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"I created and now run one of the world's most visited web sites which gets over five million page views per day!"
Nevel to Spencer.

iNevel is the 6th episode of the first season of iCarly.


After Tasha, a mean girl at school, says that no webshow is cool unless it has been reviewed on Nevelocity.com, Carly tries to prove that their webshow is good enough by trying to get Nevel to review their website. When he invites her for an interview, Carly is very excited at first, but is shocked to learn he's an arrogant and disrespectful eleven-year-old boy with a large brain (which he shows Carly a picture of). After Nevel flirts with her and even kisses her on the cheek, Carly is so creeped out and enraged that she smears tapenade in his face, and he angrily promises she will "rue the day."

Carly and Nevel.

Out of anger, Nevel writes a nasty review of iCarly, despite saying that he said that he liked the show before. Carly, Sam and Freddie try to force him to tell the truth with the help of Jeremy, or "Germy," (because Nevel hates germs) a kid in Ridgeway who sneezes all the time, but Nevel tricks Jeremy into releasing him by offering him twice as much as the iCarly gang pays him (without actually paying in the end).

Since their first attack failed, Carly, Sam and Freddie are surprised at the fact of not being able to defeat an eleven year old boy until they get a spark and decide to tell Nevel´s mom on him, who scolds him and sends him to his room to write an kind review.


Spencer has to make a sculpture out of butter (Called Toasty the Baker) for a bread convention, but has to restart after Sam accidentally turns up the heat and melts it (who later on attempts to blame Freddie for it). Spencer doesn't blame either of them and as he's rebuilding the sculpture, he quietly says that Toasty will be back and "butter" than ever, hoping that no one hears him.

You'll be butter than ever!

Guest Stars


  • This episode is called iNevel, as it marks the first appearance of Nevel Papperman.
  • When Nevel asks Carly if she likes music, the music he puts on is the same music in iDream of Dance.
  • This is the second time that Miranda Cosgrove and Reed Alexander have been on set together. Reed made brief appearances in Drake and Josh prior to this.
  • There is a deleted scene where Carly, Sam and Freddie are about to start their webcast for iCarly and Carly says that they need to rock for the webcast. Sam says "When do I not rock? Look at me, I'm rockin' right now!" and launches into a little dance. For unknown reasons this scene was cut from the episode, though the dance is shown in the Season 1 opening credits. A blooper where Jennette McCurdy flubbed her line and failed to do the dance before correcting herself is shown in the episode iBloop.

    What happened to the butter?!?

  • Tasha has the same name as Gibby's girlfriend, Tasha, from season 3, but they are not linked to each other in any way.
  • The site www.nevelocity.com redirects to the URL www.icarly.com.
  • This episode is coincidentally the 6th episode of the series, and the episode aired on October 6th, 2007.


The butter brand is Butterly Love. This is a reference to the motto of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.

Character Revelations

To be added


  • The front door's handle in the later section of the episode, instead of the traditional handle, is a doorknob for some reason.
  • After Spencer puts his brown paper bags filled with butter in the refrigerator he leaves the refrigerator door ajar, but in the next shot, as he runs off to turn the toilet water blue, the refrigerator door is closed.
  • Nevel shows Carly an x-ray of his large brain, she says "That's one beefy brain you've got there", although the size of a brain does not relate to the amount of information contained in it.
  • When showing the video of the crump dancer on iCarly, on Freddie's laptop the iCarly logo is seen in the bottom right-hand corner while on the studio monitor it is in the top right-hand corner.
  • When Spencer picks up his keys to drive Carly to Nevel's house and walks to the front door of their apartment to leave, he clearly has no butter stuck to his elbow, yet when they arrive at Nevel's house a dab of butter has appeared on his elbow, apparently out of nowhere. As he leaves the room at Nevel's house, the butter disappears again.
  • When Carly and Sam do the iCarly Random Dancing, Sam pulls Chuck and makes him dance. The Chinese food is now on the floor. However, after the shot where Freddie holds the camera, the food is gone.
  • Freddy's mother said she saw Spencer carrying many containers of butter into his apartment, but the butter was in brown paper bags and she would not have known what was contained in them.

Running Gags

To be added

Series Continuity

  • This is the first appearance of Nevel.
  • Tapenade is first mentioned in this episode.
  • Even though Nevel's mother makes him write an honest review of the web show, in iRue the Day, the mean review can be seen on Nevelocity again. Nevel says she is going on a cruise vacation during that episode leaving his confused grandmother in charge; this possibly means he can post the mean review again until his mother comes home, assuming she doesn't have a laptop with her on the cruise.


Carly: Hey Jeremy! You've heard of our web show, right?
Jeremy: Sure. I've seen every epi-- [starts sneezing and coughing]
Freddie: Flyer? [offers him an iCarly flyer]
Jeremy: Yes, please! [takes it, blows his nose, and hands it back to Freddie] Thank you.
Freddie: You keep that!
Jeremy: You're nice. [walks away]
Carly: Didn't he have a cold last week?
Freddie: Last week, the week before that ...
Sam: Why are we talking weeks? That lump's been blowing his nose non-stop since first grade!

