ Synopsis


Carly, Harper and Freddie are filming a segment called "Random Eating" for iCarly, which involves eating food in various poses. Spencer brings Trina, a fan collecting signatures for a climate change bill. After getting Carly's signature, she hands the sheet back and reveals that Carly has been served. She is being sued by Lewbert Sline for the injuries sustained on iCarly.

Carly and Freddie show Harper footage of Messin' with Lewbert. While Carly and Freddie laugh, Harper is horrified. Carly reads out the legal notice and sees that she's being sued for wrongful injury, emotional distress and irreparable loss of wart. They are convinced that no judge would ever side with Lewbert, but in case it doesn't work, Carly plans to apologize, believing that it will make everything go away. Spencer offers to represent Carly in court using legal knowledge from his 3 days in law school and get the case thrown out.

In court, Carly, Freddie and Spencer meet Lewbert, who now looks handsome. Carly apologizes for the way they treated him when they were kids.

Once court is in session, Carly tells Judge Greene that she apologized to Lewbert in a sincere and respectful way, hoping that this will throw out the case. However, Lewbert reveals that he is seeking $1 million in damages for the way Carly tortured him and left him permanently disfigured. Spencer retorts that Lewbert's injuries are self-inflicted.

Lewbert reveals that after he left Bushwell Plaza, he put himself through law school and now has a successful personal injury firm called "Sue With Lew." Lewbert calls Freddie to the stand and shows footage of a cupcake basket exploding in his face. Freddie deflects blame by claiming that it was not his idea. Lewbert agrees that he is not at fault and that the real culprit was Carly, who frequently has Freddie go along with her ideas, such as making a web show and pretending to be in a fake relationship. After hearing this, Freddie has a mental breakdown.

Spencer is dragged out by a security guard

Lewbert brings in some more witnesses to attest to Carly's horrific ways. First, Guppy is on the stand. Lewbert gets Guppy to admit that Gibby was not always on board with Carly's ideas. Second, Chuck is on the stand, and commits perjury as he states that the Shay siblings are evil incarnate. He accuses Carly of playing mind games when she was his tutor. He also accuses Spencer of locking him in a cage, squirting "suspicious liquids" and throwing a cupcake at him. Spencer freaks out and takes a sip of water to calm down, to which Chuck says "you wish it was water", to remind Spencer of the time Chuck squirted him with "suspicious liquid". This causes Spencer to get angry, which leads to him rolling over the table while Chuck throws cupcakes at him, and getting dragged out the courtroom by security guards.

Freddie is horrified

Carly then brings Mrs. Benson to the stand, believing that she will testify that Lewbert was a terrible man. Later, when Lewbert is at the witness stand, he flirts with Mrs. Benson and the two make out. Freddie is horrified.

Emboldened by Carly's failures, Lewbert declares that he is suing not just for $1 million, but also for ownership of iCarly.

During the break, Carly and Freddie are talking, and hear Lewbert laugh. They believe that he is faking his injuries. While on the stand, Carly talks about how Lewbert made her who she is today, so whether she wins or loses the case has little impact on her. Hearing that he made her life better, Lewbert is enraged and has a mental breakdown. He screams, knocks over documents, and rants about his student loans from law schools and selling his hair. Lewbert went to law school just to get back at her and cannot handle that after all these years of law school, Carly is thanking him. After running into the judge's desk, his wart becomes visible and he sneezes on Spencer before running out of the courtroom.

This proves to the judge that Lewbert is unwell and Carly tries to get the case dismissed. Although the Judge agrees, she still rules in Lewbert's favor as part of the reason why he acted in such a manner was because Carly had provoked him, adding to her statement "Ms. Shay, your actions have consequences." She awards Lewbert $250,000 for pain and suffering.

Carly, Spencer, Freddie and Harper make a toast to putting Lewbert in his place, and having Spencer pay the settlement. Spencer opens a box of cupcakes gifted to him by Chuck, believing that people can change, but it explodes in his face.