Carly: [about Tasha] She irks me!
Sam: I wanna do bad things to that chick!
Freddie: [sitting in a grocery cart] You should!
Sam: I will.
Freddie: Cool! What are we gonna--
[Sam pushes the cart in Tasha's direction]
Freddie: Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?! I didn't mean me! Look out!! [he crashes; Sam and Carly walk away]

Carly: Ooh, yay, you went shopping! What'd you get?
Spencer: Well, you see...
Carly: [looking into the grocery bag] Butter, butter, butter ... Oh look! Butter!
Spencer: I bought a lot of butter.
Carly: Clearly. This all you got?
Spencer: No! I also got this thing that makes the water in your toilet turn blue!
Carly: Great! So for dinner, we can have butter and blue toilet water!

[Spencer tells Carly he's building a sculpture out of butter]
Spencer: Ask me what I'm getting paid!
Carly: Okay, what are you getting–
Spencer: Money baby!
Carly: Sweet!
Spencer: Sweet like corn syrup!
Carly: High fructose?
Spencer The highest!

Spencer: [to Carly] Okay! So what are we doing for dinner? [Tickles her stomach] What's that little tween belly hungry for?

Carly [finishing an e-mail] There. All sent. Let's hit it!
Spencer: Um well ... yeah, but first I was kinda hoping-
Carly: You wanna go make the toilet water turn blue?
Spencer: So much!
Carly: Do it!

Sam: I ordered Chinese food.
Carly: During the show?
Sam: There's no wrong time to eat an egg roll!
Carly: [thumps Sam's head]

[Sam and Carly are interviewing the delivery guy]
Carly: So, Chuck, where are you from?
Chuck: Wisconsin.
Carly: Are you in college?
Chuck: No.
Carly: Okay! ... Oh! What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you while you were delivering food?
Chuck: I don't know.
Sam: Chuck, you're very boring.

Chuck: Hey, your toilet water's blue! Look at it! [Water falls from his hands] I'll get more!
Carly: Now he gets a personality.
Spencer: Who's the dude playing in our toilet?

Carly: So, you ready to drive me to Nevel's for my interview?
Spencer: Yep! Let's hit it! [tries to grab the car keys off the counter, but they keep slipping out of his hands] My hands have a--
Carly: Butter?
Spencer: Yeah ... I-I got 'em though. [tries grabbing them again and they fall to the floor, so he picks them up with his mouth] Let's go!

Spencer: Aww I got butter on my elbow ... [tries to lick the butter off his elbow]
Carly: Spencer?
Spencer: Mhmm?
Carly: [Yells at Spencer] It's not possible!

[meeting Nevel for the first time; they find out he's just a kid]
Carly: [confused] You're Nevel?
Spencer: You're just a little kid! [to Carly] He's so cute!
Nevel: [firmly and flatly] I created and now run one of the world's most visited web sites which gets over five million page views per day! I'm not cute.
Spencer: Yeah, you are. I can tell 'cause I wanna mess up your hair. [messes up Nevel's hair] Who's cute? [messes up Nevel's hair again] Who's a cute Nevel? (messes up Nevel's hair again) Who gets five million page views? [messes up Nevel's hair once more] You do!
Nevel: Mother!
Mrs. Papperman: [to Spencer] Uh, why don't you and I go in the kitchen? I'll make you some tea.
Spencer: Will there be lemon?
Mrs. Papperman: Yes.
Spencer: All right then!

Carly: [creeped out] Wow, you have an amazing nose.
Nevel: Yes.
Carly: You must love flowers.
Nevel: No, I hate flowers. Bugs sit upon them and make poo.
Carly: Okay.

Nevel: Look at this, it's an x-ray of my brain.
Carly: Ah, interesting.
Nevel: Big, isn't it?
Carly: Yeah, that's one beefy brain you got there!
Nevel: Are you hungry?
Carly: No.
Nevel: I'll fetch you a snack.

Carly: Look, I don't want to sound rude, but I really didn't come here to dance. Could you just interview me about the web-- [Nevel kisses her] Nevel!!
Nevel: I stole a kiss upon your cheek. And now another kiss I seek!
Carly: Seek some tapenade! [shoves tapenade all over Nevel's face]

Nevel: [to Carly] You shouldn't have done that, Carly Shay!! You'll rue this day, you'll rue it!

Freddie: [surprised about Nevel] Nevel's only Eleven?
Sam: Yes, now stop speaking. Tell us what happened.
Carly: Okay, I got there, Nevel sat next to me, he sniffed my hair, he showed me an x-ray of his brain, he tried to make me dance, and then he kissed me!
Freddie: [outraged] Woah, he kissed you?! That jerk! Come show my lips exactly what he did.
Carly: Yeah, I don't think so.
Sam: [to Freddie as she pushes him back a little] You just keep makin' out with your stuffed animals. [to Carly] Tell us what happened after he kissed you.
Carly: I pushed tapenade in his face and then he got all furious and said I'd "rue" the day.
Sam: What is tapenade?
Carly: A spread made of olives, garlic, and capers.
Sam and Freddie: [disgusted] Eww...
Carly: No, it's actually really good. I can't explain it.