Millicent and Olive hang out and struggle to connect. While Olive is interested in her new sticker, Millicent prefers to read about oil and bond futures in the newspaper.

Millicent feels that she's more sophisticated that her friends. Harper reassures her that girls mature at different speeds. Hearing Harper refer to her a "bestie", Millicent believes that she and Harper are best friends, so she dumps Olive and hangs out with Harper. However, Harper uses the term "bestie" casually and is not as enthusiastic about this friendship as Millicent believes, but to avoid hurting Millicent, she reassures her that they are indeed "besties."

Just as Harper is about to leave for her date with Carter, an attractive man, Millicent comes in and interrupts their kiss. She turns on the TV and interrogates Carter about his age, credit score and fashion choices. Carter is uncomfortable and leaves, upsetting Harper. Millicent is delighted that she and Harper can now hang out forever, much to Harper's annoyance.

Millicent and Harper eat at a sophisticated restaurant. Partway through the meal, Harper leaves to support Carly in court, leaving Millicent to pay the bill. Olive shows up and Millicent tells her that adult things are as fun as she thought it would. Millicent apologizes to Olive and the two decide to leave without paying.

Guest Stars

Guppy and Lewbert in court


  • This episode premiered on Paramount+ on April 8, 2022 and on Nickelodeon on April 9, 2022, after the Kids' Choice Awards.[1]
  • This episode was filmed as episode 205, but aired as the 2nd episode of Season 2.
  • This episode aired on the same day as the previous episode, iGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now.
  • Gibby is mentioned for the first time in the revival.
  • During the live tweeting session, Nathan Kress and Danny Fernandez tweeted a number of behind the scenes trivia points.
    • Mentioning climate Change was a big priority for the writers because they hope that if it's said enough, people will take it seriously.[4]
    • Danny Fernandez is friends with Samantha Klein, the actress who portrays Trina. He wrote that part with her in mind.[5]
    • Danny Fernandez guest starred in the original show's episode iSpeed Date, who Freddie interviewed as Carly's date for the Girls Choice Dance.[6]
    • Ali Schouten loves innocent pranks, but Danny does not believe that the pranks on the show were innocent.[7]
    • Harper's story in this episode is based on Danny's real pain that he is not a Gen Z.[8]
    • The writers always knew they wanted to bring Lewbert back. Danny wanted to create a role that showcased all of Jeremy's range as an actor.[9]
    • Ali Schouten is responsible for all Carly curtsies, royal greetings and courtroom etiquette. It is a reference to the show Bridgerton.[10]
    • Mens Rea is a legally blonde refernece.[11]
    • Miranda Cosgrove wanted Guppy back really badly, so the writers made it happen.[12]
    • The Jaime Foxx Show's courtroom episode was a big inspiration for Danny in this episode.[13]
    • Korama Danquah is responsible for the entire Carly "Finish him" monologue.[14]
    • The cupcake explosion was done in one take.[15]
    • 3 days were spent trying to get Miranda to nail the Dr. Evil impression but she couldn't do it so they wrote it so that Carly can't do impressions and it won't be the only time in the season.[16]
    • No one expected Jeremy's stunt double to do a headstand, the reactions were genuine.[17]
  • Carly mentions Paul Rudd.
  • There was a moment in the court room where Spencer asks a security guard to tazer him after watching Marissa and Lewbert kiss, but it was cut from the episode.[18]


  • Carly saying "Go get 'em Tiger", to Freddie is a reference to Mary-Jane Watson's line to Spider-Man in the Sam Rami trilogy and comics.
  • Carly doing the Dr. Evil impression is a reference to the Austin Powers movies. Interestingly enough, Mindy Sterling, who played Ms. Francine Briggs in the original series, played Frau Farbissina, Dr. Evil's wife and henchwoman, in all three Austin Powers movies.

Character Revelations

  • Lewbert became an attorney to get back at Carly, his firm being named "Sue with Lew".
  • Carly habitually eats grapes at the supermarket, believing that they are free samples, when they are actually for sale.
  • Carly mispronounces the word "quesadilla."
  • Harper was the last in her friend group to consider emissions fraud.