Freddie: [about Nevel] And what did he mean, you'd "rue the day"?
Sam: Yeah, what does "rue" mean?
Carly: No one knows.
Spencer: I got it, right here. [reading definition from the internet on his laptop] "Roux: a mixture of fat and flour used to make sauces and soups".
Sam: [looking incredulously at Carly] Nevel called you a fat flour?
Carly: Try spelling it differently.
Spencer: [Re-types] Oh, okay, here. "Rue: To regret; to wish that something had never been done."
Sam: Uh-oh.
Freddie: You know what this means.
Carly: Of course. He's gonna make me regret shoving tapenade in his face by trashing iCarly on his stupid website.
Freddie: [shrugs in despair] We're dead.
Carly: [rubs her cheek a little] I'm gonna go scrub his creepy lip residue off my cheek.

Spencer: Hey, why isn't it cold in here? Toasty the Baker. Good God! [Spencer runs to the kitchen where his butter sculpture has melted and screams] TOASTY!
Sam: [sees Spencer's melted butter sculpture] Gross, it's like a giant baby threw up.

Mrs. Benson: Spencer.
Spencer: Mrs. Benson. Freddie, your mom's here!
Mrs. Benson: I came over because I heard screaming. Freddie, are you alright?
Freddie: Yes, mom!
Spencer: He's fine, but I really--
Mrs. Benson: You know he's allergic to fruit?
Sam: [sarcastically, to Freddie] Aw, who's got a fruit problem?
Freddie: Not me. I am not allergic to fruit!
Mrs. Benson: Well, what if you were? He'd probably give you an orange and then your face would puff up.
Sam: I would love that.
Spencer: Look, I gave him no fruit, now please, I'm out of butter--
Mrs. Benson: False! I saw you come home yesterday carrying grocery bags filled with butter!
Spencer: You spied on me?
Mrs. Benson: No, I just happened to be glancing through my peephole!
Spencer: Well, that butter's gone, and so am I.
Mrs. Benson: What have you done with all that butter? Freddie, I want you to take a bubble bath tonight. Spencer!
Spencer: I didn't give him any fruit!
Sam: [sarcastically, to Freddie] Cool mom.

Freddie: [typing in the Nevelocity website] Nevelocity.com.
Carly: [anxiously pacing around the room] This is gonna be bad.
Sam: [shrugs] Maybe not.
Carly: He said I'd rue the day and I have a feeling the ruing's about to begin.
Sam: Just 'cause he hates you personally, doesn't mean he's gonna give our show a bad review.
Freddie: [fearfully] Uh... get ready to rue.
Carly: You found Nevel's review?
Sam: Read it.
Freddie: [reading] "iCarly, or as it should be called, iBoring."
Carly: [to Sam] You see?
Sam: [indignant] "Boring?"
Carly: Keep going, let's hear it.
Freddie: [still reading] "This webcast stars Carly Shay, an unappealing 13 year old girl."
Carly: [embittered] Yeah? If I'm so unappealing, then why were you sniffin' my hair and chompin' on my cheek!?
Sam: Keep going.
Freddie: [finishes reading] "My advice: if you're trying to decide between watching iCarly and going to prison, choose prison. You'll have more fun in jail than you ever will at iCarly.lame."
Carly: [angry] That's so unfair.
Freddie: At least he didn't call you a fat flour.
Sam: Yeah, but now everybody's gonna read that review and stop watching us.
Carly: [gets a sudden idea] No they're not.
Freddie: Why aren't they?
Carly: 'Cause we're gonna make Nevel admit that he loves our webcast, and he only wrote that mean stuff 'cause I didn't wanna be his little girlfriend.
Sam: [smiling approvingly] Yeah, let's make him regret writing that review.
Carly: Oh he's not just gonna regret it- he's gonna rue it.

Spencer: [while working on his new butter sculpture] Don't worry, Toasty! Soon you'll be back and 'butter' than ever! [glances around] Thank God no one heard that.

Nevel: What is that?
Spencer: Oh! I'm an artist. I'm making a sculpture out of butter.
Nevel: [snobbishly] Hm. Your work disgusts me. [walks off]
Spencer: [quietly, almost to himself] Nevel's a stupid name ...

Jeremy: [about Nevel bribing him to let him go] He outsmarted me ...

Nevel: [to Carly] You told my mom on me?
Mrs. Papperman: Nevel?
Nevel: Okay, yes! But only 'cause she rubbed my face with tapenade!
Carly: Because you kissed me in a surprise attack!
Nevel: Shhhh!!
Mrs. Papperman: You told me you thought girls were yucky!
Nevel: That was last year!... I'm going through changes.

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