  • There are several legal inaccuracies in this episode.
    • Lewbert's civil suit against Carly is past the statute of limitations, which is 3 years for injuries in Washington.[19]
    • Lewbert could have sued Sam Puckett too as she was just as responsible as Carly for any damages done or sue the entire iCarly team as one party.
    • Carly could challenge Trina in court as Trina obtained Carly’s signature without consent.
    • The judge could have questioned the nature of the witnesses called.
    • The judge could have kicked out Carly and Spencer for interrupting in court although she does so to Spencer when Chuck appears.
    • Chuck could have been kicked out as well as arrested and charged with assault for throwing cupcakes at Spencer, although it’s possible he could claim self defense. Most courtrooms do not allow food or beverages (although they are typically permitted in the hallways) and if he was even allowed to bring his box of cupcakes, it would have been inspected before he would even enter the courtroom.
    • Spencer could have also been charged with attempted assault when he tried to reach for Chuck.
    • Lewbert could have been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace for his meltdown in court and/or could have been sent to a mental institution.
    • Had they been caught, Millicent and Olive could have been sent to juvenile detention for dining and dashing. Freddie would have been held financially responsible as Millicent’s legal guardian and it’s possible Harper could have faced legal consequences.
    • As a result of the statute of limitations in Washington, Lewbert should not have gotten any settlements like he did at the end of the episode. Moreover, in a real-life situation, even if Lewbert was able to pursue his case against Carly, Lewbert would still have to prove personal damages to the judge and jury, but the only thing Lewbert did in the episode was show character witnesses when that was not relevant to the case. This is especially true when Lewbert brings in Chuck to prove Spencer of being malicious even though Spencer is not listed in Lewbert's lawsuit.

Running Gags

  • Carly addressing Judge Greene using the wrong word, such as "your majesty", "your excellency" and "your grace", instead of "your honor."

Series Continuity

Chuck holding a cupcake

  • This is the first appearances of Lewbert Sline, Guppy Gibson and Chuck Chambers in the revival.
    • It is also the only episode to feature Lewbert.[20]
  • This is the first episode to feature Guppy without Gibby. This is because Noah Munck didn't want to return for the reboot.
    • However Gibby is mentioned.
  • Guppy says his catchphrase, "Happy Birthday!" from the original series.
  • Lewbert wants revenge on Carly after all the damages that happened to him in the original series, i.e. iHurt Lewbert.
    • A clip of iHurt Lewbert was shown and the muffin basket incident is mentioned.
  • Freddie brings up the events in iSaved Your Life.
    • He, along with Spencer, also brings up the events in iGoodbye.
  • Lewbert mentions Carly and Freddie’s fake relationship from IGuess Everyone Just Hates Me Now.
  • Carly and Freddie show Harper a clip from Messin' with Lewbert
  • Chuck mentions the events of several episodes: iTwins (when Carly tutored him), iReunite With Missy (when he locked Spencer in the basement and squirted him with suspicious liquid) and iBeat the Heat (when Chuck threw a cupcake at Spencer), but commits perjury as he lies about the latter two. Spencer then fires back saying Chuck did all that stuff to him.
  • When Spencer says "Just breathe, Spencey. Take a sip of Water" to himself, Chuck exclaims "You wish it was water" in the same tone that he did in iReunite With Missy when he sprayed Spencer with suspicious liquid.
  • Chuck throws cupcakes at Spencer similar to how he did in iBeat the Heat.
  • Lewbert sneezes towards Spencer to reference the events of iGoodbye.


Spencer: Just breathe, Spencey. Take a sip of water.
Chuck: You wish it was water!
Spencer: [spits out drink] Come here, you little demon elf!
[Spencer charges at Chuck, with Chuck proceeding to throw cupcakes at him. The guards then escort Spencer out of the courthouse]
Judge: Order! Order! Stop that! Get him out of here!
Spencer: You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth! Avenge me, Carly!

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